Thursday 28 February 2013

Tariq Ali - Before Zionism | When Jews Christians & Muslims Lived Together In Peace

I would much prefer to spend my time listening and learning from lectures like this new upload from Tariq Ali at SOAS than closely watching the decline of human conciousness in our time, but that's a bit of a luxury given the corporate warmongering forces running the planet. 

Tariq uses Cervantes, Don Quixote to teach us how Muslims are the new Jews. A people persecuted for reasons of divide and rule more than any innate inferiority. The forces of exploitation and misery know this only too well.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

The Transhumanists Are So Frightened Of Dying They Don't Know How To Live

I've been getting back into Robert Phoenix' shows lately. He's a great source of original thinking and is a finger on the pulse of Merika.

The Below Average Representation The Corporate Media Portray Of The Human Experience


Having a negative view of yourself and of humanity is a crucial part of the military industrial complex's propaganda to sell wars and have no feeling for others pain. Please enjoy your TV entertainment and avoid thinking about the extended responsibilities consuming toxic messages has on yourself and on your fellow humans.

I don't care who has sex with who or what as long as it is consensual but there's no need for this information in mass media programming. Enjoy the commercial break.

Richard Cottrell on Operation Gladio

Operation Gladio is the gift that keeps on giving. A story the corporate media ignore but which gets bigger by the day because of the reality dividends it yields. We get NATO, CIA, Pentagon, False Flag, Synthetic Terror and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down with the coincidence theorists totally and irreversibly humiliated for the rest of their lives. You're either at the front of the train or the back. Choice is yours.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Monday 25 February 2013

SocioPalin - You Betcha

Apologies for the vulgar gif but it was the only one I could find and I can assure you that Palin's surface is something she pays great attention to but not so much on the substance. This is a much watch documentary by Nick Broomfield who I've blogged before. His Kurt Cobain documentary is fairly conclusive in my view of confirming that Courteney Love had a hand in killing her husband. For the money of course.

Blimey. That Six Million Figure Looks Fishy

If anybody can point me to independent holocaust counterarguments I'm keen to review all the available information. Until people respond in the comments below, the evidence is the six million figure is both hugely inflated and regularly pulled out to justify Zionism.

This is unacceptable; however even one Jewish, Muslim, Christian or any death is appalling, but if false figures are being used to justify attempts in order to stop people asking questions, and exercising freedom of debate (either wrong or right) then a great deception is taking place.

Update: Here are the Red Cross figures. Clearly the Zionists are exaggerating. These kind of lies are pernicious and so what else is being lied about. I invite you to research all claims.

Update. The International Red Cross revised their figures from 373 000 above to 6000000 once again as in the video of the pre war newspapers I've posted.  This is too much of a coincidence for the rational person so I assume it's somewhere in between half a million to  a million. 

A lot of people were killed in WWII including 20 million or so in the USSR. All of it needless manipulation.

Clips They Never Showed Again From The Pentagon Bombing

The initial reports of the day paint a vastly different picture than is ever discussed today. A mopping up process occurs where the main message inserted was 'Bin Laden' as the reason and then any messages that could raise questions are deleted. One only needs to spend a couple of days reviewing the information freely available on Youtube to confirm this but of course that would mean being open to the notion that the people in charge are not what they seem. People that are vulnerable to and gullible of authority are least able to entertain that thought.

The American Journalist The British Blocked From Jersey Paedo Reporting

American Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman started to uncover the systematic child abuse at the Haut de la Garrene in Jersey that goes all the way to British PM Ted Heath, Jimmy Savile and beyond. The British government blocked her from getting a visa and the Jersey media portrayed her as inventing a fuss where none existed. She is still constantly attacked and working against a culture of secrecy and protection of child abusers by the police, judges, politicians and business and for this reason we must give her our strongest support. She has just recently been allowed to return but we all know a great darkness is headquartered in the Royal Isle of Jersey. There is no more powerful story being protected than the Haut de la Garenne.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Tariq Ali - A Great Orator

A recent upload of an older speech. Tariq Ali is the finest orator since the late Christopher Hitchens but in the long run Tariq's words are consistently more durable. He's a great socialist and by that I mean a person of the people for the people, and the first British choice I'd put forward for the people if the British can get over their inability to choose a political leader who isn't a politician.

Londoners Don't Trust @BBC

People are beginning to see through the propaganda. Even for the sake of diversity it's statistically impossible that there is not one journalist who questions 9/11. Their jobs and homes are at stake and so they are silent.

If Adam Curtis Went For The Jugular The BBC Would Fire Him

I've noticed that all the main run spook (disinformation/misinformation) blogs go in for a collage style of blogging that splatters different bits of information in the hope, I guess, that you make wrong conclusions or just spend a lot of time on them instead of elsewhere. Naturally there's a few nuggets of real information so there's a closely guarded way of scanning a lot of information very quickly and learning when to hit the 'next' button if one's chain is being pulled but that's for each to learn in their own manner.

Adam Curtis also goes in for a collage documentary style of documentary making but if we sift out the nuggets of analysis that go against the mainstream media news narrative, we're still left with a rigidly doctrinaire interpretation of history that weakly fails to challenge the 9/11 commission report, the CIA's involvement in JFK's murder and the worlds favorite paedophile network the Vatican or their paedophile blackmailers MI5 and MI6

Am I Being Targeted By Israeli Extremists?

Following the recent scandal of an IDF Instagram photograph of a Palestinian child in the crosshairs of a sniper scope I was made the target myself in the first photo posted above.

