Wednesday 21 January 2015

UK Paedophile Ring List Is All Freemasons

Most Freemasons are clueless about the history of their society's corruption but are otherwise mostly quite normal people. However at the top, the Police and the Paedophiles and the Judges are all Masons and they keep the child rapists and/or themselves out of prison.

Israel Abusing Thai Migrant Workers To Death

122 Thai Migrant workers died from abusive conditions in Israel. 43 of them died from nocturnal death syndrome which means they died in their sleep which could be anything from murder to poisoning from pesticides. 

Many times there's no post mortem but the Thai migrant workers should be grateful they're not being targeted by F-16 jets and Phosphor Bombs like the Palestinians.

The Neocon Zionist Coup

It's career damaging to say this but the Neoconservative Zionist coup is by and large, a Jewish fanatical ideological movement, in much the same way that it was Jewish Bolsheviks who overwhelmingly led the slaughter through Russia with estimates from 20 to 60 million and upwards.

It is not I who say these movements were Jewish but Jewish publications themselves so please address any calumny to the respective writers.

Underestimating the media and military power of these racist fanatics has been too costly in the past and now is an appropriate time to understand what is happening all round the world from Syria, to Iraq and even Ukraine.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Stop The Zionist Disco | Max Blumenthal

Usually Max Blumenthal is quietly spoken but here he absolutely works a San Francisco crowd like he's been doing political rallies all his life. Come to think of it he may have. His father Sidney Blumenthal served as an advisor to Bill Clinton. Max has been one of the most honourable Jews to stand up for the Palestinian cause.

Monday 12 January 2015

Mehdi Hasan

Mehdi Hasan has blocked me on Twitter so I have no incentive to post two of his Oxford Union debates here. 

I post them because he is indeed more brilliant than I had previously given him credit for. 

I don't need books of God to teach me the difference between right and wrong but I respect other's right to get on their knees as part of their human experience.

If you don't have the time then at least do the first video.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Sia - Chandelier

Most of us have friends who are blind to the abuse-symbolism in celebrity pop videos.

The all seeing eye, the black and white checkered floors, the one eye teddy bear, the two masonic pillars Boaz and Jachin, the shattered mirrors, the manikins and it goes on and on but many can't even see the obvious trashing of humanity through sexual abuse, gender abuse, police state abuse and drug abuse dramatisation in celebrity videos and photo shoots, because they're pickled senseless in it. Like the fish who have no idea they're swimming in water they can't see what's right in front of them.

Sometimes I'm sitting in places that are playing these vacuous videos back to back with people who think they're the high point of art and it's always poignant, sickening and a little sad for the person interested in the human experience, but hey, not everyone was born to notice what's going on, and if people are too myopic to get the message then that's their journey not mine.

I was emailed to review Sia's Chandelier quite some time back, and my first observation was it's a very mediocre song with no originality and pedestrian lyrics. A power ballad of no historical importance.

Swinging from the chandeliers is most often in my experience used as a colloquial middle aged British expression for acrobatic and exotic sexual activity. It's somewhere between the Joy of Sex and Carry On Up The Khyber (Pass) for unsubtle and clich├ęd cultural references.

I don't know if this video is part of that genre of celebrity sausage making machine that squeezes out the Masonic/Bavarian symbolism out at a steady rate as it's also my experience that creative output can also tap into the collective consciousness as indeed this video does with its child star in a skin coloured leotard dancing brilliantly in a dystopian and provocative manner much as a seasoned interpretive dancer would.

It's also very synchronous that it was released as the VIP child abuse scandal started to be taken seriously in 2014 and will continue to be news as the US and other countries start to expose their child abusing political leaders, intelligence services and persons of power and privilege.

Monday 5 January 2015

Meet The Romans | Mary Beard

The Romans started to come together for me while watching I Claudius some years back but only in a chronological kind of way. To get some real texture I recommend Mary Beard's Meet the Romans three part series. Mary's focus is on ordinary Roman life and after watching all three of these it's unlikely you'll find Roman history so abstract or remote as it has been previously.

There's some great scenes including the thumbnail cover for video two above where Mary sits in the public latrines. We don't know if men and women sat together but up to 40 people sitting in an open room taking a shit is fascinating anthropology. Just imagine how liberating it would be to know you're not the loudest, longest, smelliest or messiest. 

Or even if you are how you would post rationalise it as 'only nature'.

I'd love to take a shit Roman style just to appreciate modern conveniences a bit more.

The Artist Taxi Driver on Establishment Paedophilia

The Artist Taxi Driver reminds us of some salient facts regarding the establishment paedophiles who are tasked with investigating themselves. You may recall that the Queen said nothing about establishment paedophiles in her annual speech. 

The reasons for this and other silences are obvious to the human that is awake and aware.

Sunday 4 January 2015

Gordon Duff & Stew Webb | Top Notch Interview

Gordon Duff admits that much of what he claims is disinformation, but you'd be making a mistake not to keep an eye on what he says because I too missed this interview and it's stuffed full of the sort information that even Gordon is reluctant to repeat too often.

I don't get the time to review everything I'd like to, but I'm often pinged links in Twitter and I invariably try to check out as much as I can. This is one of those links and it's worth putting an hour or so aside to listen to.

Saturday 3 January 2015

Mary Beard's - Caligula

If Caesar is the rock star of Roman history, Caligula is the Charles Manson. 

Real name Emperor Gaius, Caligula is the diminutive for Roman Boot so it actually means something like Bootikins and was the name the Roman soldiers called him when he was a child and walked around the garrison towns in his small Roman boots.

Mary Beard is an excellent presenter of information who talks to the viewers in simple language and in a direct, forthright manner. She's a joy to learn history from.

Powerful Storytelling - An Israeli Soldier's Story | Eran Efrati

Unlike @DannyCohen of the BBC I don't have the captive audience eyeballs of the brainwashed and programmed BBC viewers who still trust the nation's broadcaster to tell both sides of a story.

I do however have a circle of social media mates, one or two of whom might watch this startling testimony by Eran Efrati of the IDF (Known as the IOF by truth respecters, because they slaughter the defenceless).

I challenge Danny Cohen to watch the Jewish Zionist, David Cole's documentary on the Auschwitz gas chambers that were built by the allies at the end of the second world war to sell a story that that disguises another story. 

Why did we go to war for Poland only to give Poland to the communist Soviets at the end? Because the latter story conceals the earlier motive.

It will be too late to challenge the narrative that Danny Cohen is going to beam to a nation during the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in January, but he will never be able to say he didn't know about the permanence of cyanide compounds in brickwork, because I told him, and he never had the guts to respond with facts and science instead of calumny.

NB: Just because we know what didn't happen at Auschwitz doesn't mean we're sure what happened to the missing Jews at Treblinka. There is much debate, but the BBC's offering is more pseudo propaganda that doesn't help those who wish to know what really happened, irrespective of who is made to look bad.

Friday 2 January 2015

The Last Romans - Sagalassos

In my view Sagalassos is more Roman Byzantium, and so as the documentary doesn't really emphasize that, it's worth pointing out that this is historically, an Eastenders production and not really W1. 

It is however a gorgeous documentary that does the best renditions-on-ruins of Roman architecture (the Byzantines called themselves Romans and still do in parts of Greece) I've seen yet. 

If Mary Beard's speciality is bringing ordinary Romans to life, this production restores the high society architecture of Roman living to its former glory.