Saturday 30 November 2013

Kubrick & The Power Elite

Not a bad Eyes Wide Shut themed documentary at all from a French Film maker examining Stanley Kubrick

Not all of the conclusions are mine too, but in broad terms the maker is well informed and adds a few nuggets of information I've not seen in the English language productions.

Vivian Kubrick Interviewed by Alex Jones

Sorry about the GIF image but it's so spooky how close Vivian Kubrick resembles the female lead, Shelley Duvall in her Dad's movie, The Shining. Vivian connects immediately to all awake and aware people in this awesome interview.

She also confirms that her father was very aware of the powerful forces that manipulate society. Please click on the Kubrick tag below to see what that is all about.

I urge you to watch this interview and I salute Vivian for talking to Alex Jones who can be a tad tricky to handle. She comes across as very nice, very switched on and very likeable.

Friday 29 November 2013

Consumer Programming ™

It's hard not to feel deep sympathy for people so unhappy that consumerism is their only relief from the pain of living. 

Thanksgiving at Walmart?

It's like they're programmed.

Thursday 28 November 2013

James De Eugenio, Roger Stone & Sean Stone on JFK's 50th Anniverary

Very good round table discussion with James De Eugenio, Roger Stone and Sean Stone.

Must See NYT Video On The Secret Government

I'm often critical of the New York Times which still pimps saliva dribble on 9/11 and JFK, but this NSA snoop state has gotten even the Grey Lady shaken. Maybe because it affects all NYT employees and the Salzburger owners too.

Funny thing that. They only report dangerous realities when they too are in the shit.

Tuesday 26 November 2013

C-SPAN & Joan Mellon On JFK Conspiracy

Joan Mellon, author of "A Farewell to Justice" has a presentation on C-SPAN and then takes questions from the audience. 

Lot's of killer nuggets of facts that I've not heard elsewhere in this presentation including warnings from Arthur Krock wrote in the New York Times that 'if there was ever a coup in the USA, it would come from the CIA'.

It's impossible to imagine words like this being written in the NYT today; so far is its control by the CIA and the security state apparatus.

Update: Joan Mellon's interview with Tarpley reveals they both are paralysed from talking about the Zionist involvement in the murder of Kennedy.

Oliver Stone Interview on JFK

Oliver Stone is interviewed by his son Sean Stone, who comes across as a decent well rounded chap. Stone Sr is a little bit off target in his analysis of LBJ's role in the murder of JFK but that's only a mild criticism of this great filmaker's contribution towards self examination of power and conspiracy. 

Two subjects that are wedded.

The JFK Conspiracy - The Case of Jim Garrison

I wouldn't recommend watching The JFK Conspiracy - The Case of Jim Garrisson unless you're into the details and characters of Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone's film JFK. Many of the scenes are so close to the movie that it's a credit to the film-maker that he captured the characters and setting so accurately.

It is however made for TV so much of the framing is skewed towards lies. 

For example:

We now know that Clay Shaw was a CIA asset as testified by CIA director Richard Helms so there's no question why the CIA and Warren Commission had to conceal that the first time round. Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset too, but also working for New Orleans FBI and U.S. Customs.

You Think You Know Someone & Then He Get's Up On Stage & Blows Your Mind

A modern take on the Banality of Evil, delivered unusually by a Hollywood Star. This talk is all about people doing as they are told and 'keeping their head below the parapet' or clinging to 'discretion is the better part of honour'.

It isn't. These are the coward's credo

Speak up or fade away. Choice is yours.

Beyond JFK : The Question of Conspiracy

This documentary has very good quality early 90's interviews with JFK researchers Oliver Stone, Jim Marrs and Jim Garrison.

There's also some guy from the New York Times who does the usual blah blah that journalists and editors do when confronted by their professional obligations to suck up to the establishment.

Sunday 24 November 2013

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Parts 7 & 8 - Hard Core

There's no way an intelligent and curious person can understand the reason why the world operates as it does today without understanding the conspiracy to murder JFK. It's not hard but it does take some work so I've posted the most helpful information, research and documentaries I've come across.

I think I've got a reasonable grasp of the topic but I can assure you that others have put in Yeoman work into the subject over decades and that I benefit from inhaling a lifetime's work by others in a few hours on a good documentary.

