Friday, 27 September 2013

Superb Documentary - The Act Of Killing


Joshua Oppenheimer's post-modern documentary The Act of Killing is among one of the most insightful way's of communicating information I thought I had a better grip on.

I live in Asia, I speak Thai, I've travelled all over Asia and specifically in Indonesia on business and pleasure. I understand in great detail, the 1965 CIA instigated coup in Indonesia where Sukarno was replaced by the US backed Suharto (a topic Oppenheimer refuses to acknowledge, thus erasing history like not mentioning the Nazis at the Holocaust). 

A million dead? No big deal. Hardly anything compared to Stalin's Yagoda (who also had a funny toothbrush moustache, took out 10 million and barely still gets a mention on Youtube or the History books. Jewish Bolshevism doesn't sit too well with the Holocaust industry. it's bad for business.

Anyway, I'm familiar with gangs and countergangs warfare, CIA covert operations in dozens and dozens of countries around the world. I could probably do it myself with a half million Sterling and a few good connections in Birmingham and Sheffield.

I know how the game of divide and rule works. 

It's so much easier to smash the wedding cake up than to make the wedding cake.

This documentary though is something else. It mergers life with fiction and then a sort of metafiction and arguably a new genre of sub metafiction where the protagonists no longer know if they're in real life play-acting or play-acting in real life.

It's beautifully shot when not lapsing into bathos for the home-made execution shots. It's not without a serious message and is an important documentary that got me asking questions to issues I thought I knew the answer to. That's a good thing.

Watch it. You wont be disappointed.