Monday 31 October 2011

Stewart Swerdlow - Blue Blood True Blood

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Alan Rusbridger & Slavoj Zizek Interviewed On Al Jazeera

Alan talks about his visit by the head of Scotland Yard to pressure him into dropping the phone hacking story. Zizek talks about the radio silence of the massacre and depravity in The Congo. Both specifically distance themselves from using the conspiracy word and yet are they not saying that corporate media is controlled? That some stories have the lowest possible odds of informing people?

It is controlled though mostly by (profit driven) agenda than micro managed orders being issued from Wizards behind curtains. That's what middle managers are for. However this is an even graver allegation than conspiracy which comes from Old French and before that Latin language of 'to breathe together'. 

Until the Anglo American media axis views all life as equal the media are a sizeable part of our problem. There are signs for hope but it does require more people to speak up in the public domain, and yet the silence on the most important issues of our times is a butchered and bleeding elephant tusk on the coffee table that the materialists would prefer not to talk about.

Even Al Jazeera showed us their line in the sand during the Arab Spring uprising though they are currently along with Russia Today providing a news service that is superior to most of the traditional Western media apertures.

Saturday 29 October 2011

Genius Plausible Deniability

Very funny, even if it is the most corrosive secret in human history. Very well scripted by the Frasier writers at a time when there was a lot of chatter starting to leak out. That's John Glenn in the photo above.

Joseph P Farrell - PhD (Ox) Patristics - Alchemical Transmutation & Ancient Physics


I thought about the title for five minutes and it still doesn't do the interviews justice. I've listened to all three and a half hours of this twice since it turned up on Youtube yesterday it's so good. I don't put a lot trust in academia usually but Dr. Joseph applies a rigour and analysis to some of the widest thinking available on topics that are a long walk away from conventionality and a half marathon from pedestrian interest. If joined up sentences are your thing then this is joined up paragraphs and chapters. 

The trinity as mathematical metaphor cheered me immensely as it's almost word for word my "consciousness needs triangulation to exist" theory that has people running for the exits when I talk about it. His new book called Grid of the Gods is out though after this talk I'm obliged to go back to the beginning and read all of his work.

Friday 28 October 2011

Scummy NATO Secrets

Snoop Dog On Conspiracy

Snoops last point about the U.S. government targeting black neighbourhoods with crack cocaine and then keeping white powder cocaine a misdemeanour compared to the felony of base cocaine is well documented. There is lots of interview testimony on Youtube of former CIA, FBI and DEA officials, all on record saying that a weakened black community is a high priority for funnelling crime and keeping one group under subjugation at the expense of another.

Thursday 27 October 2011

Stewart Swerdlow On The Anglo American Treachery Of Libya

It's not often I cut and paste from elsewhere but Stewart Swerdlow has written a kick ass article that deserves a wider audience. In the comments of the original post he asks a question that makes a lot of sense if you study all of the context details. Was that Gadhafi's double that was taken out instead?

"By now, everyone has seen the grotesque videos and still photos of Moammar Gadhafi being shot, captured, killed, stripped and paraded around Sirte, Libya while the rebels dance and shout, pray to Allah and the world rejoices that another evil ruler has been eliminated. Are you proud at how the world enjoys death and humiliation? Does it make you feel good to see an old, deranged man kicked and shot in public as people cheer?

We must keep in mind that it was the US and its allies that placed Col. Gadhafi in power originally. It was the same people in power that allowed him to harbor “terrorists” and become the evil villain for their show. When his show was cancelled, he was taken down in a sequel that the entire world watched and anticipated. It was only on Wednesday when Hillary Clinton announced that the dictator would be captured or killed. She is so psychic!

So, the trilogy of this series is completed. We had Saddam, then Osama and now Gadhafi. The puppets they created have been taken off the strings and thrown away. They had to show pictures of the murder of Gadhafi because no one really believed the undocumented murder of pictureless Osama. now there is “proof”.