However it is fitting that these two episodes that I watched on Friday, the anniversary of JFK's murder, shook me up again and reminded me that some of my darkest suspicions about the nature of the apex of the pyramid is a lot darker than even most people are prepared to discuss.

I wonder if anyone will see what I see in these two videos. 

It's creepy frankly. 

Speculative on my part, but very dark, very malevolent and very creepy.

JFK - A Conspiracy Theory (Witty Parody)

James Corbett does his 5 minute parody thing on JFK coincidence theorists. If you like this, you'll like his 9/11 version too.

Saturday 23 November 2013

Media Propaganda™ In Your Nut

The Artist Taxi Driver deconstructs the Corporate Media™ propaganda through visualizer Mr Super Bafrango. 

It's well worth a look in light of the French siding with the Israelis and Saudi Arabia, to go to war with Iran despite all the intelligence agencies reporting they do not have nuclear weapons.

Maybe it's the French and the Israelis who are destabilizing the planet for their own selfish ends?

Get that in your nut.

Friday 22 November 2013

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 9 - The Guilty Men

One of the best videos on LBJ's role in the murder of JFK.

Long after the perpetrators have no need to shoot witnesses, and smear researchers as loony kook krank blah blah blah conspiracy theorists, those who care about issues that matter will ensure that the great work and importance of JFK will not be forgotten.

It's about knowing the difference between wrong and right. 

That's worth the effort.

The Channel 4 Documentary That Inspired Oliver Stone To Make JFK The Movie

The Day The Dream Died was made 25 years ago for the 25th anniversary murder of JFK by the power elite nexus including the CIA, Joint Chiefs, FBI, the mob and US industrialists and bankers.

Oliver Stone watched it and was inspired to make his blockbuster movie JFK. 

That makes three British productions far superior to anything ever produced in the US which obviously has to perpetuate the lie rather than face up to reality.

The other two are here and here

Thursday 21 November 2013

Oliver Stone's "W" - A Portrait of George W Bush

Worth it for watching the caricatures that surrounded W, and watching George W. Bush eating with his mouth open or Condoleeza Rice's unctuous behaviour around the president.

On a serious note I'm almost sure this film was made by Oliver Stone under duress, so it doesn't really tackle the important issues, and even from time to time, it is ill informed, like the role of George Tenet who is full on Reptilian according to all accounts of his behaviour and path to power.

J. Gary Shaw - AlternativeViewTV - JFK & Coverup

Nobody can make sense of today if they haven't looked into the secret government's assassination of JFK. A person is literally living in an illusion if they haven't done so. Tomorrow is JFK's 50th anniversary and it's been a pleasure to remind people that the heart of the corruption goes back to November 22nd 1963.

Whatever controls the planet is able to intimidate presidents, generals, assassins and any person you care to name. This is the importance of JFK the Unspeakable.

Red or Blue pill. Your choice.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Ken Loach - Kes

I've been meaning to watch Kes for decades. Because I'd watched Spirit of 1945 earlier today, also by Ken Loach, I thought I'd play Kes, and I was very impressed. 

This film was made in the year of my birth 1969, and what a miserable period that was to be born in working class England. 

It's very gritty, very 'oop North' and coal pit grimy.

In some ways it reminded me of Billy Elliot. The actor in this who plays another Billy character (real life name David/Dai Bradley) is just superb. It seems at times as if we're watching a fly on the wall documentary.

Billy Casper is a misfit with a low attention span, lost in his own world and physically immature, getting clipped, caned or slapped around all the time by his mother, brother, teachers and fellow pupils. 

My childhood wasn't like this but I knew kids who were from time to time. It was poignant to watch.

Ken Loach | Spirit of 1945

It's forcefully evident to me that the British people's booting out of that warmonger wanker Churchill after WWII, for Clement Atlee's Labour Party, has been whitewashed by the corporate media™ and academia.

This is to keep the British people ignorant of the power they have to shape society. One of the best politicians of the century barely get's a mention and it's not hard to see why.

Currently the largest transfer of public wealth to private pockets is taking place, in front of people seemingly oblivious to the historical legacy of 1945.

Ken Loach's Spirit of 1945 didn't teach me enough of the technocratic details I wanted to know, but it does convey the human values that a fair society rests on.

The documentary doesn't deal with the complexities of 21st century living, and so it's not a very good catalyst for encouraging young people to come together and boot out the parasitic elite who run the planet.

