Monday 23 November 2020

Sleaford Mods - Mork n Mindy Ft Billy Nomates

Mork 'n' Mindy, Action Man 'n' Cindy
I don't mess about
I make 'em kiss each other when my mum 'n' dad go out
No messing, no curtain twitching, no stressing
I don't hang about, I get 'em down and dirty
Then get 'em falling out, then get 'em flirty
Get 'em throwing plates at each other
'Cause that's what's it's all about
Oi, fuck off back to your own room, welcome
In the back room, when fuck all's going on, what's new?
And the plated scenes of that
I live on a really depressing cul de sac
Where couples get divorced
And people come up that you'd never seen before
Like that smell of cigars and oil twat
You go, too high, too low
It doesn't make a difference
I know, too high, too low
But the system won't go
Too high, too low
It doesn't make a difference
I know, too high, too low
But the system won't go
Mork 'n' Mindy, I got eagle eyes above me
I just hit it out, in beige and tan and stain proof kitchen mats
And out, house, pheasant just hanging about
Look at the seed pouch on the fucker, old man and his brother
Setting about, stinks like an old body, like mornings on the voddy
Shotgun lager hotty, like PornHub, sticking constantly
WiFi's gone all lo-fi, my arse is feeling too dry
Like crackers out at midnight, I can't be arsed with butter alright
You're not from round here, crashed landed about a week ago
Yeah, I feel for you, I do
The state of it is alarming, so don't presume anything
Or Blue Monday will someday become you
Well the furniture's the same, but the menu's rearranged
And your jokes won't land in the same space you're used to
You go, too high, too low
It doesn't make a difference
I know, too high, too low
But the system won't go
Too high, too low
It doesn't make a difference
I know, too high, too low
But the system won't go
I looked out on the throw outside of my window
Outside there wasn't anything nice to see
I wanted things to smell, like meadows not like hell
Dying dandelions and bumble bees
I looked out at the throw outside of my window
Outside there wasn't anything nice to see
I wanted things to smell, like meadows not like hell
Dying dandelions and bumble bees
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Andrew Robert Fearn / Jason Williamson / Victoria Maries
Mork n Mindy lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc



They're described as an Indie band, but in my mind they're space rappers. 

This is one sweet fucking track.

Saturday 21 November 2020

Israeli Prime Minister At Epstein's New York Townhouse

While researching on CSPAN, I came across a video of Joe Biden at AIPAC and found a segment that speaks loudly of his relationship with former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, pictured above discretely visiting Jeffrey Epstein's town house in New York before he was suicided.

I'm not talking about the somewhat comical double (or clone, for arguments sake) currently playing the Biden role. I'm talking about the hard-nosed, nasty piece of work Joe Biden the Ultra Zionist, who plotted the murder of his wife Neilia, and indirectly his 13 month old baby Naomi, to marry his babysitter, now his wife Dr Jill Biden. Who is just as bloodthirsty as sleepy joe

That Joe Biden had so much power, I kick myself when I recall Sam Ismail (I'm still not sure if that was his real name) remarked that Joe Biden, was 'white bread', when Obama was elected in 2008 and inaugurated in 2009.

If I'd bothered to research him, I'd have found out very quickly that no malarkey Joe, was a very dangerous DC operator, and that was magnified when he made VP pick. 

The reason for this post is I ask you to examine the brief clip I've posted above, because the body language by Ehud Barak, and the closeness of his relationship with Joe Biden is unprecedented, even in the disgusting and vile world of AIPAC.

Go ahead, take a look. 

Tell me what you see.

I can't even articulate it.

Monday 16 November 2020

Waterloo - 1970

It's another demonstration of airbrushed-history that most UK people have no idea that Napoleon fought and lost against the British, Prussians, Austrians and Russians simultaneously at Waterloo.

It's a bit like most British mistakenly believe that Churchill was the principle reason for victory against the Germans, and have no idea that the Soviets lost over a hundred times more troops getting to Berlin than the quarter of a million we lost unnecessarily due to an ethnic supremacy group (in Czechoslovakia) who were picking up Winston's bills.

Waterloo couldn't be made today, because we're so wealthy that employing so many film extras can't be done. Imagine the task of just feeding 16,000 extras, doing the make-up, costumes, horses, film crews and then shooting and watching dailies and reshoots .... impressive.

Although produced by Dino De Laurentiis, it took Soviet money to make Waterloo a reality and thus was appropriately directed by Sergei Bondarchuk assisted by Orson Welles, who plays a bloody marvellous and morbidly obese Louis XVIII.

The costumes are exceptional in this film, and it's worth watching just for that, the sets, and mind-boggling logistics commanded by a brilliant Rod Steiger as Napoleon, unlike Wellington playing Christopher Plummer (sic), as let's face it they're both interchangeable.

The scene that caught my eye was the Duchess of Richmond's Ball in Brussels, but mainly because I'm uncomfortable with battle scenes of horses falling at galloping speed to cannon and artillery fire.

Wellington and Napoleon were both born in the same year, had nepotistical promotions via their brothers, keenly read the works of Caesar and chose Hannibal as their favourite hero. They also shared two mistresses (at different times you understand) and even ate food prepared from the same personal chef.

If you're like me that's always a wink to synthetic history but there's no need to go there if you're unfamiliar with the subject.

Saturday 7 November 2020

Which Secret Society Calls Lower Ranking Members "Porch Monkeys"

The sine qua non of elite power is child rape blackmail. 

I had the misfortune today of spending time with Masonic linked paedophiles, but I wanted to take a closer look, and I sure got the full download. 

The company where I found the banter of having sex with minors unusually iterative is called Greencore. They deliver sandwiches and other convenience foods to CTNs such as McColls and One Stop.

The recruitment agency that mediated the introduction is called The Best Connection. By that they mean they are connected to the fraternities that line each others pockets, and that connection is more important than the quality or value of work, indeed this was openly discussed about The Best Connection by Greencore management, but it's a back scratching relationship so it's tolerated not solved.

They're not the only ones who flagged themselves up as open to leverage from Fraternal connections. I also had a similar experience from another agency called Pertemps Recruitment who made the error of claiming contractual collapse with their client in Totton...

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Clones & Body Doubles

The subject of clones and body doubles is one I usually avoid as I couldn't in the past see how a clone could be used, outside of exceptional circumstances such as the safety of world leaders.

However, it's widely accepted that leaders like Kim Jong-un, Putin, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi have all used body doubles. This is only disputed by ignorance and not serious research. You'd be surprised how close to home the subject is in the UK.

Do you remember when many of us claimed Hillary Clinton used a body double at the 9/11 ceremony? That's the one time I referred to the subject because it was so obvious.

I now understand the wider use of doubles and clones in the last few years. 

Sharing the information isn't in my interest, so I'll leave it to the reader to put forward a reason that provides a logical answer. 

It gives me great hope that the wildest information dovetails neatly with not only the information I have, but also what is occurring now.

It's a crazy time to be living. 

Monday 2 November 2020

If Only There Was A Vaccine - There's Never Been A Vaccine Like This

The dye used in the vaccine is called Luciferase (it's just marketing or revelation of the method if one is informed).

I embed these videos because they are scrubbed from Youtube as quick as they are uploaded. Everyone should be concerned about the information in this short clip.

Notice: Bill Gates (son of a eugenicist) is wearing a suit with Christmas Trees as the pattern. 

Let's see how Chrimbo works out for you this year (I don't celebrate authorised events).

Just a hunch.