Sunday 30 October 2022

The Clot Thickens

The pale clot structures are simply the wet blood clots laid out to dry and loosened free of the blood residue as they're so unusual morticians, phlebotomists and undertakers can only speculate what they're related to, with the number one suspect of graphene oxide/hydroxide in the injections. They are nano structures which are capable of self-assembly. There are a few TED talks on the subject.

I don't endorse the documentary maker of the clip embedded above. He's sharp but rose too quickly and his merchandise pitch is just another Alex Jones template. No good can emerge from it.

That said, I endorse all the content in the trailer specifically, and can corroborate everything that is said and more. Even the guy with his back to the camera. It's Dr Ryan Cole, MD Pathologist trained at The Mayo Clinic. You may recall I highlighted his conclusions on cancer-acceleration, boosted by contemporary therapies.

When a parent instructs a child on a course of action and is ignored, say three or six times, it's normal to assume the child is disobeying either purposefully or wilfully neglecting to prioritise.

...let's say you're in favour of the injections. You feel better in a world where Government, Big Pharma and Big-Budget-Media are sincere about their intentions towards your well-being. It's seductive, it's a-lot-less-bovver than hovering over a tricky subject, unsure and nervous of plunging into the logarithmic pain/information curve. 

I get that. You take care of your well-being as you see fit.

Logic says infants and children are uninformed. The consequences are irreversible. Don't expect the injected to be sympathetic in the future.

Lord of the Dance

I first heard this rendition of Lord of the Dance 11 weeks ago during the musical intermission of a podcast. I don't think I've heard it for three or four decades, and it celebrates an unanswered question I've long held that is absent in all three of the Abrahamic faiths. 

The Torah, Bible and Quran are empty on human warmth, such as our God given and divine ability to laugh, embrace, sing, dance, hug, write, draw and play musical instruments.

It's took me 10 weeks to track down. I tried to find it from memory by jumping around YouTube versions, but nothing was quite hitting the spot. It's the bass singer that makes it memorable.

Eventually I found the recording by trawling through the archives, and then played it to my phone to get the details. It's The Salisbury Cathedral Choir.

Along the way I came across a name stealers version on Radio 3. Have a listen if you can to Aaron Copeland 

It's the same right? I did a bit of digging and the melody was originally written by J Bracketts and called "Simple Gifts". It's a Shaker song written and composed in 1848, generally attributed to Elder Joseph Brackett from Alfred Shaker Village.

However, if you go to Aaron Copeland's website, he takes the credit for the work, and is awarded musical prizes and everything, yet makes no mention of the writer of the music. Look at him. An avuncular chap like him nicking someone's work and grafting the Shaker theme into the ballet he premiered it with.

Now then, do I conflate Zionists with the Sons and Daughters of Shem?

Absolutely not. What do you think I am. A pedestrian and odious racist?

One of my favourite past times is speaking another language.

Hammer Time

All I said in the comment was the Pelosi story is fake news and the reaction was visceral. I feel I've displayed tremendous restraint not taking the lot of them to court.

The obvious inaccuracies and logical fallacies in the report of an 83-year-old homosexual valiantly fighting off his hammer wielding lover, it's all-over social media and let's face it...

It's not the first time an attack was staged against MAGA. I am grieved to read your harsh judgements. Well let's see how the Pelosi attack Pans out. Do you remember the last rush to judgement?

I can boil an egg. I have seen it done - W Churchill

Thursday 27 October 2022


Sir Christopher Robert Chope OBE MP - "Wouldn't Touch A Booster With A Barge Pole"

Those are his exact words. The video is embedded below if that helps.

Tuesday 25 October 2022


Myocarditis has been removed from the NHS website. I bring salient information on the subject in the video above for the information hungry.


It's been quite some time since anything as new and thought provoking as this, has come along. It's a good introduction to the self-control and somewhat indomitable spirit of Billy, known to most as Paul McCartney.

There was a time when I couldn't understand how Billy just stepped into Paul's shoes. Well, the more you know...

If it was cut down to a few minutes, it would make a good entree into the Paul is Dead material for the young and/or uninitiated. 

It took me a few years to take seriously, and then it's all too serious, despite the fairly extensive entertainment.

I don't agree with everything here, and neither should you. That's what having an opinion means.

Monday 24 October 2022

Celebrity Glitch

This is all over Twitter this morning. 

I rarely discuss celebrities, but I did invoke Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber's Ramsay Hunt syndrome this year, here and here. The one thing the injections are good at is sterilizing people and passing the spike proteins onto breast feeding babies.

The glitches and 'died suddenly' events are there but depopulation through sterilization is the bigger story.

Anybody up for Tainted Blood?

Friday 21 October 2022

Dr Asseem Malhotra

Had the jabs himself yet has the courage to change his views when presented with new evidence.

Excess mortalities are up in quite a few places.