Saturday, 24 September 2011

Military Underground Bases Can Build A Microwave Oven From Scratch

Richard Sauder (PhD) is the world's leading civilian expert on how much money has been funnelled from the US tax payer into black-project secret underground and underwater bases. He took a methodical and forensic approach to the topic working on the premise that a paper trail must exist, in order to build state of the art facilities that are as large as mini-cities below the earth's surface. 

In this interview he is given an hour or so more than usual to elaborate on why he wrote his seminal book and what he discovered. It's the little details that always turn me on like an obvious with hindsight snippet of information that these self sustaining bases have all the durables and equipment needed to sustain breakaway govcorp life for years if not decades. Richard points out that means making every single tiny screw needed to produce say a microwave for example, as he was reliably informed.

The  testimonial and geological evidence that a couple of those bases were taken out recently is adding more sauce to the story. I don't want to know what kind of genetic experiments are been undertaken in some of these bases on top of the published human animal hybrid experiments done so far, but you know it's going to be sickening when the truth comes out.