Tuesday 31 January 2012

The Muppets Respond To Political Attacks By FOX News

US politics has a little bit more to go before the weight of it's own absurdity promulgates its final collapse. Many of us have walked away from the Kabuki theatre circus where both sides are meaningless constructs but for the FOX News lovers and even the agnostics (a conciousness crime in itself) that absurdity needs to be driven deeper and much much darker than this brilliant response by The Muppets at a press conference for the latest movie. I assure you FOX will self immolate without any outside interference or encouragement. Its demise is on auto pilot and on schedule.

FOX is owned by criminal business predator Rupert Murdoch.

William Cooper's CNN Interview (How Jack Hammer Editing TV Keeps You Stupid)

I didn't know that William Cooper's journey to enlightenment began during his time with the U.S. Navy when he saw an aircraft carrier sized UFO emerge from the sea. Fortunately others did too and they were all told to shut their mouths and never speak of it between each other without severe punishment including losing their pensions.

But this isn't about UFO's. It's about a complicated man sharing his dangerous knowledge for which he was later quite likely killed  by the authorities. Like princess Diana he didn't die straight away so the cops blocked the road and waited patiently while turning back the ambulances till it was all over. 

This is a must see interview (particularly for first timers) from 1992 made by CNN. It's from a time when investigative journalists would interview people instead of 5 minute sound bite interviews by shallow narcissists.

It feels like a different world.

Neil Kramer - Detaching From The Construct (We're Just Cabling Otherwise)

An excellent forty minutes with Neil Kramer on the toxicity of broadcast media pollution and how a movement to integrity starts with self and not on the outside. The construct has only one purpose. To disempower you with negativity or feelings of inferiority through images of superlatives, superiority and confusion. That's pretty much it.

McKenna's Stoned Ape Theory (Mankind's Maddening Mushroom Mistake)

In between the polarized ideologies of scientific materialism and magic mushroom metaphysics stands the brain. It's a prank or giggle of cosmic dimensions when weighing up issues of free will. Read my comment over at Dangerous Minds (if you wish).

Smack... @PennyRed Slaps Harriet Baldwin About A Bit

It's grotesque watching a mother and politician defend child violence while her adversary Penny Red demolishes every hollow position she takes. Harriet Baldwin MP is too old (and intellectually rotten) to learn that the police provoked the Tottenham riots by shooting an innocent man dead. Penny Red is too young to remind her of this when Baldwin uses her age and mother status to defend the violence.

Follow Penny on Twitter here.https://twitter.com/#!/pennyred

Monday 30 January 2012

John Lash - Planetary Tantra - Talk Eight

The Terma of Gaia Awakening 

A One-Page Synopsis

In the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Tantra, a terma is a wisdom treasure brought to the attention of the world by a terton or treasure finder. Thousands of such termas exist, but very, very few have been circulated outside the tightly controlled lineage systems in which tertons operate. So much for the past and anything like a precedent.

The Terma of Gaia Awakening is the discovery of a free-lance treasure-finder, the Maine terton. It is an open source, group-generated, serial terma with a time-value of 208 years from October 2008. Its provenance cannot be found in any existing tradition or lineage, and it relies on no established authority, school, or doctrine. It comes from the future, not the past. It belongs to all humankind, but it can only be inherited by those individuals willing to test it out, with the aim of developing interactive magic with Gaia-Sophia, the planetary mother animal.

The TGA is an elegant framework for visionary practice, spare, transparent, and rigorously bounded. It is a unique terma of planetary scope, one of its kind. At its inception, it has almost no teaching content. It consists of three times three elements: three lines of instruction, three pointers of ritual, three magical practices.


The three lines of dakini instruction are:

You cannot become anything but more beautiful. 
Love and the supernatural operate on the same frequencies. 
Samsara and this enlightenment have the same look.

The three pointers of ritual are:

Gaia's secret dakini name, her identified persona in lucid dreaming.
The recital of previous names attributed to the planetary goddess. 
The Vow (to be written individually) performed with iron-bonding.


