Friday 30 December 2022

Is BALENCIAGA the Jingle Jangle Jewellery of Luxury Brands?

Kim Kardashian and every other luxury marque don't have to distance themselves from the brand because the media are reluctant to  join the dots up, as it's revenue income for them. 

It's just a salary baby.

I thought I'd leave it a bit and keep my eye on the situation, but I see people are protesting around the world in BALENCIAGA stores.

Also, if you go on Facebook Market Place even the conspicuous consumption normies don't want anything to do with the product.

They do want to to recoup their newly woke anti Brand morality losses by flogging them second hand or even new as unwanted presents online. Go check if you need a red pill.

Also don't let me influence your opinion. Go to Twitter and put BALENCIAGA in the search box (Elon is still censoring so I can't guarantee it will be there forever like the 15 minute Oxford, Paris and Cambridge travel restriction zones which has now been scrubbed).

Crickets all round the world except in our world class social media sites.

Their greatest fear?

Public Awakening.

Swish Upon A Star

What can I say?

He reminds me of Pontifex Maximus but much better undercoat, increased sashay and no doubt about it. 

NASA level airbrush

Punk Beijing

What can I say...

This blog wouldn't exist without Punk. I was too young be one in 1976, and certainly too Catholic. Fast forward to 1999 and one of my newest and closest friends (professional troublemaker) Blue Doran sat me down in his Bangkok apartment over bottles of Sangsom and underneath his vintage movie poster collection (Midnight Cowboy and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid) draping the walls, he explained Punk to me from his first hand experience of following the Sex Pistols around as a fifteen year old from Worcester, and my mind was blown. I got the concept, I got the sizzle and I got the history all in one night, from a living witness and nothing was ever the same again. By coincidence my daughter's Aunty was a punk inspired designer in Thailand with the widely loved Scotch-Soda clothing brand.

On one of my returns to the UK I stayed with Rob, my former design lecturer at Uni, and he had a very expensive Vivienne Westwood collection for both himself and his partner. 

She tossed her prezzies out when they separated and Rob mentioned it was about 20 grands worth. That's just the stuff she was given. Back in the 90's she also refused a chance to be a model for one of the Vivienne Westwood collections. Super Croydon girl is Audrey (went to school with Kate Moss), totally grounded and couldn't give a shit about any attention seeking lifestyle. In a way that's about as punk as it gets.

While at Robs we took the opportunity to go and see Vivienne's retrospective at the Victoria & Albert museum and that's when I really got into her work. He also gave me Jane Mulvagh's biography of Vivienne, An Unfashionable Life, to read. It's a really good book and provides a bit more dispassionate granularity than most biographies.

Raised in Derbyshire from working class stock, Ms Westwood established LET IT ROCK with Malcolm 'Svengali' McLaren on the Kings Road. I dare say Tavistock were all over the show, without even letting them know. Nobody wants to talk about that so let's roll on. After leaving the rock (let it rock, black rock, tavistock... quarry men then the rolling stones and G Brethren and so on and so forth).

I can't let it go

In a way it's Tolkienesque right? 

In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit. 

Next thing, we're in Rivendell


All around the alleged globe, the British don't quite understand that of course the people are loved, but the empire?

... nah... the international community want to punch the football into the net like Maradona, unless it's filling Kiev's MuthaWEFFer pockets or the EU or the WHO or do I really need to continue?

If you consider yourself British (i'm a space mongrel) I can assure you there's lot's of British historiography around the world (all over the world)

Vivienne as it were.

You will only see two British iconographies from the slums of Rangoon to the Showrooms of Beijing. 

Those are Bentley Motors & Punks

All strata of society around the world know those two and till recently the Queen and the Beatles.

Prove me wrong

Thursday 29 December 2022

Elon Musk & Twitter Comedy Gold

There are so many intersections with Q, Trump & Elon that I'm not going to keep posting them as they occur, so waiting for a curation day that even a normie can see it's statistically impossible for the numbers to keep overlapping.

That doesn't mean Elon is my hero. Pretty much everything he does is problematic. Electric Cars are terrible for the environment and are fuelled by human rights abuses, oil, coal and biomass (woodchip burning). Then there's his Neuralink which is transhumanism 101 that all the normies will be begging for to keep their salary advantage, and finally the clothes he wore for the MET gala in New York and then for Halloween are not ambiguous. It's in your fucking face bro.

In addition, the word EL in Hebrew is a much deeper rabbit hole than it looks on the surface.

Is he a MILINTEL asset? Who knows, deception is necessary and to be fair, Elon is one of the most interesting people on the planet, to meet in a bar and have a drink with.

The above clip is just funny though. The headlines from the legacy media have been rammed with heart attack/stroke-normalising messaging as you can check here, and if you want I've lots more.

In case you think you don't look at those adverts you might want to swot up on Low Involvement Processing.

Monday 26 December 2022

Boxing Day

I've been a bit ropey for a couple of days. I was hungover and when I arose yesterday, I headed downstairs and under-cooked the chicken, and my risk/reward shields were down (dehydrated, drunk etc) so I ate it, and I was nauseous for a day or so. 

It's a Xmas not a Christmas thing.

Before I was ill, I was researching Dick Nixon again. All the info tallied with stuff I now don't know, because I'm certain of it. 

Certainty is the most dangerous place in the universe. I have some expertise.

I can only start with axioms

If the editors/producers in production land, are the heroes in every report they write. Why aren't they the heroes? 

Do heroes exist? 

Of course but to be the real deal they have fly under cover. 

That's just logic.

Sowieso Tricky Dicky

This sentiment goes against prevailing ignorance. If I liked the guy in the past because of context, I love him again. Even though, unlike all of you. I have seen the butterflies of the killing fields and it is written so.

Here. You can search for it. Cambodia might be a start. The rest is up to you.

Also while we're at, it's so easy to see who are the unwelcome players of history. The service-to-self crowd, airbrush our historical greats, and substitute their guys as the heroes (if they weren't in place before) [no more heroes any more].

They are heartless gangbangers, we are

Wilson & Secretaries

Media Hate = Dumbocracy

All knew more, but couldn't say...

Sunday 25 December 2022

The Soys Are Back In Town

I don't condone violence in the main, though I retain the right to use what I like. However, it's the Meatloaf, 'Paradise by the Dashboard Lights' radio commentary that cracks me up

Saturday 24 December 2022

Beaver Wars (So Much Beaver)

Tom the Vivisectionist of Versailles (alongside my trusty stalwart Dominic Twinkle Eye) has a much more prosaic explanation for my money changers outburst and so I'm obliged to defer to his deeper research.

The first rule of history club is never be outraged when presented with more history.

Otherwise we never learn anything do we?

Teen Talk

The reward for my work, which I have never solicited payment for and do entirely for free covering a lot of ground that gets a lot of hate mail, is that I get to find out what writing styles and topics work best. Which key words drive the most traffic with different demographics and so forth. This is what you would expect from a former advertising guy whose best work was 73% increase year-on-year sales for  Coca-Cola China.

In plain language that's a lot of sugared water sales growth, and the primary reason I retired for the second time to become a beach bum in Thailand [expanding childhood obesity for the largest population on earth is not my measure of a successful life)

That's not the same reason why I subsequently overstayed my visa by SIX years till bailing out to Hong Kong but it's worth sharing so I'll drop that one day.

Enjoy the show

Sadly, another 'Lethal Injection' Death Sentence! Seline Ismaeli is a 17-year-old German Athlete who suffers from a severe autoimmune disease (myasthenia gravis) following her second Jab. #VaccineRoulette

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