Monday 23 September 2013

Archontic Deception & Apollo 11

This is Jay Weidner's best interview for a long time. I thought I was back in 2011 greedily snorting up 20 hour internet binge sessions of all the secrets on the planet on this one. Jay has evolved his Apollo 11 hypothesis. It's just so much more tighter and resonant than ever before. He get's JFK into it, the real and synthetic Apollo 11 recording dual narrative down. It all just hangs together. You're going to like it if you haven't figured out why it was so important to film the moon landing in a studio while still landing on the moon. I never bought the old story that it was too risky to lose the propaganda race when the obituary speeches had been written for Nixon to read out before they had even taken off.

Jay's only weakness is he wont address the Zionist/Neoconservative faction that orchestrated 9/11, despite a wealth of evidence that is too much rather than too little. 

The old Masonic order was taken down and the Neo-Bolsheviks slid into power. Why he can't see this is a blight on his claim to be a truth seeker, but it's not hard given he's paying his bills with a job which if you want to check it out is over here.

The only part of the interview that doesn't stand up is his Rennes-le-Chateaus riff. It's too cheesy to take seriously but then everyone makes mistakes, loses the plot or just makes stuff up for reasons nobody can fully know.

Anyway you should listen to this interview. It often taps into an archetype that at some deeper level just feels more robust than anything you'll find in the corporate media. Be it fiction or claimed fact. Bits of this just ring true.