The three ongoing practices are: 
Observing the night sky to learn the Tantric Zodiac. 
Monitoring dakini instruction timed to the lunar cycles. 
Exploring sensory magic with the vajra star, VV central.

This ninefold practice in its entirety is Planetary Tantra. The specific tool for practice is the SHAKTI CLUSTER, a console of 10 devatas and 8 dakinis configured on a central pentagram (vajra star) with VV (Gaia's secret dakini identity) central. The Shakti Cluster may be compared to the Kabalistic Tree of Life, an iconic-magical device representing the divine body of the planetary goddess, Sophia.

That, in sum, is all there is to the Terma of Gaia Awakening. The bare elementary look of this schema may raise some questions. For instance, Does the terma acquire more instructional content? If so, how? For detailed explanations of the Terma and its applications in Planetary Tantra, see
What is the Terma of Gaia Awakening? 
The Terma of Gaia Awakening in Practice 
Introducing Planetary Tantra 
How to Practice Planetary Tantra

jll : 14 October 2010 Visvamata shift, Andalucia

Neil Kramer - Without Original Thoughts, You're Just Cabling For The System

I shall probably have to go and track the original recording down as it is truncated here and yet it's so good. I was recommended the montalk site by a friend in Crete a few days back and we had our lines crossed for a few seconds as in the super woo genre this word usually refers to Montauk. Anyway I checked out the site and noticed an unusually good summary of the alien as transdimensional issue that ticked off a lot of cross reference research of my own. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it is no better than I could do if pushed to provide a summary. I link to it here but the point it makes that Neil touches on right at the end is transdimensional nature of our most hard to solve problems. This is a must listen segment. The last fifteen if pushed for time.

Neil Kramer - Gnostic Takes On The Matrix, Spectacle & Entheogens

An entertaining and useful way of getting into Neil Kramer's work which always concludes on a meaningful and useful spiritual note. Excellent cultural and media analysis.

Bill Ryan's Past Life Regression

I keep an eye on Bill Ryan's posts in the Project Avalon Forum. The people there are nice and well informed. In this interview that I posted last year, Bill talked about his clear memory of past lives. His post below is a candid update to that story and well worth reading if like me the idea of past lives is slightly ordinary common sense. I don't recall any of mine but that doesn't take away from it in the slightest. A quick hypnotic regression would sort that out.

Hi, Folks:

Recently I remembered a highly traumatic event in my last lifetime. Sit tight, dear friends, and listen to this.

I have a clear recall of many lifetimes (some of which go way back) -- including a great deal of information about my lives from 1850-1901 and 1902-1924. 

But the last lifetime (1925-1952) has always been obscured. When that happens -- i.e. everything is accessible and available except a certain period -- it always means that there's something sitting there that one just cannot bear to look at.

I've been researching my own past lives for 27 years. And finally, two weeks ago, I accessed the lifetime before this one. What I could not bear to look at was this.

I was abducted, by caring, concerned and benevolent ETs, in [I believe] September 1946. This was very early for such things: a full 9 months before Roswell. I was abducted with hundreds of other selected individuals. And we were all shown -- graphically, experientially and unforgettably -- a possible future Earth.

I came apart when this repressed memory returned. We humans were together shown a very terrible future. We saw burning cities: billions of people dying in agony. The entire Northern Hemisphere was laid to waste. Plants, animals, forests, seas, men, women, children – all destroyed. South America and Central to Southern Africa were [I believe] spared. The nightmare vision was apocalyptic and as dreadful as one could imagine.

We had all been chosen as messengers. Returned to Earth, with full recall of this awful experience, I was driven like a soul possessed to communicate what had happened -- and what I had been shown. But this was 1946: no-one would listen.

