Wednesday 30 November 2011

Forrest Gump - Southern Sentimentality & The Punctuated Assassinations Of The U.S.


It's been so long since I saw Forrest Gump I could barely recall any more than the eponymous character but I had a feeling I'd enjoy it and my intuition was richly rewarded. Like Into The Wild, it's a movie that made me think a fair bit, smile lots, laugh often and  occasionally well up with the odd tear of reality's harshness and regret for the frequent coup d'etats of the United States, punctuated by bullet's often misunderstood by the duped mainstream as threadbare 'lone gunman' stories pedalled by a complicit corporate media.

There's lots of ways to cut this movie as some sort of dual mirror-image-narrative of innocence, marginally succeeding against submerging under a parallel and reflected world of cynical reality. Even then that's only 'just succeeding' as his love is rejected by an unsophisticated world view and propensity for doing as told by those he trusts. A character trait assumed to be essential in close relationships.

In some ways it's also a celebration of a long gone American meritocracy where with hard work and a level playing field (insisted on by his mother) everyone get's a chance but that opens up deeper questions of free will, probability and chance I'm increasingly interested in since I've taken a close look at the NDE (Near Death Experience) data and it's unproven relationship to life journeys and incarnations that raise more questions than provide answers.

Even the one point of artistic insensitivity, a gratuitous product placement by NIKE (as Tom Hanks did in all his movies at one point) was immediately forgiven as the trainers are the only NIKE trainers I ever bought. Which meant I loved them. The NIKE Old School Classic Cortez. The rest for me are hip hop pimp rollers or Chav dealing white trash affairs. As a Goldman Sach's excecutives put it recently, Hermes is the Air Jordan's of wealthy white people.

Is Dr Joseph P. Farrell The New Real Life Colombo

At the high end of elite occult hypothesis is the notion that we humans are little less than a cock fight being enjoyed by ancient bloodlines and possibly off world interference. Money is not the point for these elite tiers of power, though obviously a few levels below them will be very interested in chasing the financial beans unaware of their true lowly position. This nexus of power sees us as a game to experiment with. For example, they throw twisted and/or amended religious doctrinaire texts at us to see which one is the most fundamentalist or say the least productive or most worth dying for. They are after all studying us and hypothetically have been doing so for centuries if not for millennia.

Listening to this interview with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell who has a PhD in Patristics from Oxford it's hard not to conclude that the Second World War was rigged from the beginning and wrapped up prematurely once the elite bet had been settled and leaving a lot more power intact than anybody else has really sussed out. I've been describing it recently as 'Germany lost the war but the Nazis didn't'. 

Those of you who have checked out my 'Project Paperclip' posts will be aware of this.

John Lash - Are You Fit to Survive The 2012 Breakdown?

One of the things I like about John Lash is his careful, measured and scrupulous use of words. We've disagreed on the combination of methods used to create the 9/11 mind control effect, and I can't agree with his crop circle rationale.

However, here he talks about contra-violence as action against violence and I heartily agree on the importance of this topic, and the ways that we humans can put a stop to intra-species predation by the psychopaths that populate every single institution that influences and shapes our species future.

Is McCorporate Media Smearing Muslims To Agitate For War Again?

Stewart Swerdlow and I disagree on lots of stuff but compared to the corporate media he's a healthy dose of opinion that is absent of the all pervasive Western agenda for profits through war. (Syria and Iran and Pakistan currently) 

Throw out your TV and stop letting it poison your mind. A flickering screen paints reality just as effectively as the other one that doesn't need a screen between it and your eyeballs. You choose which one is healthier for objective judgements and healthy decision making that doesn't encourage the cowardly RAF bombing brown skinned people around the world to keep you in Israeli oranges and Lebanese dates over your fake Christmas celebrations.

Tuesday 29 November 2011

John Lash - An Introduction To The Gnostics

Excellent introduction to the subject. The artwork is Hypatia of Alexandria who was brutally murdered and mutilated by a Christian mob.