It is however a documentary about people who cared for their neighbours, took an interest in their communities, and weren't fixated on greed. status and materialism.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Breakaway Civilisation Analysis - Most UFO's Are Ours, Not Theirs

It's been a long time since I originally covered the breakaway civilisation topic but recent interviews have reignited my belief that post war technology was taken by a breakaway group and is many decades ahead of the traditional military technology we see discussed.

It may also explain why Obama shelved some NASA budgets on Mickey Mouse projects to pursue the ongoing myth that we can go back to the moon.

There's a lot of excellent information in this interview with Joseph Farrell who is usually a lot more guarded about the content of his books. This is an interview to take notes if you like to research things later.

Me & Lee - Judyth Vary Baker's Relationship With Lee Harvey Oswald

Judyth Vary Baker has a different story about Lee Harvey Oswald than the Corporate Media™.

She talks about his employment with the CIA and FBI before they set him up as a patsy who took the blame for killing JFK.

Judyth also talks about the CIA experiments for giving innocent people cancer cells, a project both she and Lee Harvey Oswald were connected, to along with David Ferrie.

We learn that J Edgar Hoover ensured that Lee Harvey Oswald had his pubic hair shaved in custody, so he could smear him as a homosexual, when in fact it was J Edgar Hoover who was the closet homosexual and queen of blackmail.

Judyth is clearly a highly intelligent woman. From this we can see that Lee Harvey Oswald was much more, than the flat one-dimensional lone gunmen conspiracy theory that the corporate media pimp for the power elite network. It was this network of power elite who threw him under a bus, even though as we learn in this interview, Oswald averted a previous Kennedy Assassination in Chicago.

You will learn much from this erudite and articulate interview.

Poor Old Lee Harvey Oswald - Stiched Up By The National Security State

Jim Marrs, author of New York Times JFK murder book and best-seller Crossfire talks to Radio and investigative journalist legend Jeff Rense about Lee Harvey Oswald, including the cancer lab run by Dave Ferrie.

This supports the evidence that the CIA knows how to dispense fast acting cancer on peace activists, people who promote love and harmony and other threats to the National Security Parasites such as Lennon, Bill Hicks, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.

Monday 18 November 2013

Lee Harvey Oswald - PRISM Patsy

The excellent part of this documentary is the contrast between the corporate media messaging of Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone weirdo and the reality of his work for the national security state.

JFK matters just as much today because the shadow government that really runs the United States was fully implicated in the murder of the finest President of the last century. By watching this latest brilliant Corbett Report you may begin to understand that the conspiracy really is vast and powerful.

When that penny drops you start to see the other pseudo realities spat out by the media and their security state parasites.

One of the toughest parts of learning more is being exposed to the propaganda about JFK and the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald. Ideally it would be better to review all information with an open mind but I've seen so much that I find it sickening to watch the corporate media smear people's reputations and present shallow unchecked lies as evidence.

My own personal theory based on observing Oswald's mannerisms and his orphan birth, military and civilian intelligence career, actions under pressure and general dissociation from the wider reality are that he is an MKULTRA Manchurian candidate. Here's some evidence to support my theory which is the basis of all good scientific research.

JFK Stabilized Footage - Sniper's Bullet From The Front

The Abraham Zapruder footage has missing seconds from it, but this new stabilized video shows very clearly, the driver slowing down, to allow the many snipers (it was a crossfire assassination) to shoot Kennedy. Witnesses state the car actually came to a halt but you can see enough in this video which has many frames missing, as it was tampered with by the CIA and FBI photo lab and kept away from the public for 12 years until a brave District Attorney from Louisiana, Jim Garrison demanded it be shown.

Only the most pathological liars still claim the kill shot came from Oswald who is accused of being behind the President and his the car on the sixth floor. Actually he wasn't even there either but stick to the official explanation because their lies are easy to expose.

See for yourself.

Once you figure it out the scale of the conspiracy to murder the President, you realise the moon landing could also be faked, that 9/11 could well be a CIA/Mossad collaboration, and that like a chicken on the farm your entire life's potential is being held back by very powerful networks who control humanities conciousness with celebrity TV, sports and gossip rather fulfilling a greater destiny.

Not all of us I might add.