At that time I was in my very early 20s: an earnest, intelligent and sensitive young man. I was utterly ill-equipped to deal with this. I tried to talk to everyone I knew: friends, family, my fiancĂ©e. I was shunned, rejected, laughed at: mocked first with teasing laughter, then concern, then with fear, anger and rejection. I did all I could to tell the truth. And I tell you here: knowing the future – or believing that one knows it – is not a gift, it is a curse.

I don’t know what happened after that, except that I was reduced to a degree of inner torture that I would never wish on another soul. I reincarnated as Bill Ryan in February 1953, so I didn’t live for many years after my fateful experience. I died before I was 30, and I do not yet know how that life ended.

So: enter Bill Ryan. Many of you will not know that when I was a child I had a speech impediment. It was quite serious: I could barely speak. It was basically a heavy stammer. My throat chakra had a huge, tangled, energetic blockage.

I was mercilessly teased as a child, and at school lived in permanent anxiety of being asked questions by the teacher. I was very bright, and took refuge in academia and sport: I excelled at both. But I was an unhappy child. However, as time passed, I gradually overcame my handicap to become a teacher, a team-building specialist, and finally a researcher, an investigator, and a motivational and inspirational speaker with tens of millions of views on YouTube.

Just as in all my years of personal growth I never accessed my previous lifetime, I never had any clue why I was born with a stammer. And now, suddenly, last week, it all became clear. I collapsed in huge sobs in the arms of a dear friend as the avalanching realization came that the reason I could not speak as a child was because I ended my previous lifetime not being able to speak of my terrible experience. And just as I was teased and rejected by my friends at the end of my last lifetime, I was teased and rejected by my friends as a reborn child for the same reasons: simply because I was trying to say something.

The catharsis was total. After several days, last week, I came to a state of peace… in which I now write. So much was explained: my driven interest in esoteric subjects as a child (see my Avalon Interview Part 1, in which I tell the amusing story about how I wanted to write a story about ghosts and flying saucers as a child of 8), my commitment to be a teacher, my commitment to peace and harmony on Planet Earth, my teenage interest in scientific subjects such as quantum theory, relativity and astrophysics, and finally Projects Camelot and Avalon, dedicated to raising awareness and – guess what – changing the timeline of our collective experience. I imagine that few of us really know the reasons we make what we believe are free choices in our lives.

So: here we are. And I need to draw some important words of conclusion.

I do NOT believe that this future will happen, that hundreds of us were shown in 1946. I think we’ve avoided it.

What we were shown was a warning: not a prediction. As Inelia described in her May 2011 Avalon interview, we’re doing really well; and as Bill Wood stated in Kerry’s Camelot interview, we may only be a handful of Grandmaster chess moves away from an unavoidable checkmate of the black pieces.

The reasons why the benevolent ETs – themselves superhumanly intelligent and psychically gifted, and also deeply caring in a kind of ultimately parental way – have been focusing so intently on Planet Earth is simply to assist us in changing our own timeline. But we ourselves have to do that: they cannot.

The ET presence is simply about that. They have been our teachers: guiding, cajoling and motivating us, in extraordinarily clever and subtle ways (including many of them incarnating as humans), to take responsibility and make free choices that will result in a new collective agreement and therefore in a new collectively experienced reality.

The entire complexity is further entangled by certain ET races that have a vested interest in disaster and/or enslavement, not liberation – and by other races visiting us from the future who are intent on avoiding or changing timelines that from their own point of view have actually already occurred… the ultimate mindbender of all.

The reason I’m posting this story is to inspire and encourage others to come forward. Others have had a similar experience:

-- and this guy, “William” – who told Linda Howe a staggering and important story about the possible Third World War:

It seems to have been a theme. Tens of thousands of us (maybe even millions) may have been warned in this way. It seems to have been at least part of the reason why abductions occur. Countless people will also have had this experience (as Jim Sparks explains) – and have not recalled it.


Maybe the ETs have been successful in this mission of theirs. I do NOT believe that this future will happen. I think we’ve avoided it.