Again I ask–would a despot like Moammar allow himself to be captured? I know for a fact from sources that he was hiding near the Algerian border with a huge entourage and billions in gold. Where did that go? Did he leave it somewhere? Who was actually captured and killed? Why are there conflicting stories of how he died? Was he found in a cement pipe or in a caravan fleeing Sirte? How did NATO know to bomb that caravan at that precise moment and how did the rebels know Gadhafi was in it?

So, who will come to power now? The rebels, with whom the EU and the US have been helping and supporting financially, are filled with members of Al Qaeda, The Muslim Brotherhood and various other “terrorist” groups. Are we friends with them now?

The next trilogy will also be Muslim. Watch destruction come to the leaders of Yemen, Syria and Iran. The final trilogy will be more “Christian” with the end coming for the governments of Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba. A nice, neat little NWO package. Our illustrious leader in Washington, never to be caught with no wars to create, is already preparing Africa for the next “hot spot”. He is sending 100 “advisers” to help local central African nations to eradicate evil men. Isn’t that how the Vietnam war began–we just sent “advisers”.

As governments are shaken, so is the Earth. There have been swarms of quakes this week in Hawaii, the San Francisco Bay area, Iceland and Central America. A 4.8 tremor rocked South Texas. This is either from the weakening in the Gulf tectonic plate or the enlarging of escape caverns and tunnels by the Illuminati. The quake in Virginia was located near major military installations and so is this one in Texas.

Like I said, 2011 is way more exciting than 2012 will ever be. Fasten your seat belts!"

Did NASA Reshoot The Moon Landing?

At this stage I can't imagine these Youtube clips would be turning up without the consent of quite powerful individuals. Make your mind up for yourself and dig into the moon tags for a fuller examination of the available evidence.

Stewart Swerdlow On Ohio Exopolitics

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I've had a few question marks about Stewart Swerdlow but in this interview he demolishes any bias concerns I've had with some very interesting remarks including an astute observation that Israel is in cahoots with the Syrian A's (we live in strange times) and that the US is, as he humorously concedes already a police state (or words to that effect). Actually on top of some great information there's a bunch of times in this interview where it's hard not to start laughing but that doesn't diminish the importance of the information. Don't miss it unless you can't handle it. Ohio Exopolitics is a gem of radio station and the host Mark Snider has a great interviewing manner that is absent of agenda or bias. He just asks and listens.

Creepy Clown Grins Through Thai Flooding Disaster

For the last couple of weeks the names of flooded areas has been on the periphery of my Bangkok geography but now the names are becoming very familiar such as Phaholyothin or Ladprao. We're supposed to be under half a metre of water this weekend and the shops have been completely emptied of food. Please call McDonalds in case sub-aqua deliveries of McMuffins are possible and my phone battery has died.

Update: Latest aerial photography by helicopter. As you can see it's pretty serious.

Are The British Too Stupid To Spot Neuro Linguistic Programming?

This is a must see.

Eduard Albert Meier Is An Anagram For "Bearded Time Ruler"

Terrific documentary on 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier by Michael Horn. I started to pay his story a bit more attention recently when I learned of the disinformation efforts paid to his story by the usual alphabet agencies of the Anglo American empire. I know of some good researchers who have fallen for this but there's enough in this documentary including neuro linguistic programming analysis to verify that what he is saying is the truth though of course there's always the chance that some of what he was told may not be accurate or open to interpretation. Even if you don't like the topic of Ufology this documentary is the story of a man who as far as I can recall has no competition in the category of most interesting life. Seriously. This is one interesting dude.

Here's the blurb: How one man's meetings with extraterrestrials lead him through dozens of countries, meeting many famous world leaders including Saddam Hussein and later revealing ancient prophecies that would eventually come true. In 1958 he predicted the Iraq Wars, Global Warming and even the AIDS epidemic. You will be captivated by how "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier became known in his early years as "The Phantom," (a real life combination of Indian Jones, Han Solo and Lawrence of Arabia), who carried a 44 Magnum and apprehended serial killers and mass murderers. Meier's life story is an enigmatic journey that ultimately culminates with him becoming the messenger for an advanced race of ET beings know as the Plejaran. 

