Friday 28 April 2023

Kyiv City Ballet

I went to see Kyiv City Ballet last week for their gala performance in Southampton. 

They're exiled and inevitably (somewhat) stranded in the former Warsaw Pact country Croatia after a stint in Paris.

There's a lot I noticed and ordinarily would wish to write about, but now isn't the time.

Kyiv City Ballet were sparse but dignified.

They were professional with a wide ranging and versatile repertoire.

There was nothing but effort, and from time-to-time unforgettable performances from a skeletal ballet company under pressure, surviving at first week to week, followed if lucky by month to month, and then inevitably we tell ourselves the years trundle or roll by-on-by.

Not once did they solicit maudlin sympathy or allow anger, jingoism or bitterness spoil their performance. 

If anything was obvious, it was the absence of propaganda in either direction, and not its presence as it were.

The dancer in three images above, was not only extraordinary in a fluid and uncoiling manner, but the music for his sleeveless black-tunic performance has tested my sanity (help me out here please) trying to find it. I pulled my phone out to sound-search using Google Assistant but unsuccessfully.

I was hopeful it might be Le Spectre de la Rose (Carl Maria von Weber's Aufforderung zum Tanz - Invitation to Dance) or Elgar's Nimrod (Tribute to Peace) from the single-sheet concert program I subsequently located, but my hopes were skripaled early on and I've yet to find what I'm looking for. 

Show must go on.

Update. I received a lovely email from Croatia and I have the music so I'll be sharing that and more.

Thursday 27 April 2023

Image Provenance

If anyone has any information on these, can you get in touch please?

I've done my own digging and the only facts I have; are they were first published this year. They might be AI generated (the resolution is too high in my opinion) or the last option is they were sequestered and have now been leaked.

Update: I've changed my mind about AI

Friday 21 April 2023

Do You Even Calculus Bro?

Fascinating nugget on the relationship between temperature and CO2. 

Is this the right place to raise the post hoc ergo propter hoc subject?

Thursday 20 April 2023

Savings & Loans

 A long forgotten 80s financial scandal in the US, I researched a decade or so ago is too arcane to be mentioned by anybody, except perhaps Katherine Austin Fitts, who has the sort of macroeconomic experience & expertise to know.

All these years later UNLIMITED HANGOUT is refreshing our memories of the Savings & Loans affair back in the Eighties with Pension-Fund Pick-Pocket and Mossad triple agent Robert Maxwell father of Ghislaine, her ugly sisters and the fraudulent sons. I crossed ones path as he bowled out of the Old Bailey around June 92 (Mintpress). He bounded down the steps and couldn't wait to GTF out of there.

 Ian and Kevin Maxwell's father Captain Bob are like Heinz Kissinger who the allies also picked up, along with other Nazis notables like George Soros, Werner von Braun, Dr Green (real name Mengele), and so forth.

 Robert Maxwell’s reputation was tainted after his drowning, when it was discovered that he had looted six million Daily Mirror retirees, past present and future, of their highly remunerated (due to strong unions) pension fund to prop up his debt-ridden business empire. In contrast, George H. W. Bush is remembered for his public service. 

 He is not remembered for his oil business Zapata and many other oilier and darker business endeavours.

 Maxwell is now violently decomposed and buried on the most sacred ground in the Holy Land. The Mount of Olives in Israel. The official story (including Ghislaine's version) is a preposterous tale that he took a piss in the wee hours off the back of his Khashoggi Super Yacht, and whoever pushed his head under the water till he was dead had extraordinarily good timing to turn up just as his warm urine was diluting the Atlantic Ocean.

 I wasn't there but how many nights did they wait for him to be alone? Were they waiting clad in black clothes and ski masks in their military grade dinghy till he serendipitously turned up?

 How did they pass the minutes, hours and nights waiting for their chance? 

Candy Crush or fishing?

This post is dedicated to Blue Doran who walked like Ian Maxwell in crowded foreign capitals and people parted to let him through. It was a sight to behold and as I've previously shared, he was a dangerous man.

Monday 17 April 2023

Coincidence Theory

During lockdown I noticed that the less educated a person, the easier they understood a concept I conveyed to them. The educated are too clever and materialist to engage with information and pattern recognition that is an existential threat to how they wish to be perceived in the wider world.

