Wednesday 29 July 2015

Is Derek Laud a Paedo Sadist?

I've asked Derek Laud many times on Twitter but no response. It may be the case that all the boys he is alleged to have violently abused are no longer alive as there were a spate of killings around the boys alleged to have been used by him, Ian Greer, Michael Colvin, Peter Lilley, Michael Portillo and Lord McAlpine.

Friday 24 July 2015

Toffs, Snuff Movies & The Home Office

Not so long back it was still a conspiracy theory that snuff movies existed according to the Metropolitan Police even though they had examples in their care. In this short video a clip is shown of a young boy being held by a paedo-sadist. It's not gratuitous though it is chilling and I understand the boy's head may have ended up in a bucket at the end of the video.

The producers traffickers, torturers (Warwick Spinks et al), coach drivers, business men etc associated with these videos walk with impunity because their customers are the most important and powerful people in the land.

Thursday 23 July 2015

Is @louisemensch Stalking Me?

A little birdy told me McAlpine chum and devout Rabbi Shmuley/Zionist brown noser Louise Mensch is stalking me and taking screen grabs of my tweets. Personally I think she was in on that McAlpine scam a while back. 


Wednesday 22 July 2015

@tom_watson MP Finally Learns Lord Mountbattern a Child Rapist

MP Tom Watson blocked me when I informed him that Lord Robertson is connected to the VIP child abuse network. Later on his blog he claimed the MoD was a reliable source of information about D Notices. Since then I've told him repeatedly that he is out of his depth on the Royal Connection to child abusers.

His latest tweet above once again confirms for me that he's not to be trusted, as indeed I feel about Exaro and the 60 Minutes interviews which I have issues with but do not wish to discuss to avoid potentially hurting victims feelings. Tread carefully is all I will say.

Sunday 19 July 2015

ISIS Beheading Created In Studio

I suspect the 'hacked from McCain Staffer' computer story isn't so strong but it does look like this is the staged beheading of James Foley.

Consumers are being led by the nose on ISIS. A pure deep state creation.

Monday 6 July 2015

Let's Talk David Cameron

Russell Burton talks about the use of child abuse to dissociate victim's minds. This is often employed when creating mind control victims (MKULTRA) who can go on to do anything the security services like, from being a sex slave (Beta Sex Slave or Presidential Model) to suicide bombers or just a plain old false witness who are really double victims as they're abused and used one last time to sabotage real witnesses testimony.

I believe most serious mind control is now done using harmonics but listen to the testimony. It's raw.