Their message is clear: earth is in trouble, the people have been asleep, and we must make drastic changes or there will be devastating consequences for all of mankind. In his later years Meier stumped hundreds of skeptics with his clear UFO photographs, film footage and sound recordings of Plejaran "Beam Ships," all taken and recorded in broad daylight. Exotic metal samples he received from the extraterrestrials according to scientists, remain to this day, irreproducible. So decide for yourself if it's all a hoax, and if so, then ask yourself, why has Meier been the target of 21 assassination attempts? Could it be that the message that humanity so desperately needs to hear is not welcome by many of our world leaders? Discover why this, the most controversial UFO case in history has endured and remained alive in the face of intense skepticism for over 50 years. You can follow Michael Horn's blog on the subject over here.

Update: This was a reply to me in a forum. It is well worth reading.

Posted by: DNA
On: 7th November 2011 12:18

A member of the intelligence community sent this letter to Wendelle Stevens and Wendelle put the letter in the "UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLIEADIES" book. I think it is very telling. I believe Wendelle, and I believe this letter is authentic. Folks have to factor in the disinfo when looking at the whole Meier story and no one wants to do that. By being lazy, folks play right into the hands of the PTB. You can't discount volumes of informaiton because you find a few false entries. Especially when a multimillion dollar intelligence community is tasked with discrediting it. 

Contact from the Pleiades



Wendelle C. Stevens

Lt. Col., USAF (Ret)

Care of:

GENESIS 3 Publishing Inc

P.O. Drawer JJ, Munds Park.AZ 89017

Dear Mr Stevens

A friend of mine, Tom Farr, dropped off a copy of MESSAGE FROM THE PLEIADES. I found it very Interesting. Tom had previously given me another book about Billy Meier, which was also interesting.

The following is information you might find interesting. The American Government did what could be called an extensive soft touch investigation of Billy, when he first attracted public attention to himself, to find out if the contact was in fact for real. The Decision was in his favor. It was extensive investigation, because of the unusual features in Billy´s case.

Billy, as an individual, and a citizen of another country, had an American intelligence gathering organization look him over from ass hole to appetite. He passed the inspection rather well, but has not gone off the deep end, as predicted by the personality profile done on him. It of course goes without saying that he had the intelligence gathering community of his own country look him over.

The American investigation was of the light touch vanity (forfenglighet), meaning use no force, make no scars, and leave no traces of the investigation. Which is to say play tourist, pack a camera, and take a lot of pictures, tell a lot of lies, and ask a lot of questions. Host countries(vertslandets-) intelligence systems get pissed(lei), if they catch you screwing off on their turf. So do not accuse us of any break-ins, and that type of thing, because it happened back in the days when Billy was in fact liberal with what he gave away. Your book indicates that he has up-graded his record keeping since the early days.

In the other book on Billy there was a big deal about the films, and having them tested. In one specific incident the film tested was believed to be a copy, and not the original negative as Billy thought. Sorry about that. The way we got copies of Billy´s pictures was by paying off the man who handled the film processing for Billy. The man simply ordered a second set of pictures for us, and a second copy of the negatives, at an attractive profit, and the man often had copies made for himself. In a couple of cases we took the original copy of the negative, for the type of lab checks that you wanted to make.

We also sent some garbage film through to the same processing company by the same store, under Billy´s name, to keep the boys doing the film processing honest. We did establish that there was a little hankey pankey going on at the processing plant, and/or in the mail some place. Someone else was getting off with the first copy of the negatives most of the time. Several times, according to the experts, our copy of the negative would be about the fifth one.

All intelligence communities are well aware that vast volumes of bull **** comes and goes in the UFO contactee game, as part of turf(dekke) but pictures make strong evidence, which is almost impossible to fake. Because pictures are the quickest way to find who in fact is telling the truth, they often get stolen. Or, why screw around with the bull ****, when the proof is in the film. The Intelligence gathering people are also aware of how to intercept mail, and bribe (bestikke) store owners. When the bribe was set up we did not know how agreeable Billy was going to be about passing out samples.

