Wednesday 22 April 2009


I often get into the swing of things in the comments section of other people's blogs or even my own on occasions and so I'm on record as hoping to work for a benevolent propaganda department as an almost perfect role.

I think I'd be highly productive at squeezing out quality commercials that hopefully induce Daily Mail readers into spasms of apoplexy before settling into a semi perma-state of rising panic, that luckily facilitates constructive change such as cycling and erm leaving the car behind at home for something more pedestrian(sic).

No small miracle I might add, as Daily Mail readers are not known for their social obligations prowess, but fear is a reasoning they grasp beautifully. Feer and sneers I guess.

So if you're a lurker and find this propaganda line of thinking not so tedious, I'm happy to point you to this post where it first emerged as a rough, and I think mildly innebriated line of thinking that was in the heat of the clearly-not-over-war in Iraq. I don't mind reminding you, it was considered treasonous not so long back in U.S. media space to question even the smallest details of any Presidential decision and I've since noticed that our US cousins never say anything about politics publicly.

Nothing at all; and I wonder if it's because of the Patriot Act and the fear of an opinion coming back to haunt them in later life. Sad if so. Free speech is what made the US special.

Yes Dark days indeed.  But anyway, over the years I've tightened the propaganda thinking  to make it a bit more focused, and chipped in to the comments over here, some recent incursions into the topic via Adliterate comments here (the author of which might need to pay credit to John Grant for the economic car crash line I used in this paper but which John  originally came up with in a BBC radio interview), over at Chroma very briefly,  and then on to some of my own posts including this one that uses a propaganda poster as the key visual, a mention here and how the thinking formed in a post I contributed to over here - Context being important and all that.

However what sparked this post was a comment from Pat who I worked with in Beijing. Pat linked to an ad that is pure propaganda - 21st century Island State, Asian propaganda. It's very good too. It's powerful, and it's got me thinking a lot about the topic again because I see this as so much less pernicious than say advertising for flying which is sucking the Earth's resources only to facilitate the business cycle's step change in frequency up another level. Faster, faster, faster...

What do you think? Welcome truths or unwanted Nanny State feelings management? Incidentally this post has been lurking in the drafts folder, and only made it to the blog as Rob has gone and posted about the commercial over here. If you're from Singapore I want to know what you think. I really do. So does Rob.

Monday 20 April 2009

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Action For Children - Lee's Story

What do you think of this execution folks? I'd love to know all of your opinions as mine is less important in this instance. It's focus group time!
Mariko from Texas! I'd be honoured if you commence the proceedings please since you are working in the field of Autism. For you any readers still hanging in, I suggested a week or so ago that Mariko take a look at the post that is largely responsible for why I'm publishing Baby Creative's latest work for the children's charity Action For Children.
That post also has one of the longest comment threads on it for my blog, with a notable contribution from Socrates, who is a nice bloke when he's not giving me a hard time. He also contributes towards a clever but biting blog on the subject of Autism.
Action for Children are the Children's charity formerly known as.... well, maybe it's best to not mention it, as I thought long and hard about that issue, when I was doing those focus groups in Glasgow with the tagged offenders.
I wonder what they are doing and if they've progressed. I hope so, I really do.

Friday 3 April 2009

More Indian Pantomime

See why Y&R India are backpeddalling mightily to delete all evidence of this scam ad over at Rob Campbell's always lively blog Opinionated Sod.

Wednesday 1 April 2009

It's random

Go on then what ya waiting for?

Only corporate tie-wearing stiffs would duck a challenge like this.  
Engage a random. The Wiki notes that the segment profiles for "Smooth Smooth" have the ability to politely conclude the discourse at the "time of their choosing" without their interlocutor realizing the entire experience is being micro-managed.

OK I just made that up...... complete fibs. Embellishments can be OK.

I did however get blown out quite quickly in my first Random chat, displayed at the top of this post didn't I? What a loser.

Do you think that response of 'tired man' was a knee jerk termination to my gung-ho-YO? 

Stop sodding about and head over to Omeagle for the wild ride if you think you're hard enough.

P.S. Sam and I finally concluded the name of the movie we've been collaborating on for as long as we've probably known each other. Despite a flight to Bangkok to film some stuff and collaborate on a couple of  scenes, we yet again failed to settle on the films name which has sapped valuable energy on too many occasions.

Then suddenly out of nowhere it magically manifested itself over a long distance conference-call we held earlier and it just felt right because I think I said  the line flippantly, and then Sam gave it a home i.e he said that's the name of our movie, and it was settled in a matter of seconds. One small result for today at least then.

So it's been christened : 'It aint about the movie"

It feels right. It's fallen into place