Is Malika Boonmeetrakul Using Facebook & Google Before She Censors Facebook & Google?

There's a damning post on the "Democrat" opposition party's deputy spokesperson Mallika Boonmeetrakul (or มัลลิกา บุญมีตระกูล in Thai) at New Mandala. It was cogently and elegantly written by Dr.Pavin Chachavalpongpun at Prachathai originally and is a show of journalistic courage often absent in Thailand.

The question this raises is whether the likes of Google should withdraw the free Gmail they provide to allow people to snitch on the harshest and most sensitive political issue in contemporary Thailand? 

It's only right for digital giants to stay out of domestic political issues. But  should they facilitate censorship like the recent 20 year jailing of a 61 year old Thai man for sending rude SMS messages to Mallika Boonmeetrakul's Democrat Party that contravene Lese Majeste laws?


Some of the comments at New Mandala are well informed, astute and insightful:

Andrew Spooner writes: 

A week ago I wrote about the start of Mallika's pro-censorship campaign. What Pavin has missed out in his excellent piece is that Mallika announced her campaign at the exact same time as Ar Kong was being sentenced (see my piece here)

She also threatened to prosecute Anudith and MICT under article 157 if they didn't prosecute every single LM case.

Yet, at the same time, pro-Democrat voices in the Bangkok Post (Voranai etc) and Amnesty's pro-royalist Ben Zawacki are mouthing, for the first time, more liberal sentiment and condemning LM.

Personally, I sense a political strategy of pinning PT down from both sides. One pushing them towards more illiberal policies the other condemning them.

Remember that the Dems are utterly unelectable and completely incapable of forming policies that would be attractive to the Thai electorate. The only way they can ever get back into power is by destabilising the country.

I see Mallika wanting to make a name for herself, gaining coverage and attempting to set herself up as an arch defender of the "faith" and am certain Abhisit feels that there is a lot to gain from Mallika's stance.

SteveCM writes:

Abhisit is today tweeting that Ms Mallika’s proposal is not Democrat party policy – that’s fully four days after she (an official spokesperson for the party, remember) came out with it.

What to make of this belated input from the party leader? Did Mallika “go off the reservation” – or was she “flying a kite” for the leadership? One way or the other, it appears that she or it has now been hauled back in.

Ynot Writes:

Below is a copy of my response as appeared in Prachatai per Dr. Pavin’s open letter to Mullika, one of too many appalling Thai politicians.

It is very hard to shut down the internet. As soon as one site is shut down, another will arise.

I have one proposal for you (Khun Malika) that I think might help. Why don’t we stop teaching people to read and write? It seems the main problem is that people are using their reading and writing skills to spread their ideas.

Another idea might be to ban computers. We got along very well with typewriters just a few years ago. I don’t remember having any problems with people stating their unacceptable ideas to others.

As George Orwell said in the book 1984:

Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.

Free Russell Brand Gig In L.A.

See Russell Brand in Los Angeles in exchange for two Hours charity work. What a top bloke and an example setter to us all.

Monday 28 November 2011

United Nations & Anglo-American Axis Crank Up The Propaganda

The West is cranking up the war machine for the second time this year and using the same 'humanitarian' reasoning it did for Libya. Yet again the hypocrisy of the perpetual war machine brain washes the masses into forgetting the body count for NATO war crimes is the largest this century by millions.

Please take a chance to look at what our cowardly Royal Airforce bombs did in Tripoli and Sirte before you go back to your corporate sponsored diet of X Factor and Footy. 

Update: Original video (1st one) removed.

Are You Unclear About The Difference Between Chemtrails & Contrails?