In the book you touched on one of the most important of all things about UFO´s, and may not have realized the true importance, to the history of UFOs, in what you said.

Page 219; "The visitor anticipated............and they immediately associated them with the Anti-Christ, of Christian literature and wanted nothing more to do with the situation."

The problem that Billy had with Karl Veit of Wiesbaden, is the key to understanding most of the American Government and Western Europe Government´s approach to UFO´s. In 1945, when it was first proven that UFO´s were real from space, operated by intelligent being, most of whom where human in form, the American Government did a soft touch check to see what the great unwashed public would say, and how the public would respond to UFO´s, and space people, if the President informed the public over National radio.

The results of the investigation would truly frost a thinking mans´ balls. The public´s response was all bad. 97% of the public took one of two approaches. Shoot first and ask questions later. Or call the UFO´S agents of the devil, the prince of the power of the air, the ant-Christ, and set up an even worse situation, where UFOs would became a real negative religious issue. What was surprising was the response of the Religious leadership, which was by far worse than the general public´s response. It could only be called grim news.

The science community showed no leadership at all, just a super case of stupidity, and prejudice.

As you might guess, the original investigations were by military men, under orders from General Marshal, under the direction of the President. And if you know your military men, finding one who wants to get into a fight with the preachers, over what is, or is not the Anti-Christ, when neither the military man, nor the preacher know a hell of a lot of factual information about either the Ant-Christ, or the UFOs, would be a lot like sending a blind person out to spot UFO´s. Just as soon as the blind man spots the first UFO, the military will get into the fight with the preachers over the Anti-Christ.

To say that the military seriously avoided the potential conflict with the religious community would be an understatement. To say that the military community successfully avoided a fight with the religious community over UFOs would be an accurate observation. To say that the military was real damned sneaky (fordømt lusket) about how they informed the public about UFOs, would also be an accurate observation.

The military mind will draw conclusions that the religious mind will not. The military mind quickly figured out that if the UFO´s wanted to take over the world, they had the speed, science, and fire power to do so. Hence, the military concluded UFO´s were working by other rules. The general nature of the rules the individuals in the UFOs would be working under, could be projected, based on previous contact records, however skimpy the records.

In other words, the military figured it was a safe assumption that the UFOs would not radically change their actions in modern times, but would stick with the casual and miss system of the past.

The military mind drew one conclusion. The single most important thing to do in the situation it was in, namely sitting on some hot, highly controversial information, was to keep the general public from a bad response by controlling the public´s response to UFOs. In other words keep that damned religious mentality out of the issues involved, as long as possible.

But, do not ever say that the military never did anything about informing the public about the existence of UFO´s. That will mean you have not figured out the methods used by the Government to spread the word about UFOs. You might say the military took the Bible´s advice about not to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.

The Military pulled the very same trick that Moses pulled, when he did not like the attitude of his troops, after crossing the Red Sea. He took the time to grow a new batch troops, who´s response and thinking was more to his liking. And that is what the military did about UFO´s.

The military also found a problem as bad, or worse, than the religious mind. Have you have ever noticed, Scientist are about as bad as the preachers, when it comes to UFO´s? Especially in the old days. What you missed is the little detail that Scientist, of the old pre-UFO school, got their basic concept of the Universe from an insane preacher: A Catholic Pope. That basic concept is the idea that man is alone in the Universe, and the only intelligent life in the universe.

Going into the dark ages all societies leaving records, in any amount, left some kind of UFO record. Those that left verbal histories left verbal records of UFOs. In effect it was known prior to the Dark Ages that man was not alone in the Universe, that other intelligent beings were out there screwing around. Even the damned cave and rock drawings show UFO activity.

The Greeks and the Romans also knew that the world was round. The Greeks had even tried to measure the size of the earth using wells and sun light.

