Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Real Mobile Phone Wars - Democratic Republic of Congo & Rare Earth Coltan

I don't expect you to boycott buying or using a mobile phone because of the Coltan that is mined in the DRC Democratic Republic of Congo formerly known as Zaire. I do expect you to know that over 5 million died in a civil war that is largely framed around the mining of this material. I'm just posting the better produced and more informative videos I'm coming across to save you the time of working through lesser quality ones.

In this video a story is narrated of a twelve year old girl kept in a pit for six weeks and raped daily by unspeakable men while a friend was eventually killed and left to rot beside her in the same pit for some four week after. During this time the surviving girl became pregnant and realised this as she continued to be raped and returned to the pit with her decomposing friend.

All of this for Coltan. A material that contains Tantaulum that makes tantalum capacitors which are unique because of the amount of energy they can store despite their size. That's the price we pay for convenience isn't it? Pregnant raped twelve year old girls in pits with decomposing friends. Day after day after day.

It was also explained to me for the first time why rape is used as a weapon of division in the Congo. It's like a hard core version of the fake left right politics that divide us in the West. Divide us and keep us distracted from what is really going on. Watch this documentary if you get time.