What we were shown was a warning: not a prediction. As Inelia described in her May 2011 Avalon interview, we’re really doing pretty well; and as Bill Wood stated in Kerry’s recent Camelot interview, it’s possible that we may be only a handful of Grandmaster chess moves away from an inevitable checkmate of the black pieces.

When I was in Tibet, the community I was part of was united by one theme and one mission: to honor, protect, and work ceaselessly for the freedom of all living beings. In my work today, I try to echo that. It's a lesson not only for me, but for us all.

John Lash - Planetary Tantra - Talk Seven

Pretty much my entire day. Rehear some John Lash and try to figure out which picture of transcendental objectification at the end of time to put with it. It's not easy.

The Electric Pyramids (The Overdue Death Of A Tomb Theory)

Those of us with a little spare time to invest in the Pyramids learn two things. The first very quickly but the second takes a lot longer to fully absorb. The Cheops Pyramids are not tombs for Pharaohs is not so hard to figure out but much less digestible is the fanatical policing of this historical narrative which is designed to keep you stupid. I know, it's not very nice but it is as it is and we've all been a little guilty of failing to challenge the arc of this particular story and many others.

The Pyramids have quite a few functions including metaphysical displays of embedded knowledge such as the speed of light and other data points we have had to relearn but which the ancients were familiar with. What is more important as we plough through this age of deceit, tilling the apocalyptic (unveiling) soil of revelations is that the revolution will not be televised. 

The old power structures that policed a highly agenda driven view of civilised history as no oloder than five thousand years old (a preposterous assertion) are not going to take a full page ad out in the New York Times to say they got it wrong. They are quietly withdrawing to the shadows hoping we wont notice that the story is slowly changing though make no mistake that for the worst offenders of stupidity crusaders (like The Smithsonian) we have made a mental note of them and they will be dealt with accordingly.

Below is Christopher Dunn's article on the matter from the authoritive Atlantis Rising publication. 

In January 2011, an important and historic exploration took place inside the Great Pyramid. However, the remarkable evidence that was discovered seemed to pass into history without fuss or fanfare. A small article in the New Scientist magazine, with the promise of a future scholarly report on the findings, seemed to be an extremely muted response to an event that has traditionally been promoted to attract millions of “pyramid watchers” across the world. Has the interest in pyramid discoveries waned, or was this exploration another casualty of the Arab Spring, which saw a revolution in Egypt that ousted President Hosni Mubarak and saw the staccato-like firing/hiring/firing of one of the world’s most prominent Egyptologists, Zahi Hawass? Perhaps the exploration in the Great Pyramid earlier this year came at a time when Hawass did not want any attention brought on himself, as he was receiving enough attention by the Egyptian protesters in Tahrir Square who criticized his handling of the affairs of the Supreme Counsel of Antiquities (SCA). With the recent changes in Egypt’s power structure, we are left to ask:

What are the implications behind the relative silence from the SCA regarding this exploration?

Will the Southern Shaft of the Queen’s Chamber and Gantenbrink’s “door” ever rise to prominence again?

Did the discoveries behind Gantenbrink’s “door” support or contradict the many theories about what would be found there?

Going back as far as the seventeenth century, there are accounts of numerous explorations into the Great Pyramid that have yielded significant new details of the structure. Before 1872, the Queen’s Chamber shafts were no mystery because as far as visitors to the chamber were concerned, they did not exist. All that changed, however, when British explorer, Waynman Dixon, detected a crack in the wall and was able to push a rod deep into the crack without meeting any resistance, prompting him to have the limestone chiseled away revealing a square opening measuring 20.32 cm (8 in) wide and 22.35 cm (8.8 in) high. A similar shaft was subsequently found in the north wall.

Because of the machine-like, technical appearance of the Great Pyramid and the precision with which it was built, I began, in 1977, developing a theory that the original function of the Great Pyramid was intended not to be a tomb but a power plant. Within the context of the power plant with all its attributes and anomalous features which other theories were unable to explain without resorting to symbolism, I found a practical answer. The Queen’s Chamber, I proposed, served as a reaction chamber; and the shafts leading to this chamber supplied two chemicals (I proposed a combination of dilute hydrochloric acid and hydrated zinc) that, when mixed together, created hydrogen.