I've stayed away from the Chemtrails issue until blood tests by Mohave County, Arizona residents revealed high levels of toxic barium and aluminium in their blood. There's a good documentary I've posted on the subject and so as I don't know what they are for I'd rather just post the information and not comment except to note that back in the 70's when I was a child growing up in Germany a solitary plane flying high in the sky with a contrail was quite a beautiful sight and conjured up feelings of travel, mystery and excitement while lying on the grass looking upwards. 

It feels like a different universe from this one. Or maybe I'm just feeling gloomy after reading Clif's latest update.

Ancient Aliens Theory Challenges The God Squad AND The Evolutionary Fundamentalists

I rarely use block capitals. If you watch only one Ancient Aliens show it's this latest one uploaded today. The implications are important.

Update: The video was deleted so I've replaced it with the very first episode.

The Filth & The Fury - University Lecturer Flips Out

An insanely angry polemic by a University lecturer and taxi driver from the UK. People are waking up to the fact that we always have money to bomb other countries with brown skinned people using our cowardly Royal Air Force but don't have money for the people to live comfortably and in peace. I sympathise with the person who sent this to me as a comment on University lecturers but his language is about the carnage being wrought by the UK on the kids we bombed in Libya a few months ago while selling the war as we would a toilet paper, and are warming up for another one in Syria where thousands upon thousands protested they don't want interference, as indeed they did for Gaddhafi.

Sunday 27 November 2011

Top Ten Twitter Tips For Filtering Out Reality

Never have a cause
Never tweet about war
Never tweet about protest
Never comment on political matters
Only follow people in your field of work
Only ever retweet people in your line of work
Do not ever encourage dialogue with new followers
Only tweet about your work (and the occasional amuse gul)
Only tweet on the geography that matters to you and your work
Always consider your job safety and corporate loyalties before tweeting

Chris Thomas - The Anunnaki & New Age Bollocks

I've not listened to enough of Chris Thomas yet to know his full range but his history of the Anunnaki is the best explanation I've ever heard yet and confirms my own hypothesis that the Cuneiform tablets may well have bits of useful information but are just as likely to be spiked with off world disinformation. 

It's in the first video after the half way mark I think but I've posted the full interview just in case you also want to hear him stick the boot into why channelled information from the space brothers is as manipulative as The Bibles/Torahs/Korans they closely edited or wrote from scratch to suit their purposes. I'm not sure I agree with his lunar views for the time being till I've looked into it more deeply, but you decide if he resonates with you. I recommend him as worth a listen.

Donnie Darko - The Manipulated Living Will Do Anything To Save Themselves From Oblivion

When Donnie Darko (The Directors Cut) was re-released, the slightly Arabic looking font was removed for the usual brainwashing and paranoid issues that the US command and control corporate media have when a piece of art about a plane part hitting a building jangles the post 9/11 nerves. 

At least in Soviet Russia and The Peoples Republic of China the educated knew they were being lied to but most Americans are still in the dark about how manipulated they are. That is changing though.

Donnie Darko is one of my top movies ever. There's so much synchromysticism in it that I found myself moved twice as much as the first time I watched the movie, and still there's much room for digging deeper into it. There's no need to go on at length about the eerie synchronicity I experienced last night as much of it is personal but it resonated heavily and struck a even deeper contextual chord for the times we are living in. 

One hard to ignore example though was the Patrick Swayze character of Jim Cunningham with his creepy influence in school education. Cunningham is subsequently exposed for being a child pornography user which I saw as an analog for the recent Jerry Sandusky football coach abusing students at Penn State University and which for me isn't a scandal but merely business as usual for powerful and influential people in society as I've written about here here and here.

Donnie Darko is the kind of film that triggers future memories and past futures. You can look at a couple of examples over here and here but I think you should bring your own experiences to the film and see what I'm trying to adumbrate. It's a personal experience. 

There's also an interesting and immersive website over here.

Have You Seen The Documentary Thrive?

I would say it's a game changer in much the same way that Loose Change or Zeitgeist were.  As Wittgenstein once said. "It's true enough".

