Saturday 23 July 2022

Swedish Resort

I met Lena in a holiday resort through her girlfriend; a colleague of mine.

Lena and I spent fun times together in her butch as fuck truck, while she played her Swedish Lesbian disco mix tape back to back... You know how it is. 

At first I didn't like it, but after the fifth or 6th time...I was hooked.

Bangers, I think the queer crowd call anthems these days.

From Paris to Berlin [and every disco you've been in] by Infernal is still one of my faves... 

Anyway as luck would have it... seemingly out of nowhere, Lena had to leave Town for a bit, I went from flip flop economics (mostly barefoot) for as long as I could remember to banging tunes and a relaxed elbow hanging out a truck window, smoking a fag... 

wheels to cruise in; and once or twice giving Lena's chick a lift home... as it were.

Friday 15 July 2022

The World Economic Forum & Trekkies

Sometimes I feel I've not been doing my job diligently... enough 

I should have written about the WEF a couple of years ago when more industrious and alert researchers than I were putting two and two together on the World Economic Forum and their 6uild 6ack 6etter satrapies(sic).

In a way it was worthy of a wry smile, as quite early in the game, Klaus Schwab released an image (top of the post) of his Lordship in star-trek clobber and it did rile (broadly speaking) conspiracy realists. 

Fuckin' legend...

Before I cracked a smile, I was irritated, but there's plenty of that division about for everyone irrespective of our views on reality right?

Many of us learned from the researchers who do the lions-share that Klaus has a lot of ..say... influence as it were... in international cabinets.

How does he do it? Your guess is as good as mine.

I didn't join in with any online-bullying of Schwabski just because he's in a mid ranking NWO spokesperson.

Instead I had the serendipity to listen to him speaking flawless French. He's no Liz Truss, a political bumpkin ...flicked[Herr Flick into power] so the club can have a good laugh at how gullible we, the uninitiated and profane are.

Herr Klaus is a very polished operator.

I have no idea why world leaders inserted into international cabinets all genuflect for him. [If Trudeau suck% klaus-kocc.. you can take that to the bank]

If anyone has a credible explanation for this ostensibly global constitutional-crisis, can you do one in the comments please and thank you.

Don't forget to watch the two videos above. It's a lot of work scraping and posting them as everything else I touch is memory holed. I've known for years they use me to work out what's hot, and what's not.

ONS - (Office for National Statistics)

In order to post these two images from ONS, I had to do some digital backflips.

That should ring some bells for people but I doubt it will.

The bots are out...

I was wrong about the censorship on this post. ABC don't support .jfif image files.

My bad. Sorry

Thursday 14 July 2022


There are many topics we could mull over about Boris Johnson, but a few visuals above is an easier display of the complexity I picked up on.

I don't trust any politician, I don't subscribe to any political ideology (I have my own), but Boris is the only politician to (inadvertently or otherwise) demonstrate to the whole world the scamdemic. Everyone knows it's BS, even the booster vaccinated.

I was also struck by how selfless his resignation speech was. I'm used to crocodile tears and Sturm und Drang.

I'm not looking forward to who replaces him, but naturally it's likely, a WEF 'young' leader like Penny Mordaunt or Rishi Sunak.

Good luck Boris, and thanks for the Trudeau thing.

Sunday 10 July 2022

Slicing Through The Madness

At the very beginning of the video clip, if you're paying close attention, the customer (little fella) hops over the fast food counter to make his complaint in person.

He is taken down masterfully by an employee safeguarding his colleagues and satisfied customers.

Then another [former] customer gets the same treatment.

Once the kerfuffle is over, it looks like his supervisor, is reaching out requesting the Samurai sword be put somewhere safe, now that the counter hoppers are in disarray.

I've never seen anything like it

Informed people know there's an ideological war brewing in the United States, and abortions, gun control, TERFS and reactionary accusations of racism-options are off the table.

You can take that to the bank but there's no way I can endorse the Federal reserve notes.

It's pragmatic to prepare for self defense.

Monday 4 July 2022

They Know Where Things Are @ B&Q

I'd heard of Half Man, Half Biscuit but to listen was unexpected to say the least.


I howled with laughter. 

The intimacy with Annie Lennox