The insane Catholic Pope decided that he was the most important thing in the Universe, and that the Universe revolved around him. The basic idea that the world was flat was imposed upon the world by an insane Pope, which in effect made the earth the Center of the universe.. That Pope also expanded on the powers of the Pope, in effect saying that he was not only at the center of the Universe, he was all that was good, smart, and holy at the center of the Universe.

That pope also pitched the idea that man was alone in the Universe. That of course left the Pope the smartest man in the Universe. When the Science-Religion fight of the early science days started, science in general won out. The one idea that the Scientist took from an insane Pope, which they loved as an idea, and used as there very own idea, was the idea that man is alone in the Universe. The idea that man is alone in the Universe, if valid, would the make Scientist the smartest, and best educated beings in the Universe. The Science community´s response to the coming of UFOs, and the possible drop in status from the smartest thing in the Universe, was somewhat worse than the religious communities response to UFOs. UFOs rather obviously, put the modern scientist in the position of being a backward person in knowledge, on a backward world. And farther insulted the scientist, by not bothering to make any contact with him. Few, if any of the scientist involved gave up their status, as the smartest and best educated beings in the universe, willingly. Most of the older ones died with that idea in their head. The idea, man was the only intelligent life in the Universe.

The existence of UFOs - truly lowers the status of the religious and scientific leaders of the world. They resisted such a lowering in their status, particularly the scientist. And here I should clear something up. Mention the word intelligence gathering community, and most people go into some kind of potty training shock, and think they have gone back to messing their pants, and are about to be caught at it. Doing what is called spying on people is an expensive and time consuming operation, generally involving a lot of people. It is surprising how many people think that they have some kind of secret, that makes them worth spying on. Casual surveillance, or simple information gathering, can be done much cheaper. The total amount of information needed, to make a high degree of accuracy decision, about someone like Billy, is in fact not as much as a person would imagine.

In effect, in the early days, if you showed up at Billy´s place, knowing enough about good manners, to bring as much food as you eat, wash as many dishes as you get dirty, and just help around the house, or yard a bit. It was possible to get all the UFO information desired from Billy, and be treated as a respected guest.

Looking into Billy with a professional eye will quickly show that there are a couple of things, which are not "totally normal" for this type of contact. The screw ball hours, and the many changes in location, make it somewhat different from most contacts, which generally proceed on a casual, but regular bases, with some consideration for the contactee. Billy probably holds the record for more bad weather contacts than anyone else. His case has some screwball features, but it had some very good pictures.

In a shared UFO information pool with other Countries, including India, it was noticed that Billy got his contacts whenever a woman, the Indians were watching, was missing. It was speculated that Billy´s female contact could have been one of two women that the India authorities were watching. One was a tall dark haired woman with a very fair completion who, according to what the Indians could find out had been working an area for about 200 years. The other woman was a short, some what dumpy blond, with kind of a flat face. Every time the dumpy blond left India, Billy had a contact. Because the Indian surveillance was of the soft touch type, and far from complete, nothing was ever established. But, for a period of about 2 to 3 years there was a one-to-one relationship between the blond leaving India and Billy having a contact.

And there is something else you might figure out, or work on. It is Billy stumbling onto Military men looking at his contact sites. For all their science, the clowns in the UFO do not always work out every thing to perfection.

As a military officer you were exposed to a few classes in physics. As the book says about the rocks and the gold, the physics are the same, this world, or some other. That means that what is known, about physics here, will also apply up there.

The UFO is has a power source, which is obviously related to gravity, and electro magnetic properties of physics. That is all packed into a small space and effects the world around it. Add to that some cloaking device, and a few stray things, and you have a ship, which will give off a few things in the line of radiation. If the dogs can spot the UFOs, then use dogs, which we did around some military and science bases In the early days. If the TV flutters when one comes by, start from there for making a detection device.

It logically follows that about the time that the Governments got into the business of knowing about UFOs, they also got into learning how to detect the things, when they flew by. And it was a dog, who´s action told us that flying saucer had clocking devices. It did not turn out to be all that hard to make a detection device. The Swiss Government has such devices and obviously uses them.

