Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The New World Disorder - Trying To Bleed Syria To Death

Syria Partisan Girl lays out the main reasons why the New World Order acolytes are trying to bleed Syria to death

I've always been reluctant to use the term New World Order even though it is regularly name checked by leading politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. However if you haven't noticed that a one world government driven by profit at the expense of people is in play by now, you may have missed the last bus on that topic.

If you're still sceptical about the ideology and mechanisms of this loose group of people who share a set of ideals that involves pitching humans against humans, I can recommend no greater, well researched, article than Charlie Skelton's piece in the Guardian on Syria.

Technically I'm in favour of a one world administrative council, but the psychopaths who are currently trying to do this need a urgent handbrake applied before we can have a sensible discussion about when and how a more inclusive and co-creative body of wise minds can manifest.