Saturday 26 November 2011

Dr Judy Woods - Electro Gravitic Nuclear Reactions on 9/11

Last night I met an American TV producer for Discovery Channel filming here in Thailand. When I mentioned 9/11 was an inside job he more or less warned me off from pursuing the subject.

That's a man who makes his living by celebrating the value of human inquiry.

Such is the threat to reality imposed by the mind control of this event, he tried to censor my opinion when by rights I should have pistol whipped him for fraudulent misrepresentation. Undeterred I put him in his place by asking in an incredulous manner if  he believed the 9/11 commission report. "No" was the answer (they always do) and so I pressed on, diplomatically framing things, just in case a word or a fact might help him out of his mental sickness. Finally I asked him how many buildings crumbled away on 9/11 and he got the number wrong by three. That's three buildings he didn't have a clue about and yet his reality tried to stifle mine. Changing the subject I learned he likes the same radio show I do and it made me sad that he had been given every opportunity in life to be a guardian of truth. As I walked away I held up the number of fingers to describe how many buildings were turned to dust on 9/11. I wont repeat it here.

Halfway through this British interview about 9/11 posted above, an SMS is sent describing Dr. Judy Wood as bonkers. She responds that nobody attacks her evidence but instead rely on insults. 

Twenty minutes later the person responsible contacts the show to say he was wrong and that Dr. Judy Wood's explanation for the 'dustification' of the World Trade Centre is the strongest explanation yet. My favourite part is when she explains that the best evidence for electro-gravitic nuclear reaction science is the missing World Trade Centre.

Think about that.

Dr. Judy Wood is the only investigator to have had the arrogance to attend the scene of the crime to determine what happened. 

It is my belief that a number of methods may have taken place that day to create confusion. The least plausible method of destruction is aviation fuel melting a few miles of steel girders. That's just insane.

Update: It was brought to my attention that the link in the visual to architects and engineers for truth is run by Dr Richard Gage who is discredited as not giving Dr Judy Wood's explanation the attention it deserves. A much better link would be to Dr. Judy Wood's book over here.

How Did Billy Meier In 1987 Predict Yesterdays Daily Mail

I was listening to the amazingly accurate predictions of which Israeli politician (Ariel Sharon) would be in power after 9/11 and how this monster of a human would exploit the false flag event to inflict brutal measures on the Palestinians by UFO contactee Billy Meier from 1987. He says the Pleiadeans gave him the information. The recording of the text is  voice synthezier which is a shame but it's not too harsh to listen to.

Then, as I was listening I came across another prediction (at the fifth minute), that was actually announced in the Daily Mail yesterday.

What are the odds of that?

The Pleiadeans specifically say we will be genetically engineering animal and plant material as the 'Pigs Given Spinach Genes" article in The Dail Mail yesterday states. I'm not big on predictions as anyone who knows about the science of M Theory and theoretical timelines can appreciate. The future is not fixed and we determine it from within this dimension though it's a bit more complex than just that.

Lastly as I noted in my first post on Billy Meier his full name Alberto Eduardo Meier is an anagram for Bearded Time Traveller. That's the sort of high-weirdness super-woo I lurve to run across.

The Pleiades star system (known as Plejaren to Swiss German speaking Billy) is an open star system best known as the Seven Sisters or The Swan or Cygnus by night sky watchers and features heavily in our mythology.  A picture of it is below. I've been captivated by this star system since I was a young boy. Barbara Marciniak who I've blogged before is a Pleiadean Channeller. I'm very careful with channelled information but the recordings are fascinating and (to my ear) agenda free.

Update No. 1: World renowned and well respected Billy Meier researcher Michael Horn has blogged my accidental discovery :)

Update No. 2: I left this comment underneath it. "I've been checking the Billy Meier stuff and this audio recording
It is so over the top for doom and destruction that I find it funny. That doesn’t mean it’s not true but it does have a narrative agenda.
I also note that it refers to East German forces in the prophecy (the DDR no longer exists) and it also says that Russia will attack Iran and Turkey which couldn’t be further from the truth at the moment as Russia Turkey and Iran are tight given the most important threat we face is an Israeli attack on Iran and a NATO attack on Syria.

