Saturday 28 September 2019

Non-Linear Technological Unveilings

Burdens of conspiracy theory epithet include MSM articles stating... uniformly, that "conspiracy theorists believe.." followed by the most preposterous version of anything from Space Lizards to the the execution of JFK.

For example:

"Conspiracy theorists believe JFK is chill-axing with Elvis in a Pakistan Madrasa"

My first experience of the Zapruder film-hoax was in B&W.

Here it is, in colour.

The Las Vegas shooting, official version states that there is no known motive, over two years later.


Make your own mind up.

What's the point of speculation, when the only respected speculators on the planet are on Wall Street and/or Corporation City of London.

Friday 20 September 2019

Impossible to Unsee

Southampton Docks

Southampton Docks Sunset

Southampton Docks 102 Berth

Monday 16 September 2019

New Whistleblower Testimony Against Brennan & Rosenstein

Testimony like this is invariably scrubbed from the net so I urge you to either rip it or listen in a timely manner.

This is the best whistleblower recording since, we found out the allegedly vivid reason for the OKC bombing.

It's also a troubling interview to listen to as the interviewer breaks down sobbing; listening to how the deep state crushes people it fears could be a liability to its existence. (She's also emotive to a lesser degree, when there's no need to be, but the interview is still worth persevering with).

The interviewee has some breathing problems from the beatings he sustained, so give that a few minutes to get used to. Just because somebody is a cripple, doesn't mean it's funny.

What I found most interesting, most worthy of stealing from this intel drop, is how the deep state plans, thinks and acts to maintain it's own survival. 

There is no law when it comes to their aims, particularly from within the DOJ, CIA and FBI.

Saturday 7 September 2019

The Memoirs of Billy Shears

The memoirs of Billy shears Is a biography written by William Shepherd (Billy), the character who took over Paul McCartney's role after his death in 1966. 

It is written as fiction, so as to avoid any transgressions of the nondisclosure agreement signed 53 years ago. However, William Shepherd a.k.a. Billy shears sheep shears get it? Yah... He documents enough evidence to support his claim there fore any reasonable person, would be unable to deny. The obvious proof that the book is for real is that it makes use of Beatles lyrics, and this can only be achieved with the permission of Apple Corps (A Paul Corp) geddit...

I can't say I believe all the explanations in the book as to the reason for the death of Paul M... for example, the explanation for the insertion of a double, the acquiescence of Lennon to William Shepherd's demand, and many other examples.

The book has been encoded by a 32° Mason called Thomas E. You Harriet. This means it has exactly 66 chapters, 666 pages and has three layers of communication. The first is that the book is written like any ordinary Book read from left to right first to last page. The next layer of encoding is the bolded it out letters on each page which form another level of communication although often it's a more succinct presentation of the larger book. The last level of encoding is called acrostical. This means that every other line begins with a letter and it is these combined letters that form words and sentences that explain other secrets in the book.

As I have stated previously, the first time I heard about the Paul McCartney conspiracy I looked into it and rejected it as fantastic. However, over the years I have researched it in more depth and concluded that in the main it really did happen.

I have no desire to discuss this book with anyone who hasn't read it, as the reading, is really the basis for a concrete discussion.