In 1993, a German robotics engineer, Rudolph Gantenbrink, on contract to install ventilation fans in the King’s Chamber shafts, after cleaning the debris using a robot, proposed that he use his robot, named “Upuaut II” (meaning “opener of the ways”) to coax from the depths of the pyramid more of its secrets by exploring the Southern Shaft in the Queen’s Chamber. While the exits from the shafts from the King’s Chamber are found on the outside of the pyramid, no exit has ever been found for either of the Queen’s Chamber shafts. I was viewing the exploration by Gantenbrink; and when the robot came to the end of the shaft, what is now famously known as Gantenbrink’s “door” came into view with two metal pins attached. (The shaft due to its small size could only allow a small animal to pass—Gantenbrink does not call the block a “door,” as have various Egyptologists—but rather a USO, or Unidentified Stone Object, a nomenclature that I will adopt for purposes of this article.) A friend immediately claimed that they looked like electrodes, which made sense to me; for in order to maintain the head pressure, the shafts had to be kept full, and electrodes could serve as a switch to signal replenishment. In 1998, my book, The Giza Power Plant, incorporated this theory.

Then in 2002, to much fanfare and excitement, “Opening of the Lost Tomb”, which offered to show live a new exploration of the Queen’s Chamber Southern Shaft, was broadcast in Europe by National Geographic and in the U.S. by Fox Television. The documentary captured 30 million viewers in the U.S. alone, glued to their television sets to watch a new robot named “pyramid rover” drill through the limestone block which held the metal fittings and then insert a camera through the hole to see what lay beyond. Prior to this broadcast, I posted two articles on my website explaining the reasoning behind my analysis of these shafts and what would be revealed if we were able to look behind it. Based on what I wrote in The Giza Power Plant, the last article outlined a prediction of what would be found behind the “USO.” The prediction included a drawing of the continuation of the metal fittings, or wiring attached to them, and a chemical supply shaft for the delivery of the chemical. The information gathered by the robot was not conclusive, but parts of the theory were supported—particularly the USO’s thickness.

Following the 2002 exploration, an occasional report would appear that promised a new exploration in the near future. Then on May 25, 2011, an article appeared in New Scientist online magazine describing the latest exploration of a new robot, named Djedi, which provided new images taken behind the USO. These images show that my design concept, while being a workable solution, was not quite correct. But far from being dismayed, I was impressed that the ancient Egyptians’ design was much better and delighted to note that greater evidence had been revealed than I had hoped!

I was astonished that information regarding this long awaited exploration had been released without fanfare. Zahi Hawass, the minister of antiquities in Egypt, and director of this recent expedition, described these internal features as the “last great mystery of the Great Pyramid.” With the last exploration broadcast on Fox television in the U.S. garnering 30 million viewers, why was National Geographic or Fox television not involved?

Reading the article and looking at the grainy images of the back of the stone block with the metal fittings, it became clear that the author and expedition team members were aware of the power plant theory. Rowan Hooper writes, “Metal is not part of any other known structure in the pyramid, and the discovery ignited speculation that the pins were door handles, keys or even parts of a power supply constructed by aliens.” As the first person to publish a work that described the pins as electrical devices, I must set the record straight that I have never credited the construction of the Great Pyramid to aliens, or any other people, except the indigenous people living in that area at the time. Moreover, the discovery of the pins in 1993 was not the trigger that gave birth to the idea that the Great Pyramid was a power plant; they simply enhanced the proposed use that I had formulated in 1977 for the Queen’s Chamber and the shafts. Shaun Whitehead, the camera designer from the company Scoutek in Melton Mowbray, UK, said, “Our new pictures from behind the pins show that they end in small, beautifully made loops, indicating that they were more likely ornamental rather than electrical connections.”

