Thursday, 19 September 2013

Headshot - Thai Crime Thriller - ฝนตกขึ้นฟ้า

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Most (but not all) Thai movies aren't sophisticated enough to hold my attention, and generally speaking I'm not a fan of Crime Thrillers. Headshot goes against that grain. 

It's well directed, beautifully shot, with real care and attention to detail and has a reasonable script if you can suspend disbelief on the central premise that the Thai Police and Thai criminals are invariably competing teams for the same chunk of business.

The full film is available on Youtube and posted below, but I can assure you that wont last forever. Watch it quickly if you enjoy a good crime thriller movie. It's certainly one of the better Thai Movies I've seen for a while. It's quite sexy too in a grown up kind of way that is usually trivialized in Thai culture.