The last time I had anything to do with such devices, which was a long time ago, and the devices where physically very large because their radios had vacuum tubes, they could be rigged to do several different things, and the American Government was screwing with a model that would give the general direction the UFO was traveling. By now they could be the size of a pack of smokes, and give direction along with the make and model of the UFO. me In the late 50s we could define between about four types of UFOs based on how they effected our devices. If I remember some of the information coming out of Billy´s area, the DALs would normally send out a couple of other ships to scout the area, some time several days in advance, before the contact ship showed up. At that time the devices the Swiss had, could tell the difference between the two types of ships normally used. It could also tell the difference between several of the small ball-shaped probes that might be sent out.

I know it to be a fact that the Swiss Government has contact with Space people. But, like all such contacts, the restriction on who knows about it comes from space. The Swiss in fact probably have the best contact of any country in the world. But, that is speculation on my part.

And here I might should add something. Within the Governments of the world, how many I do not know, but based on the patterns, probably most of the reasonable governments, there has been contact from space. But, within any government there will exist two possible sets of information. Those who study UFOs, from the ground looking up, and trade some types of information some times, and those who are in the direct contact position. The two are not necessarily the same person, or department.

I know it to be a fact, having talked to a man who made the trip with him, that Ike had dinner on a space ship. I also know that the Queen of England has been on a space ship, once for medical treatment.

You mentioned something in passing that was interesting. It was your being "spied" on. I have no idea as to who is doing what to whom in your case. But, I do know that there was once a proposal put out to step on UFO investigators, and contactees a little bit, to keep the field from expanding too much, so the real contacts would not be lost in the pure bull ****.

As some one who has been in government, you can probably spot the conflicting, and over lapping authorities, that tend to keep showing up in cases like your self. You never out right ask the question, "what the hell´s Naval Intelligence doing in UFOs, but if you do, they were the "initiating authority" in the solution to the problem of the old FOO Fighters of WW2, and the boys who proved UFOs were from space. Once an Intelligence gathering community gets the initiating authority status in a field, especially if the job is dumped onto them, they are damned hard to pry out of that field.

Within the structure of the American UFO community there are a lot of stories running around. If you ever have the time and the chance, or inclination, you might look up the one piece of semi-hard evidence about a crashed UFO. It is the Brownsville, Texas saucer, which was a very old case. Dating back to right after WW2.

That ship came wobbling by Army Air Force base going about ten miles an hour. They first picked it up on radar, when It was about 40 miles away, which gave them vast amounts of time. Then with field glass as It approached, and finally as a visual. They had enough time that they were able to get a chase plane up in the air to follow the saucer to where it crashed, about ten miles deep in Mexico. Their first action was to get a parachute rigger into a plane, and jump him out over the crash site with a stencil and a can of Red Paint, to mark USAAF on the side of the saucer, so we could claim it was ours - in case the Mexicans showed up.

That ship was dragged back to the US by a cat. It left one hell of a skid trail. From the ground the skid trail can not be seen, because the government paid some Indians $5,000.0O0 to replant the ground. and hid all traces of that drag trail. But it can be seen from the air.

If seen from the air, it will be a very straight line that is almost due North and South. At the South end of the skid trail, there is an East-West gully, and just South of the gully is a small ridge, or very little hill. The small hill has a north south ridge on it. The saucer came to rest on the East side of that ridge up against the slope of the hill, or at the base of the very little hill.

Because the drag trail could be seen from the air the Indians were hired to make other trails on the ground, as a confusion factor. The true drag trail is the only straight one in the group.

This letter is long enough. Lots of luck with what you are doing.

Update: I have a lot of questions of the intent of the so called Plejarens or Pleiadeans of Billy and Clif High raises some pertinent questions here.

Iraq War Veteran Shot In The Face By Police Projectile

Scott Olsen, 24, remains sedated on a respirator, in stable but critical condition at Oakland’s Highland Hospital after being hit in the head with a police projectile.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Synchromysticism & The Simpsons

Every time I pull the thread of synchromysticism it just goes on and on and on but the latest 911/Simpsons screen grab I found in this Youtube on the subject (I can't embed it) seemed too juicy to leave it unhighlighted.