Kate Spence, an Egyptologist at Cambridge University, UK, indicated that the USO would have served a symbolic purpose, a door with door handles. This notion has been proposed before. German Egyptologist, Rainer Stadelmann, speculated in the 2002 documentary that the pins were symbolic door handles for the King to use to symbolically raise the door so that his soul can fly off to the stars to which the pyramid shafts are allegedly aligned.

The continuation of the pins on the backside of Gantenbrink’s USO was not the only discovery captured by the new robot. The images also revealed some mysterious symbols drawn on the floor in red paint. Peter Der Manuelian, an Egyptologist at Harvard University and director of the Giza Archives at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, said “Red-painted numbers and graffiti are very common around Giza. They are often mason’s or work-gang’s marks, denoting numbers, dates, or even the names of the gangs.

There was no immediate explanation for what these red symbols mean, but they are a significant discovery and have the potential to open up an entirely new area of research in gaining an understanding of ancient Egyptian symbolism. When considered along with the metal pins the symbols provide key evidence necessary to support the theory of an electrical use of the pins and also give us a roadmap for exploration into the future. Not only did the ancient Egyptians leave us with the physical evidence that proves this to be so, they also provided us with an electrical schematic that showed how the pins were wired!

The first most important discovery is the design of the two pins. Judging by their relationship to the size of the space, the pins are approximately .8 cm (5/16 inch) in diameter. Figure 1 shows the metal loop, with what appears to be a gap where the loop on the right pin seems to be inserted into another hole in the limestone block. The left pin shows signs of corrosion, similar to those in the main shaft, though not as severe. There also seems to be a white deposit around the left pin and its hole, while the right pin has what appears to be a black ring encircling the hole that penetrates through to the main shaft.

As these images did not match those that I had predicted, the expedition team evidently believed that the controversy had been settled and that that they served as more mundane objects and not electrical devices. This conclusion certainly would be more acceptable to those who hold the keys to the pyramid and control what information is given to the public. Also overlooked in the report was the somewhat faint evidence of a cable curling out of the top of the USO near the center and traveling along the ceiling. (See Figure 2)

The image of the floor behind the USO is especially intriguing (see Figure 3 & Figure 4). The patchwork of stitched together images reveals a wealth of information. The helical wraps of more flexible conduit can be seen lying on the floor near the bottom of the image just left of the red painted line—probably left there by the maintenance crew. The metallic appearance of this object and the helical turns of the metal have the same appearance as a length of flexible conduit that has been pulled apart while being disassembled would have. There are indications of more lengths of this material on the floor that are not as distinct as this one. Also just above and to the right of the red line is what appears to be an opening in the floor with anomalous objects nearby and one of them seeming to disappear into the opening.

While it appears that the maintenance crew did not clean up after performing repairs in the space behind the USO, the debris was not the only evidence they left there. They also left instructions on how to wire the pins! These instructions were painted as symbols onto the floor and represent a simple wiring diagram. The uppermost symbol – depicted as a number 5 with the lower loop almost closed, represents the left connector through which the pin is pushed until the end of the loop meets the limestone. The pin was probably tapered at the end which allowed it to enter the loop and gradually push it open while the connector loop held onto the pin as it tried to achieve its original shape. The vertical leg of this connector is not to scale (as very few wiring diagrams are), but the actual connector probably had a longer vertical leg up to the point when it is bent at right angles towards the center of the USO where the cable is located.

The center symbol that shows a round circle with a forked line below it could represent the cable through which electricity flowed. It is positioned between the upper and lower connector symbols on the floor as the flexible conduit is positioned between the right and left pins in the USO. The lower connector symbol is roughly similar to the upper with the exception of the top bend, which could go right or left as when installed it wouldn’t matter which way the loop was turned. All the symbols, including the line (which would logically represent the main cable coming from the USO) were more than likely positioned on the side that would identify the positive electrode.

