Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Jay Weidner Talks About Terence McKenna's CIA/FBI Connections

Most people still can't get their head round McKenna being an asset of the state. That's possibly because of the varying degrees of State mind-control ranging from harmonics to dissociative pain and in Terence's case, encouraging others to take drugs. 

The thinking behind this we suspect is because then you wont be an activist, or actually do something about the clear manipulation taking place higher up the food chain.

In my own case though it was the DMT that made me an activist, so the CIA and FBI messed up on that one. 

I'm pluralist about McKenna. Some things he talked about were great, others not so great. Very few people are black and white and that includes the epistemological cartoons that the media portray of Hitler or Rahm Emanuel's father whose specialism was terrorist bus bombings for extremist Jewish groups.