At Close Range - Auf kurze Distanz

In 1986 Prizzi's honour and Out of Africa secured the memorable Oscars. For a moment just then I thought Out of Africa had the memorable line 'Not another fucking beautiful day' as the veranda shutters were thrown open on a Kenya Savanna morning but I think that may have been White Mischief.

However as usual, the Oscar judges made a mistake. It's hard to find a single flaw in any scene by Sean Penn throughout At Close Range but for a staggeringly quintessential Christopher Walken performance this movie nail-guns the red carpet into the concrete with ease. 

Shoulda got an Oscar. Great performances by Mary Stuart Masterson and Chris Penn is great playing brother on screen as well as off.

A couple of weeks ago I met a German friend of mine who insisted that Sean Penn is rubbish so I countered with have you seen Harvey Milk to which he responded 'you could play a great homosexual Charles' which I found very funny on a lot of levels at the time. In any case I guess not everyone thinks, as I do, that Sean Penn is one of the finest actors of my generation and furthermore I think he pisses over any of the greats, from any era of the 20th century. Particularly the clichéd picks of Olivier or Gielgud.

I was just enjoying the fine screen performances to a workable though slow moving script when the narrative takes a sharp right turn about three quarters of the way through, so hang in there. The entire movie is on Youtube and the first part is above.

It's set in Pennsylvania and is based on a true story.

Slow Motion Tsunami

The consensus seems to be that central Bangkok is now going to be flooded. I've just returned from a friend's place where the lower ground floor are moving there household goods onto high floor landings. I've plenty of experience of flooding but as you can see from the recent Thai flood photos above there's an incongruous resourcefulness in the air.

A Bloody Great Winter

Be careful what you wish for.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Occupy Subversive Visuals

Keep The Aspidistra Flying - Orwell On Advertising


"The interesting thing about the New Albion was that it was so completely modern in spirit. There was hardly a soul in the firm who was not perfectly well aware that publicity — advertising — is the dirtiest ramp that capitalism has yet produced. In the red lead firm there had still lingered certain notions of commercial honour and usefulness. But such things would have been laughed at in the New Albion. Most of the employees were the hard-boiled, Americanized, go-getting type to whom nothing in the world is sacred, except money. They had their cynical code worked out. The public are swine; advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill-bucket. And yet beneath their cynicism there was the final naivete, the blind worship of the money-god. Gordon studied them unobtrusively. As before, he did his work passably well and his fellow-employees looked down on him. Nothing had changed in his inner mind. He still despised and repudiated the money-code. Somehow, sooner or later, he was going to escape from it; even now, after his first fiasco, he still plotted to escape. He was in the money world, but not of it. As for the types about him, the little bowler-hatted worms who never turned, and the go-getters, the American business-college gutter-crawlers, they rather amused him than not. He liked studying their slavish keep-your-job mentality. He was the chief among them takin’ notes."

Has George Monbiot linked the normalising effect of advertising to consumer fetish in yesterdays Guardian piece? Is Occupy Madison Avenue next? 

My own thoughts some months ago are over here. The entire .pdf of Keep the aspidistra flying is available over here. It's my favourite Orwell after Down and out in Paris and London.

Sunday 23 October 2011

New HDTV Money Shot Of NATO War Porn

Our new friends in Tripoli spreading democracy, justice and truth. The drones that destroyed Gaddafi's convoy were instrumental in his capture. At ease soldier.

Above is a clip including footage of recently converted to Roman Catholicism former PM Tony Blair hugging Gaddafi.

Unmissable Cult Movies - John Carpenter's They Live

Están Vivos (They Live) - John Carpenter. from Morféo on Vimeo.

In Total Film's top 34 cult movies and available in full online. Also one of Tariq Ali's top picks and probably as contemporary as it ever will be.

Red Ice Radio Interviews Jay Weidner (2007)

First class interview again. Just when I think I probably wont hear another Jay Weidner interview where a lot of fresh topics are covered or old topics covered in new ways (or vice versa) this lands in my datastream. Well worth the listen.