Thomas Sankara

An extraordinary story of Thomas Sankara, one of Burkina Faso's and Africa's unsung heroes. He wasn't without his idealist mistakes but still a great person to be admired.

Saturday 23 February 2013

Richard Millet Humiliates Himself With Weird Pro Zionist Lies

Richard Millet didn't get the message that even the BBC have stopped telling lies and admitted that the Syrian revolution was faked by the CIA and that the FSA are a bunch of terrorists now squabbling with Al Nussrah 12th century beheading nutters.

The joke on Richard is that he only reads propaganda papers and views propaganda television so he isn't clever enough to know he's been lied to and has made a chump of himself on mass media. It's called stupidity.

It's A Pile Of Shit Mate

Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B - Part 4 [NATO, MI6 and CIA are the backbone of the heroin business]

One of the powers of the internet emerges because we don't have subpoenas and tazers.  We can't ask questions from the powerful and protected elites at the CIA, Justice Dept, FBI, Police, DEA, Pentagon etc but we can join up hundreds and hundreds of dots till if there's any doubt, there's no doubt.

It takes effort but it's well worth it. Anyone who still thinks NATO, CIA and MI6 aren't the backbone of the world heroin trade is living in cloud cuckoo land. Check out James and Sibel on their respective blogs. This is top notch information and news the corporate media are unable to report because of their ties to the military industrial complex through advertising.

Friday 22 February 2013

Murder In Samarkand - Craig Murray's Ambassadorial Whistle Blowing

The more I learn about the former Ambassador to strategically critical Uzbekistan the more impressed I am with him. His blog these days is essential reading to escape the corporate media matrix of lies, deception and decontextualised half truths.

Alfred Lambremont Interviewed By Robert Phoenix

Absolute top notch Super Woo Conspiracy. There aren't many people I give the floor to that I disagree with a lot but Alfred I cut some slack. I don't like his inability to be sceptical with some sources of information but from time to time he just says something that makes a lot more sense than the lies and fabrications the self censoring media churn out with laughable homogeneity.

Sibel Edmonds on NATO's False Flag Operation Gladio - Part 3

This is for grown ups only. Only reality enthusiasts with a long enough attention span to reach past the celebrity nipple, sports on TV and takeaway Pizza and horsemeat deep fill lasagne are going to make it through this stunning work by James Corbett's interviews with FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds.

The devil is in the detail. The reality in the fine print. This is not baby food.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds - Gladio B - Part 1 & 2

NATO false flag attacks are now well documented. The corporate media is so far down the path of deception it cannot recognise or comment on the real news taking place in the alternative media. If it did it would have to rewind back decades of lies and for-profit only information and that isn't going to happen.

This is complex and deep state information. It isn't for people who prefer football and celebrity nipple to reality.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Ayman Al-Zawahari - Another MI6/CIA Terrorist Asset

Ayman Al-Zawahiri is an important whistle blowing story by Ex FBI Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett

The mainstream media and alternative media tools like Scott Horton who breast feeds on corporate media foreign policy gravy, refuse to cover this extraordinarily important piece of news.

There's definitely a sense of light at the end of the tunnel now we understand so many terrorists are funded and trained by Western Spooks because large military industrial complex contracts roll over decade after decade 

The NUMEC Cover-up: The Diversion of U.S. Weapons Grade Uranium from NUMEC to Israel

The double standards of Israel are well documented and only corporate media consumers still believe the lie that Israel is the victim in the Middle East. However it is Grant F. Smith's work on the NUMEC cover-up that will likely unravel for Israel in a most humiliating manner. Call it a hunch.

Saturday 16 February 2013

OSCARS 2013 - Best Propaganda Film

Very dry.

Ken Wilber - The Need For Integral Spirituality

Ken points out the corporate media cannot distinguish between Jim Swaggart and the Dalai Lama. I'd go further and say there's no incentive for the corporate media to foster a conscious driven view of reality. Better to look at celebrity nipple and don't ask too many questions.

Thailand - Future Maps

Friday 15 February 2013

Miu Miu Summer Collection Video Taster

Did The Webbots & Remote Viewing Get It Right?

I've been posting Courteney Brown's Remote Viewing and Clif High's Webbots for the so called 'Global Coastal Event' and truthfully I've been expecting some of the action to come from the sky along with earthquakes and volcanism and expando earth model. It's a little earlier than I anticipated so it may just go quiet again but even though nobody knows how this gig is going to roll out I'm excited.

If it's an act of nature out of my control. I can think of nothing more healthy than a bit of apocalyptic action to get humanity to get it's act together. We're being manipulated and we will only figure it out when we realise that 99.99999% of us get along fine and the rest are rigging the game with their fake wars, fake media, false flags, faux terror and never ending lies when explaining why the ordinary people of this planet keep picking up the tab for the parasite bankers, royalty, military and media. It's all a scam.

John Lash - Trinity of Evil - Yaldabaoth, Melchizedek & Mephisto

John is doing great recordings of his work at Gaiaspora and Metahistory

The Impending Bathos Of Bilderberg

A well produced and intelligent documentary on the Bilderberg Group. Don't let me make your mind up for you. Lot's of different opinions out there and I have my own to try and destroy. That's what good researchers do.

Why Are The British Comfortably Numb With Sexual Violence?

The British fondness for pornography of violence is largely cultivated by the mass media who punctuate this obscene environment with advertising for Walkers Crisps and Cadbury's Chocolate  So that's OK then.