All that has been revealed by the Djedi robot describes an electrical device which was accessible to workers for maintenance. Considering the erosion on the pins in the main shaft (the negative electrode having broken off in antiquity) and considering the extreme tapering that was more than likely caused by the rise and fall of a corrosive liquid, another significant conclusion that can be made is that these electrodes must have been replaced periodically. At the same time, the electrical cables were probably replaced and some of the shielding was left in the space. The entire design supports this view! The pins were made so that they could be removed easily and another one put in its place. Also, seating the lower loop into a blind hole would prevent the electrode from turning in the hole. After it was seated in position, the pin protruding into the main shaft would be bent 90 degrees and fixed securely in operating position.

Gantenbrink’s Upuaut II also revealed another important feature of the electrodes. After they were positioned in the hole, a sealant was applied and this can be seen clearly in Figure 8.

The implications of robot Djedi’s mission are stunning. They clearly indicate that there is access to the end of the Queen’s Chamber shafts and a passageway exists within the pyramid. This lends support for part of Pierre Houdin’s internal ramp theory and suggests that one must exist for access to the Queen’s Chamber shafts. Perhaps other parts of the structure, also!

Besides prompting further exploration in the Great Pyramid, to find ancient symbols and to be able to clearly connect them with a knowledge and use of electricity in prehistory is extremely exciting. It opens up a whole new area of study using knowledge and tools that have been previously excluded from ancient Egyptian studies. The question now is who will replace Hawass in broadcasting remarkable discoveries to the press? Will his successor take up the media mantle and be as effective in bringing attention to Egyptian antiquities? Say what you want about Hawass, the Egyptian antiquities scene has gone relatively quiet since he was replaced.

John Lash - Planetary Tantra - Talk Six

Click on the Planetary Tantra tag to find the others. I've not posted them in order though not because I didn't want to.

Sunday 29 January 2012

John Lash - Planetary Tantra - Talk Four

I've been accused of objectifying women lately. Oh, and I'm "nasty" too.

I Claudius (Synchronicity Soup )

I was seven years old when the BBC first aired I Claudius and yesterday it finally made an excuse for me to lie down and learn something from it. I was researching some Robert Graves and MKULTRA connections (more on that later) when I learned that I Claudius came to him in a dream in which Claudius wished to set the historical record straight.

That's more than enough reason to drop everything these days as I weave my way through information that is seemingly useful and data that isn't. I've not perfected the art yet but the closer I pay attention to the synchronicity the more rewarding and profitable it is.

Let me just repeat that. If it comes to you in dreams. I'm already paying a lot more attention than any other source of news I keep my eye on. Completely unexpectedly after watching this I went to sleep last night starting a John Lash podcast where he quoted a few stanzas of Robert Grave and I knew I was on to something.

The White Goddess 

All saints revile her, and all sober men 
Ruled by the God Apollo's golden mean - 
In scorn of which we sailed to find her 
In distant regions likeliest to hold her 
Whom we desired above all things to know, 
Sister of the mirage and echo. 

It was a virtue not to stay, 
To go our headstrong and heroic way 
Seeking her out at the volcano's head, 
Among pack ice, or where the track had faded 
Beyond the cavern of the seven sleepers: 
Whose broad high brow was white as any leper's, 
Whose eyes were blue, with rowan-berry lips, 
With hair curled honey-coloured to white hips. 

The sap of Spring in the young wood a-stir 
Will celebrate with green the Mother, 
And every song-bird shout awhile for her; 
But we are gifted, even in November 
Rawest of seasons, with so huge a sense 
Of her nakedly worn magnificence 
We forget cruelty and past betrayal, 
Heedless of where the next bright bolt may fall. 

Robert Graves 

I never appreciated Brian Blessed fully till watching I Claudius. He's extraordinary and most enjoyable.

Saturday 28 January 2012

John Lash - Planetary Tantra - Talk 12 (Saturnalian Rings Of Archontic Deception)

I've skipped to posting talk twelve here as it's one of the most memorable. In it John Lash declares that the Archontic headquarters are in Saturn's rings. A few have implied this, but it's interesting to hear it said explicitly while for me still resonating intuitively.