Are You A Pikey?

I just sent an email to Lieutenant John Pike who has lost control of his sovereignty. You can too or contact him using the information below.

Home phone at 530-752-3989

Cell phone at 530-979-0184

Email at,

Pizza deliveries and junk mail at 4005 Cowell Boulevard. Apartment #616. Davis, California 95618

Skype at japike3

Flood his phones, email and mailbox

Friday 25 November 2011

We'd Live The Life We Choose, We'd Fight & Never Lose

Mary Hopkin - Those were the days my friend.

Senator Mike Gravel - Amerika - A War Hungry Drunk

Only a handful of brave Americans brave enough to speak up as the U.S. descends into fascism. Go back to sleep Amerika. Consume your way out of the hole.

Daily Mail Ancient Alien Reports Driving Up My Stats

The Daily Mail knows a bit about neuroscience. They know that it's easier and more effective (like advertising) to sell fear rather than optimism, and so they hammer away at the daily boogeyman (like FOX News) on Islam, Homosexuals, Council Bins or whatever its scared to death readers need to defend their narrow world view and militant resentment of change.

However, and this shouldn't surprise people, it's an establishment rag and so they scoop real stories a little bit ahead of the progressive papers. So for example when they reported that human animal genetic experiments are taking place you can be damn sure (living foetus in jars) that nasty Frankenstein shit is going down in military underground laboratories (Google MILABS) such as NSA base Menwith Hill and so on. The other day I noticed my Lloyd Pye "Everything you know is wrong" presentation had shot up overnight to 35000 views which is quite a lot for an ancient alien DNA presentation but then I found out that the Daily Mail broke some news on this subject and evoked a lot of interest. Lloyd Pye was interviewed on Coast the other day and it's a good way to find out what's going in the world of off world DNA and ancient alien skulls.

You are being softened up for bigger news. Drip, drip, drip.

Mona Eltahawy - Tweeting With Broken Arms

Not just brave of Mona for reporting from Tahrir square but super courageous of her to give a report to CNN complete with broken arms and post sexual assault jangled nerves. Following her on Twitter was a real time listening experience of a friend in mortal danger.

The United States is still funding three Billion dollars a year to the corrupt Egyptian Generals to spend on Pentagonal/Petagram killing machines. Follow the money people. All the way to the Federal Reserve. Time to wake up.

John Lash - Let's Get This Party Started

Digital historians aren't too late to watch history unfold on the internet. I'm being a bit cheeky about the visual as that refers to other other John Lash talks I've recently blogged and the 'let's get this party started' line applies more to figuring out the masterminds of turning the twin towers into dust as Dr Judy Woods has repeatedly pointed out. However the history unfolding observation applies. If John Lash wasn't doing this in public, completely transparently, and I believe, with integrity, it would be a cult. No other word for it.

Open source cults is an oxymoron so it's not that, and then there's the experimental collaborative nature of the on going experiment. There's a lot of powerful new ideas in this. No paternalistic hierarchical leader, no metaphysics, no subservience. What kind of religion is that?

Thursday 24 November 2011

All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

Earlier, Mark pointed me to the ever interesting Adam Curtis' blog who reminds us that the Greeks have a lot more street-savvy awareness of elite rip-off techniques including rapid power swaps that we most memorably experienced when blue blood Alec Douglas Home needed to dump his title to run the UK after the Suez crisis. 

