Friday 18 February 2022

Time For My 3rd Dose.. Oops, Swollen Heart.

The first two don’t do much but the third and forth are magic. I always take more of something that doesn’t work, to make sure it really doesn’t work.

I've probably seen around a hundred of these examples on social media where it's really hard work not to laugh, as obviously he's got a lot of future health risks associated with Pericarditis, but at least he's not statistically going to be dead in five years according to the myocarditis data.

Look, all we're saying is .GOV, Big Pharma and Legacy Media are proven liars and it doesn't matter how much they repeat 'safe and effective', they're still in the testing stage and the data is in.

Do your research before any more injections. 

Thursday 17 February 2022

Targeted Individual?

I don't mind the higher ups having a grudge with me. Sure they targeted 500 Palestinian children only in 2014 as those are my two key activist themes, but that karma is on them. It's the petit bourgeoisie, the porch-monkey masons and the entire milieu of lowlifes and below average intellects who are so easily purchased for a few pieces of silver. Fortunately many of them will have had their injections so they can see who they've partnered up with and watch how that pans out with their friends and family in the coming months and years with Vaccine Induced Syndrome (VAIDS).

When I first saw the clip above I found it disturbing. 

For a start it passes the sniff test. 

The man is physically well formed from many hard hours in the gym, he's stylishly kitted out, and appears to be heading to the gym or maybe returning home from a session.

He looks like he's in real distress, struggling to gain control of his rucksack and unlike most image-conscious gym rats he's fighting for his life on a busy road in what looks like damp or wet conditions.

No, this guy is not acting. His extended legs in the air, are in an inexplicable manner, as if under some kind of external magnetic control. The words external control should trigger the alert readers, as there are now scientific papers on the relationship between graphenenano circuitry in covid vaccinations and 5G.

I can't say for sure but it looks to me that guy in the video is externally controlled and I only know one method (methodology obviously being a word about the study of methods and not the method itself).

Monday 14 February 2022

President of The Ukraine Exposes UK & US Warmongering [NATO]

President Zelenski tries his best to calm the Ukrainian people down and the outside forces [Usual Players] who foment death and destruction as this blog has written about many times.

Lot's of these memes are old and use the word Jews where Zionists are the correct term. The image below is of a Jew and a Muslim working together for peace in The Ukraine. Jews attend the synagogue. Zionists are always near the death and destruction from 9/11 to The Ukraine (where they collaborate with Nazis).