Saturday 17 February 2024

Eyes Wide Shut

Give me one person who has demanded his extradition lately?

So why does this injustice exist?

It has to be something more powerful than the front men.

Do what you can.

Sunday 11 February 2024

17 Seconds Into President Putins Interview

17 seconds into the CIA Tucker Carlson interview, and President Putin takes his watch off and puts it on the table next to his pen.

Who else drew our attention to the watch and pen symbolism inside the oval office during 45s presidency as proof? What sort of 7eventeen is involved?

Letter of the alphabet?

I didn't watch the interview live as big hype requires more not less distance, but I did see a lot of chatter after the interview and social media posts missed the most noticeable elements of the interview that Tucker spun off-topic too.

1. President Putin provided a masterclass on the inseparable destiny between Russia and the Ukraine. It was half an hour of grown up discourse never seen in the history of so called Western/International/Rules Based Order communications.

2. President Putin implied twice that Tucker is CIA

3. President Putin explained the process for peace.

4. President Putin signaled Q comms for those who are sentient on the matter.

5. Nothing can stop what is coming NCSWIC

Tucker is wearing a red string Qabala bracelet and is owned by Israel/CIA nexus.

I'll go back and watch it again as I was working on other things when I listened to it.

If you think Boris Johnson who scuppered the peace deal between The Ukraine and Russia and his follow up floozies Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak as well as the so called opposition and their mainstream media propagandists are telling the truth about Ukraine, you've failed a critical thinking test.

Time is running out for your chance to publicly reverse your statements and credibility as the house of cards falls.

Manila (Ewan Pearson Radio Edit)