Or as The New Statesman puts it:

We British look complacently on the installation of Mario Monti and Lucas Papademos as unelected leaders of Italy and Greece respectively. Couldn't happen here, we say. But in 1963, when Harold Macmillan resigned, our unelected Queen, advised by mostly unelected Tory elders, sent for the unelected 14th Earl of Home and made him prime minister. He subsequently renounced his title, changed his name back to Douglas-Home and won a by-election in a safe Tory seat conveniently vacated for him. All that was stitched up in weeks.

I like Adam Curtis but I've not followed his latest work. He's not sussed out why 9/11 happened which makes me squirm a bit. Nevertheless I started to watch the first episode of Machines of loving Grace, and I remembered that he has a brilliant BBC film library at his disposal and a good enough brain to adumbrate a point of view that while not flawless is able to provoke new thoughts in my own. He also digs up bits of history I wasn't aware of. I knew of Alan Greenspan's Randian worship and I'm familiar with her work, but I didn't know he was part of her swivel eyed private circle. The lens on this period in New York was fascinating though once again we're reminded that the people who really took over the US after the first coup d'etat of Kennedy's death were all subsequently installed during the Ford presidency.

I put it to you that the people (string pullers/banksters) really in power used the Nixon downfall to set up a clique of players including Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle and Greenspan to set up the game for later down the road. They cut their teeth during the tail end of a volatile period and then returned with a neoconservative agenda of nitrous oxide shock doctrine debt capitalism, false flag opportunism and empire expansionism under the quintessential puppet president. George Bush 43.

Brilliant really. We've been schooled by the best. If we get through this rollercoaster to the end we'll have picked up some very useful lessons in spotting the finest manipulation, trickery and mendacity in the galaxy. 

These will be essential skills to ensure the empire can never strike back to anywhere near the effectiveness they once had.

Did The Moon Ever Impact Earth?

I'm liking Henry Kroll's thinking on a Lunar impact of Earth. I'm unsure of the impact size which seems a little on the small side but other than it's quite compelling.

Here's the blurb:

There are no cave paintingsof the Moon prior to 11,712 years ago. The oldest painting of the moon we can find is only 9,000 years old in China. Moon rocks date to 6-billion years--older than the Earth. One was dated 20-billion years which is billions of years older than the Big Bang theory.

If you still think the moon has been up there billions of years where are the Moon meteorites? Mainstream science has only found 13.2 pounds of lunar meteorites--about the same as Mars meteorites. Mars is a lot further from Earth, it has more gravity than the Moon and it has an atmosphere so where are the Moon meteorites. Given the fact that the Moon is covered with craters, we should be able to walk out on the desert and pick up tons of them--even build houses out of them but there aren't any. If it has been up there billions of years we sould be tripping over Moon meteorites.

There is only one object up there in the sky with enough mass to tilt Earth 23.5 degrees and that is the Moon. It bounced off the Earth exterminated all the tribes, camels, horses and mastodons in North America 11,712 years ago. I used Arizona edu/impact effect computer. I put in the mass of the moon, 7.35 E 33 kilograms, the mass of the Earth 5.98 E 24 kilograms and angel of 11 degrees and a speed of 2.5 kilometers per second. The resulting impact depressed the Earth's crust 5 kilometers. The Arctic Ocean is 5 kilometers deep north of Alaska. It took 7oo terramegatons to tilt the rotational pole of Earth 23.5 degrees. 

Tilting Earth 23.5 degrees doubled arable land and doubled the productivity of the oceans because now we have more pronouced summers and winters as sunlight hits the Earth 1,800 miles further north and south thawing out the ice caps. It also doubled the productivity of the oceans releasing more free oxygen. The impact raised sea levels 300 feet. It was an engineered project designed to make Earth more productive for larger human and animal populations. It was terraforming!

Henry blogs over here.

Terence McKenna - Gender Talk

A lovely interview I've not heard before with Terence McKenna on GenderTalk Radio with Nancy Nangeroni using a bespoke 'Skype' set up to call in to the radio show from Hawaii. Recorded on July 15th, 1998. 

