Wednesday 30 September 2020

Most Censored COVID-19 Video On Facebook & Twitter

This video is so explosive, it's blocked for uploading on Facebook and Twitter. I've uploaded the movie file  HERE so you can share this worldwide.

I believe his name is Chris Jefferies, but I've yet to verify this and connect with him.

Panic in DC - Why Trump Will Win The Election

I understand people who are triggered (media programming) by Trump. I've never really been much of a policy wonk but I've been doing an hour or so a day of studying the man, in case I have got something wrong. His output is unmatched in terms of volume, transparency and quality by any other politician I'm familiar with throughout history.

Sure he's obnoxious and illiterate (on the subject and support of) Zionism, but that's something that has never changed since the formation of the terrorist state of Israel, and I'm hopeful that the Q drop on the subject is in direct contrast to Trump's anti-Semitic, embarrassing and sycophantic behaviour towards a country that is the worst thing to happen to the Jews (and the UK & USA) despite a long history of being exploited by what can only be described as a pseudo-theistic internal parasite.

If I'm wrong, naturally I'll publish that is the case, but if you're triggered by Trump, the video I scraped and uploaded above is what you are facing, and I'm seeing a lot of wins in his first term that I project will continue into his second term. 

We knew about Ruth Bader Ginsberg over a year ago along with many other insider information that is freely available to those who persevere with, ahem, the great work. Here are some memes that I've had on file for quite a while.

The choice to know will be yours.

Update: I'm grateful Twitter agreed it was a rubbish debate. October surprise?

Tuesday 29 September 2020

New Extended Documentary - 2 & 1/2 hours of Kubrick

Warner Brothers, like every Hollywood studio is in deep trouble. 

When the masses discover how Hollyweird works it will tank, along with it's celebrity spunkdom, Faustian pacts and child raping directors including Spielberg and Woody who both appear in this new documentary, but obviously to airbrush Stanley's legacy when there's so much more to the man.

Kubrick was the Illuminati's film director and had access to a lot of information unavailable to most people before the internet. In this documentary I was reminded that Adrenochrome is mentioned in Clockwork Orange, in addition to the main theme of MK Ultra programming.

Kubrick took a lot of risks and may have paid the highest price. Or he might have just run out of being useful and thrown under a bus. One day we'll know.

Thursday 24 September 2020

Sons of Light vs Sons of Darkness - The Great Economic Reset

Around about the beginning of 2020 a fellow researcher and long time friend noticed that "The Great Awakening", and similar proclamations by Q of QAnon fame, echoes a lot of New Age literature embedded in the Lucis Trust that has Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

The Lucis trust initially named Lucifer Publishing Company, was established by Alice and Foster Bailey in May 1922 and proselytises the Luciferian argument that Lucifer is the provider of light despite being cast down by God as a former angel.

The more I looked into this argument the more evidence I found, and my friend's thesis (which I'll be sharing more of in greater detail) developed into a simple dialectic which, he claims, will mean the forces for good (Trump et al) will vanquish the forces of darkness (Hillary et al) and then present the post Covid-19 world population with an economic Faustian pact that will reset the economy, introduce a global cryptocurrency (meaning the end of the petrodollar), and provide a Universal Basic Income for all people, unable or unwilling to find rewarding work.

Put simply my friend's research implies that both sides are controlled and even after one side has imploded, the same power will be in place, but widely perceived as 'the good guy', thus precipitating a New Economic Model.

I'm a Q researcher and probably know more than anyone I've met in real life on the subject, so while I'm not fully convinced of the impending outcome of the 'sons of light versus sons of darkness', I will know the signs to confirm my friend's research (which is largely historical bloodline and tribal/secret society movements) and I will know when to concede if I'm wrong.

I've done enough research to confirm the economic reset is coming, but now it's a case of waiting out for the Faustian pact part of the deal, which will result in a new world order as outlined by Aldous Huxley and Orwell.

Vaccines for everyone, stunted IQ, plummeting sperm counts, and a two tier society where no questions are asked and control is absolute.

We shall see about that, but one things is already in the bag. 

Nothing will go back to the way it was.

A change I welcome.

Update 9/11/2023: Genocider Netanyahu has been spitting children of light vs children of darkness tweets to justify the ongoing genocide in Gaza (False flag hybrid event) AND THEN DELETED THEM.

Rishi Sunak was tweeting Divali Celebrations on the triumph of light over darkness'. But that's impossible while Israel controls UK domestic and Foreign policy with Sunak and Starmer competing over who can grovel hardest during a seismic and irreversible shift in global sentiment. Out of touch, out of ideas and absent the necessary courage to stand with the people against genocide.

And if you're still in denial about what is going. Allow me to leave you with the team who lit the fuse with 29 drops on Dark to Light. Here's the last drop on the subject dated June 3rd (3/6) 2020

..and here's the the first drop by the Q psychological operation on Dark to Light.

That was dropped on 11/11. I wonder if we'll see some changes on Remembrance weekend?

Tuesday 22 September 2020

Portly Southampton

I think I filmed this December 22 on a Grimaldi Ship, 2019 at ABP Southampton. I can't explain the flashing light(s), because I didn't really notice them at the time. 

TBH I don't recall filming the scene, but I sort of do.

If anyone has a Scooby Doo what those lights are, feel free to drop a comment.


Monday 21 September 2020

90 Days In The Cooler

I've been handed a 90 day ban on Facebook. I can still use messenger so that's useful.

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Tom Barnett's Choked Up Chicken

Tom Barnett is doing Yeoman's work through rational, informative and erudite videos that undermine the fabric of reality for people who are unable to speak their mind in an environment where they are paid to censor themselves at work.

How is your 2020 going?