There's also enough science to support this remarkable thought through Dr Norman Bergrun's Ringmakers of Saturn. I take the matter seriously.

Rogue Rangers & Sleazy Seals - Our Heroes Are Vermin

"They took a clean cut kid, they made a killer out of him that's what they did" - Bob Dylan - Empire Burlesque.

It's time to come off the spoon fed patriotism and watch the grown up accounts of a real ranger and human being John Needham who like Pat Tillman was set up to be murdered by his so called warrior colleagues. They are below vermin as you can see in this video which provides photographic evidence of a Staff Sergeant who brutally questioned a victim before skinning his face.

All for an energy source business that has suppressed free energy for over a century just as brutally. You'll see. Sooner or later. It's your choice.

How The US Army Ticks - The Murder Of Pat Tillman By His Fellow Rangers


The poor regard I have for sports fans ignoring real issues in society that I wrote about got me wondering again why the US military or specifically the Army Rangers shot football hero Pat Tillman. My memory from those days of blindly consuming mass media told me he was resented by his unit because he was a football star.  

Not so. 

Here's his brother quietly explaining he was murdered by fellow Army Rangers so as to take the American eye off the embarrassing story of Abu Ghraib. It's so miserable that Pat Tillman gave up his football career and was taken down as a gladiator to divert the attention of the masses. Bread and circuses the Romans called it. Panem et circences in Latin, and it's as old as the hills.

The Century Of The Self (Reflections On The Kali Yuga)

Normalize the abnormal and pretty soon people forget who they are. It's like a spell is cast over their ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

The Century of the Self is an absolute classic documentary. Watch it if you haven't yet.

Here Comes The Sun - The Lost George Harrison Solo (Sun, Sun, Sun. Here It Comes.)

George Harrison's son Dhani in the studio with George Martin (The Fifth Beatle) and his son discovering a forgotten guitar solo. Very special little clip this. 

I'm looking forward to what the Sun is going to bring this year. Mainly because the people I don't like are so nervous about it.

Sun, Sun, Sun. Here it comes.

Friday 27 January 2012

Frank Wuterich - Join The Marines, Rape & Kill Innocents (We Got Ya Back)

Once again the spineless Pentagon (and cowardly Ministry of Defence) are unable to stand up for the difference between right and wrong. They are a charade of the public relations talk for military which is always blah blah honour blah courage blah blah troops when the reality is they stand for nothing. Small boy psychopaths in fetish uniforms with guns taking it out on innocents in countries they shouldn't be in for countries that want to steal oil and resources.

Frank Wuterich will serve no time for killing 24 innocents in Haditha.

Predator Society Uses For Multi-Generational, Incest Based Families

Cathy O'Brien states clearly here that the CIA learned most of their trauma based mind control sexual abuse techniques from the Catholics who gained their knowledge from the Spanish inquisition, as well as from the Nazis imported into the US for Project Paperclip after the second world war. If you don't have time to invest in unravelling the full deception allow me share a sound bite paragraph.

Cause enough pain on a victim, and a new personality shears off so that the pained side can be forgotten for day to day recall. Train the victim to associate auto cue triggers for the pained side and you have a multiple personality type person who can be exploited for uses such as killing or satanic sexual abuse ceremonies. The victim usually knows nothing of their manipulation.

It's a lot more complex than just this, but it's important to grasp the principle when explaining or digesting the full extent of how respected institutions from the CIA to the Vatican fuck Children and people over. I wish it weren't so but it is and every day more people are finding out the story.

Worth bearing in mind is that 911 and Kennedy's public execution/coup d'etat were both trauma based mind control events too if we factor in what they achieved for society at large. If you're still clinging on to the official commission reports of both those examples you're likely still traumatised by it or them and need to roll up the sleeves and do some homework because once you wake up you'll be emancipated from that mind control.

It's messy and unpleasant work but worth it in the end. It takes time.