Saturday 22 October 2011

Be Streetwise - David Icke To The Occupy Movement


Few people can talk so comprehensively for half an hour without a teleprompter. This is two decades of ringing the alarm bell condensed from the heart to the camera. David Icke  as you can see from this impassioned speech isn't jumping on the bandwagon. The rantings of this widely portrayed by mainstream media peculiar man, on the periphery of mainstream unconciousness (sic) has never looked more relevant. Judge for yourself.

Bangkok Galoshes

The Honda factory took a hit the other day and lost a fleet of new vehicles to the flooding which is less about Bangkok rain than northern rains spilling over the Chaophraya river as it makes its way south. Commuters have learned quickly that the high ground is the dry ground and so as Bangkok is threaded with overhead express-ways they are now used for parking. I've said it before but 19th century combustion engine technology sitting in 3/4 of a tonne of steel is a tech suppression reality. It's just capitalism which has no need for medical cures or zero point energy solutions as that puts the corporations out of business. It's naive and/or intellectually vacuous to have any other conclusion. But that wont last forever. Nothing does thank God.

FKN News

Deek covers the Gadaffi lynching in a couple of darkly satirical minutes. Our glorious allies have put his body on display inside a freezer stationed in a Shopping Mall. Starbucks while you fill up your car love?

Ancient Aliens & Earth Grids


This weeks episode of Ancient Aliens is  a gem. It's a bit hit and miss in the third series as they run out of steam and milk the topic, but the latest taps into the Earth Grid that coincidentally was last weeks topic of conversation between Red Ice Radio and Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. The New Grange neolithic site in Ireland covered in this episode was completely new to me. 3500 B.C. and it's in fantastic condition.

Friday 21 October 2011

Libyan Street Parties & Western Open Sewers

I'm revolted by the barbaric animals the Pentagon and NATO switched sides to prop up the disintegrating economic extraction model of perpetual war and fiat currency. The Anglo American hegemony in the oil rich middle East thrives on division, ignorance and vengeance. It profits from arms sales and peddles loans of increasingly worthless paper. 

The bloodied  pathetic and pleading-for-his-life pensioner above was brutal to his opponents while in power, but give me the animal tinpot dictator compared to the illness of institutionalised Western psychopathy. Our leaders, priests, generals and journalists don't have that spectrum of emotion. 

They are dull, very cowardly and mechanically evil. Nobody comes out of this looking remotely honourable.

Lunar Shadows

Responding to comments on the counter-intuitive nature of shadow directions in the Moon Castles & Pyramid post the video creator secureteam10 has provided an explanation which in his defence (I assume it's a he) is also NASA'S explanation for photographic shadow discrepancies  from the Apollo missions

I have too many questions now to argue either for or against the veracity of the shadows but this post I wrote is worth reading for a fuller picture.

Thursday 20 October 2011

Moon Castles & Pyramids

A lot of marriages have folded with researchers getting obsessed with lunar architecture. There's a ton of this stuff on the net and I don't question it given the supporting evidence I've learned elsewhere. However I never post this kind of stuf because photographic evidence should be secondary (to me). But this clip that was just uploaded is fresh and in my book superior to anything else I've seen.

So if intelligent life is on the moon, is that why Apollo never finished the mission and we can barely get a decent photograph of the lunar surface yet download new galaxies forming light millennia away? Is this why NASA just made the moon a no go zone even though it belongs just as much to us as it does to them?

We'll see.

North Sea Triangle

Cpt Robert McDonald, appearing on Kevin Smith's Show, tells of a 2009 voyage in which his ship (a Viking ship replica) encountered a USO (Unidentified Submarine Object) and was damaged. Men in black confiscated the ship's log and all documents. Electronics on the ship were melted. Cpt McDonald was later found to have an electronic implant and an unidentifiable cancer in his neck. There are so few mentions of North Sea Triangle on the web I'm posting it here. It's an incredible story.