Dr Karla Turner - American Martyr

Dr Karla Turner made the connection between alien abduction and the (shadow?) military industrial complex. She was warned off, threatened and then mysteriously died from cancer followed by her husband shortly after. Fast acting Cancer-inducing drugs (as I discovered) are part of the portfolio of options that who ever sanctions these murders have. 

Dr. Karla Turner was a remarkable women and her courage and testimony made me dig deeper into some of the most difficult topics I've ever had to research. I learned that the smarter you are the greater the threat you pose to the control complex that keeps so much hidden from us.

The point of this testimony isn't to change your mind it's to make you ask questions that lead you to doing your own research. More often than not it's the implications of what they say that is even more staggering than what they actually state. It's not for ostrich head-in-the-sand types.

Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow - Infinity (The Ultimate Trip)

My step-brother is dying and so when I watched Jay Weidner's documentary on the subject I tried to get my mother and particularly her husband who is barely able to sleep at night with worry to watch it. 

Jay Weidner made the documentary film called Infinity - The Ultimate Trip for his mother in order to answer some questions that are difficult to convey through just conversation. If there's a risk of someone dying or death is imminent it's a beautiful film for all ages and all people to see together or alone. I would say an important film, but let's keep the claims modest.

Unfortunately I failed in encouraging my step father to watch it as he's so upset that he can't bare to think of the subject unless it's framed within his own grief and so I'm no longer allowed to mention the matter in emails.

That's a tragedy because at worst there are little bits of unconsidered issues that the film gently opens up, and at best it's a way of weighing up (if one digs deeper into the matter) why we're infinite beings who chose to incarnate into a rather painful reality to learn lessons that are just another stage in an endless journey, that our culture has successfully sold us doesn't exist. 

It's like advertising. Our materialist society pummels people with messages contrary to wiser older cultures diminishing death to a meaningless process that is to be feared at all costs. I should add I learned all these lessons on an extraordinary DMT trip that showed me all this (and a lot more) but the film made me realise I it wasn't just an intellectual extra dimensional journey I undertook, but a download of information I couldn't possibly have invented on my own. Those of us who are acquainted with these topics were in agreement on hearing of Steve Jobs final exclamation "oh wow, oh wow, oh wow". We felt we knew exactly what had happened to him. Its a shame so few of us can share it without howls of protest from all sides.

The DVD can be purchased here.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

The Truman Show & Dark City - A Tale Of Two Movies

I watched both movies earlier this week. Coincidentally both were released in 1998 and  tackle similar themes of controlled populations, though the narratives are in some ways asymmetric mirrored images of each other. 

In The Truman Show we have a character manipulated by an entire island acting out day to day life while the rest of the world watches his story from birth to mid marriage ennui. Actually the gullible consumers of the world are rooting for Truman (played by Jim Carey) because like him they are easily manipulated and trapped though they don't quite realise it is their attention that is for sale as the product placement medley makes clear in the first clip.

Dark City's premise is that an entire city is being energetically devoured or fed upon (in much the same way as cock fighters get off by observing the fighting of animals) by an Archontic alien/astral entity/men in black force who can freeze the entire population at a moments notice and change circumstances including a persons entire memory and personality.

Echoing that mirrored narrative I mentioned at the outset, we see that Truman's life is a never ending beautiful day wearily acted out in a simulacrum of happiness, social cohesion and veneers of harmony whereas in Dark City the themes are tackled through film noir sets, nihilism and nights that never end and a sun never rises.

It's extraordinary to me that the Truman Show eclipsed the entire constructed reality TV trend. As if Hollywood was preparing populations for TV ideas of constant surveillance entertainment and the notion of being closely observed by all pervasive and discreet technology. 

Astro theologists may have picked up that it's the Sirius star light that comes crashing down in the beginning of the movie giving a brief clue to Truman and us of the observational process not forgetting its Orion's belt alignment I've been talking about from time to time.