Tuesday 27 April 2021

E.L.O (Electric Light Orchestra) - Don't Bring Me Down

I've strong opinions about this video. I love it so much.

Update - The original Sabrina & Toni edit was deplatformed. This is not quite the same as the original, though most very welcome cfx - Thank you

...I beg your pardon. Alfonso Jimenez

Thursday 22 April 2021

Sunday 11 April 2021

Soylent Green - 1973

One of my favourite experiences in Bangkok was buying freshly made tofu at about 3am, as I lived a stones throw from the central wet market.

Imagine my shock when a fitness fanatic friend informed me soy is one of the most unhealthy foods for endocrine disruptors or something like that.

I'm not sure when I learned a soy-themed movie existed, but with a name like Soylent I was immediately intrigued.

It's set in 2022, so it has nothing to do with now, but I noticed some themes in the movie, like food and land ownership metrics, and later on founded-out some quite dramatic stuff about the character, I think called Sol and played thought-provokingly by Edward G. Robinson.

Another theme I noticed was masks, but the movie is set in 2022 so it has nothing to do with this and last years' muzzles, but the main food is sold by a corporation that own's half the land. Does that sound familiar?

The screenplay is about 50% right according to the author who I suspect had his work stolen from him.

Update and spoiler. The movie's main thrust has become reality.

Thursday 1 April 2021

How The System Tricks The Credulous

Some time ago when I worked in Bangkok... the Skytrain had been installed for a couple of years, and there was a huge political row about providing lifts to the platform for disabled people. The cost was around 200 million Baht for a few of the main stations, as I recall.

I couldn't figure it out. It took me years to realise the trick and then I saw more of these deceptions, and so can you if you use logic.

The reason skytrain elevators are a stupid idea is because nobody gets around Bangkok on a wheelchair. The unparalleled congestion of cars and pedestrians in Bangkok makes it impossible to move around on a wheelchair during rush hour. The pavements getting to the stations are broken and dangerous to navigate with paving stones sticking up or pot holes staring down.

The curious might just ask themselves, why not fix the pavements first?  .... but we know the blind are incapacitated in this respect.

Regrettably most Thai employers don't like to hire disabled people, as the Thais are quite primitive when it comes to employing ethnic minorities or uncomfortable looking employees. 

Yes it's superficial and ugly in its own way, but it's the way most developing countries are. Ask any Indian or Black person about living in China or Thailand if you don't believe me. The word nigger is meaningless to a person who is hungry enough to steal by being unemployable.

Anyway, later years, after binning my regular information downloads from The Economist, Financial Times, WSJ, The Guardian, NYT and so forth, and started to study information that isn't permitted (not just in polite society but even more so in the corporate world), I realised the trick.

It's a trick that costs peanuts compared to the mind control it wields on the purposefully gullible.

The purpose of elevators for the wheelchair bound in a far flung country or those endless empty disabled parking spaces at Supermarkets, and the addition of deaf interpreters at any political presentation on the televison are there for one reason and one reason only.

To imply that Government loves you and cares about your well being.

Now I'm not saying there aren't good-intentioned, and well meaning people in Government, but by and large the policy wonks are a bunch of snakes lining their own lifestyles. 

Anyone who has done a half an hours research on Common Purpose will know that, as will any corporate fluffer, who knows better than to click on that link.

We have to be hypnotised to think that the world is racing to prick untested mRNA injections into the global population including people who are actually dying from hunger, disease and the violence that comes along with poverty.

You have to be a cretin to think that a marketing campaign is needed to inform people of a pandemic. One that doesn't mention how to strengthen the immune system for a condition that has a mortality rate so low that the death certificates for normal illnesses are immediately documented as COVID and do not resuscitate orders are ubiquitous across the land.

Yet still the mortality rates for 2020 are the same as 2019. Go ahead, GovCorp publishes the truth in surprising corners of the internet.

I know it's a scam because I worked in the COVID system and watched the lies. I also saw well meaning people remain silent to keep their jobs, or to 'fit in' to the sickness-scenario that now permeates anyone with trust in government and corporative ablutions.

I called the people who believe the lies, stupid and so forth to spark some anger, but the truth is they're not stupid. 

They are indentured to a system that crushes dissent. Their jobs and lifestyles are at risk if they raise their voices.

It's about fear and conformity, and for some... it's about greed.