What I asked people was, did you notice in the middle of the propaganda guff about masks and taping up benches in parks and urinals in restrooms, that it was SIX people at a gathering, SIX feet social distancing (subsequently rounded up 18cms to 2 metres) and if one died from the flu statistics that disappeared during the pandemic, they would be buried SIX feet under?

For the memory-wipes and the too-busy-types, may I remind you of Churchill's most precious quote?

"“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."

Orwell also weighed in on the subject.

Friday 14 April 2023

Here Is The News

Great pop song, quintessential 80s aesthetic and very acerbic observations. As an aside, I have a theory that ELO's Jeff Lynne could easily be the celebrity with the most doubles, masks etc. So easy to imitate with the perm and glasses. Witty as well as great music. Did you see this on twitter?

It's easy to find, just put Biden + Mask in the search engine, oh let me do it for you. I'm not saying it's true, AI can generate variations of these ad nauseum for a thousand years.

 My statements on Biden doubles, masks and so forth is well documented here last time I checked. If it becomes public knowledge, and it looks like it's getting that way, I'll be forced to pick up a new red pill that is considered heresy or madness, but the clones and doubles and masks go so much deeper than I could ever have anticipated. 

Another 18 months and nobody will care. We'll have much more pressing matters.

Wednesday 12 April 2023

Elon Musk's BBC Interview

I used to embed Twitter and then this platform would block twitter content, so I screen grab it usually, but this is unique. If you can wait a little, and press the play button (it might take a few seconds more than usual for the 'Twitter Spaces' audio to appear), I assure you it's worth the effort or failing that click on the link and listen to it on Twitter - It's about 3 minutes long and 3 minutes strong.

Please note, Elon is playing the good guy and BBC News are just being themselves. I don't support either of them, but we can enjoy the unscripted take down(s)

Update: I made a point of listening to the entire interview and there's a lot more going on and just when I thought I'd figured something out, the old doubts crept straight back in after another interview he did with creepy Bill Maher.

I'm pretty sure that Elon Musk's loyalty to humanity or otherwise is a Q level clearance question.

Monday 10 April 2023

Brand New Interview - Graham Hancock - Mauro Biglino & The Elohim

All of the topics in the title have been discussed here over the years so use the search engine box or the tags at the end of the post if additional contexts are desired.

The universe is vast, I only have quantum-grasp of infinity from what was taught to me during my extended (15 minutes) Dimethyltryptamine experience that Clif High describes as hyperspace and is a much better word than the usual descriptions of entheogenic adjectives. There are no words to describe it, it's more real than this reality and the ability to convey the experience in Materium is difficult and inevitably misleading if not impossible - Though I have tried.

It is my view that the human experience for thousands of years has been manipulated not just by largely oblvious humans but by relatively small groups of non-human entities. A milder and more pedestrian explanation of this might be something like the Sons of Cain version of history whereby their genetics are superior to ours due to some hybrid experimentations and so forth.

I can only comment that a faction of this theoretical or prospective group are creative in ways that are inspirational. They do more with less and that's something humans should clutch to our souls as close as possible.

Other than that, Mauro Biglino has provided us with updated information with respect to this fresh-off-the cloud video interview that was much more surprising than I ever thought imaginable. 

I try to operate on the basis that I can only learn, when I recognise I'm wrong and that looks to be the case in this instance, but paradoxically it may well be a more tightly harnessed argument for the unsettling crypto-terrestrial explanations such as Mac Tonnies expanded on before his premature demise from myocarditis in his 30s. Mauro suggests in this fascinating discourse, they may never have left but instead gone underground.

Mauro Biglino used to be the Vatican's highest authority on bible translation till he proved there were no translations for words such as Elohim or the Shaddai but did demonstrate they weren't spiritual, and so apart from the context we can only speculate on the exact meaning of unworldly small mouth noises, but we can safely say the Elohim are plural not singular. The Vatican fired him, airbrushed his name out of the catalogue of 150 books bearing his name on them and he now gets death threats for presenting his work to the people.

Historians invariably kowtow to the Archaeologist who slur their words to be a science. I pay most attention to scholarly research that is edgy not banal or self-serving. 

I study rock, I don't suck it.