Sunday 17 November 2013

Mother Agnes Mariam Under Attack By Israeli Stooges

As has been continually proven for the last two years or more, all the Syrian chemical weapons attacks have been false flag attacks by the so called 'rebel' side who are actually funded and supported by London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Washington.

They are terrorists.

This history is well documented, and includes the horrific attack where so many children were seemingly affected

It's naive of people to think intelligence services wouldn't hurt any sides children to justify a much more profitable and larger theatre of war from being secured.

Mother Agnes Marian (a Catholic nun in Syria) has been publicizing the grizzly reality for some time, and now that she has commenced a speaking tour in the US, and is waking the people up to CIA, MI6 and Mossad, Saudi manipulation, she is being attacked by the usual pro Zionist warmonger apologists like Owen Jones (who wouldn't have a job if he reported Zionist war crimes) and Human Rights Watch who again do good work on the micro level but when it comes to supporting the Neocon Zionist agenda in the middle East, never fail to support the greater Israel plan

Saturday 16 November 2013

Bashing Barack

It's time for a rare defence. I've criticized and questioned Obama on many many issues and I don't have a horse in the fake left right debate.

My timeline is stuffed with people who have had no opinion on healthcare till the corporate media started to attack Obama, just after he rejected Israeli war on innocent Iran, and stood his ground on the Government shut-down.

Now all of a sudden Obama is the worst liar ever in political history, and people are missing Mitt Romney as President with his demand for war on Russia, Iran and Syria on the pro Zionist Neocon Agenda.

There are many questions about Obama but I think this guy lied more than Obama

As did this guy

and this guy was controlling the previous two, but anyway..

Let's not forget that Reagan forgot American arms were being shipped from Israel to Iran,  so was he lying when he said they weren't because his "heart said one thing and his mind said another"?

Any American who thinks a person can become President without lying should have questioned the Warren Commission in 1963. 

If you swallowed that one, you've a lot to learn about lies and omissions.

Most people haven't figured out that Obama was lying when he said he wanted to drop cruise missiles on Syria. 

He had no intention of doing so, but as the GOP strategically vote against everything he puts forward, the only way to outsmart the Israel lobby AIPAC pushing for another Middle East war, was to lie that he did. 

For the first time ever Congress rejected that war, and yet somehow 99% don't quite get what happened back there. That's what happens when people only see reality through their tribes.

So let's be Candid. Healthcare is a divisive ideological issue in the U.S.

It's complex, and no two people have the same requirements.

Unlike the 400 people who have reviewed Obama's speech a few days ago I am disappointed that so few saw an awful lot of straight talking. 

So far when Obama tells lies, it's because the American public don't want the truth.

That's not the case with Obamacare. 

Update: I still feel Obama is a more complex character in history than just thumbs up or down, but now I know more about him and it's fair to say he's a Luciferian. It's curious that now we are living in the world of COVID-19, Obamacare may be linked to a second or third wave of what is currently a first wave scamdemic. 

Like A Boss

Friday 15 November 2013

James Bond Symbolism, Breakaway Civilisations & Nazi Technology

Watch live streaming video from projectcamelotlive at

Watch live streaming video from projectcamelotlive at

If you can ignore the interviewer interrupting the most important parts in order to ask irrelevant questions and thus breaking the interviewees flow this is still compelling information. 

I've always seen James Bond as propaganda to conceal that MI6 is up to its neck in paedophiles, blackmail and keeping the Queen in control at the expense of the British people who are too stupid to realise the brainwashing.

However I've always recognised that James Bond drops hints about real life such as the faking of the moon landing films that I blogged about over here.

Mike L. Sparks the interviewer does something that I've long wanted to hear. What happened after the Nazis escaped with technology to Antarctica. You need to know your basic UFOlogy and Nazi International to know that isn't as fantastic as it seems

Wednesday 13 November 2013

SAS Soldier Denbunks The Fight For Queen & Country Propaganda


At last a real SAS and a real man telling the truth. I've been going on for years now about how the news just tells lies about why we do things and stays silent when we do U turns with friends and enemies on the battlefield.

Listen for yourself. This is an amazing speech.

Ben Griffin gets it. I hope you get it too and share it with people who need to get it before they bleed to death or shoot someone in the face for rich white men.

All of it. Not some of it. All of it is bollocks and we are mugs for swallowing their brainwashing.

