Monday 23 September 2013

Phonebloks - Mobile Technology Designed To Last

Disposable electronics aren't a very good way to respect the planet. They poison the environment and the just in time distribution logistics are a huge burden on the Earth's resources, even though the products are small.

They also fund a lot of conflict in places like the Congo (DRC) but you wont hear about that as the media are too busy telling people that Israel is the important country where the Master Race now reside. 

More important than the six million who died in those mineral conflicts anyway.

Oh and don't forget the 100 000 rapes a month when you stroke your next new, touch screen electronics purchase.

Phonebloks is a simple idea and I hope people can get behind it. I've long been uninterested in the latest mobile though I do look at tablets from time to time and ask myself. 

Do I really need it?

Usually the answer is no. But maybe you're into Alicia Keys being a phone when she's not touring apartheid Israel as a black entertainer.