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 2 - The Forces of Darkness

This is an excellent British production on the conspiracy to kill Kennedy. I'm working my way through all nine parts and not all are useful but this episode actually interviews some of the assassins or mechanics, as they are known in the trade, and provides photographic evidence the Warren Commission either ignored or did not know about

Quite a few international teams were used to murder Kennedy. They didn't know the architect of the assassination that hired them (though some can guess), but a more detailed breakdown is available over at Veterans Today of the key assassins and people involved.

The only reason I am posting about Kennedy is because the 50th anniversary is next week, and it's very clear how much we lost through his murder by the criminal establishment. 

It's my way of paying my respects because we will get to the bottom of this tumour on mankind, though it's a lot lot deeper than many are capable of dealing with.

Is Weather Warfare Being Used To Force The Philippines into #TPP Trade Agreement

A few people asked me if Cyclone Yolanda (the strongest cyclone to hit land ever) that devastated the Philippines was man made. 

I asked myself 'who could benefit from it?' 

Cui Bono?

My best answer wasn't good enough (Spratly Islands dispute between Philippines, China and Pentagon's Asia Pivot) so I stopped thinking about it.

However Weather Warfare specialist Dutchsinse has provoked a clearly clueless scientist into such an uninformed defence that I watched his videos on synthetic Yolanda this morning and I think there is something there.

As I was researching it, I was reminded that the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP trade negotiations which are taking place in complete secrecy and all good people should be concerned about are a very good explanation of why the Philippines is being perhaps pressured through weather warfare to sign an agreement that will not be in it's favour.

Watch the videos if you think this is not realistic. 

Geo-strategically it's on the money.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

The French Revolution

I'm piecing together, the Black Nobility, the Crimean War, Palmerston, US Civil war and the Royal Family and the City of London.

The latter two are still in control of a lot more than the charade called government.

This documentary on the French Revolution was quite useful, and through it, I got a good primer on Robespierre and the Jacobins.

This production is from the time when the History Channel produced informative history programmes because these days they just want the kids to breast feed on Ghost Hunters and Ancient Aliens.

Not all kids stop there but a lot do and have no idea of their manipulation. Neither did I at their age but I'm learning more each day and I was raised on more stimulating content.

Recently I read Clif High's post on the spiritual revolution taking place (for want of a better description) and I was delighted that he articulated many of the thoughts I'm having recently. Particularly that most academic history is just a pile of rubbish and that it will take years for us to really sort out the depth of deception. As a general rule of thumb, those the media lionize are arseholes and those they smear are much more interesting. Like say Nixon  and Carter. Two of the more independent Presidents of the United States.

Monday 11 November 2013

Jeremy Scahill's - Dirty Wars

Some of us have been a bit critical of Jeremy Scahill's Dirty Wars. Nothing that really affects the establishment gets made into film these days, and for those of us who count the CIA body count (6 million and counting) the Joint Special Operations Command isn't really killing enough to be taken seriously.

Also as a few informed commentators have pointed out, like Ellesberg's Pentagon Papers, this is most likely, clever propaganda by the CIA against the military when most military are just taking orders and are not as smart as the CIA in information warfare and political control. Ellesberg after all got the military the blame while nobody knows about the CIA's  Operation Phoenix.

However, this documentary is still worth watching because JSOC are just another gang of American Taliban too brainwashed to figure out for themselves that they are, as Kissinger put it, 'dumb stupid animals, to be used as pawns'.

The military need to be reminded of this if they haven't got the guts to snuff a few CIA out.

I would argue that outside of covert operations most CIA aren't very clued up too, and that the enemy is inside not outside, but the bottom line is it's hard to stop most low intelligence people from killing if it pays their mortgage.

It's an insult to the intelligence of course but not to mine. Watch the documentary while it's still online and free.

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part One - The Coup d'Etat

The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a superbly well researched British Production. I'm always slagging off the Brits as a matter of patriot duty, so it's important to highlight that this series is really one of the most ground breaking JFK educations available.

This series was so good that LBJ's wife Lady Bird Johnson and even Jimmy Carter (who should know better) sued for it to be taken down as we all know LBJ had more than a helping hand in killing his boss. Start with episode one here and there's about nine but if you're not hooked after the first one.

Well good gawd. What's wrong with you?