Saturday 29 December 2012

Israel & Iran - A Love Story

A lovely TED talk.

Christianity's Conversion To Emperor Constantine

This is very good though I can't help but be suspicious of Portillo since the gossip of his taste in young boys has emerged from the Savile scandal though of course that may be all it is. Just gossip. He comes across as authentic unlike Dirty Dave Aaronovitch and Andrew Neil who both vigorously defended Lord McAlpine.

I'm coming to the conclusion that if the Flavian dynasty's creation of the typological Jesus (a literature genre of the time) is accurate, it's been the biggest double edged sword of history and a philosophical anomaly to deism that is worth discussing with atheists. Fascinating stuff and this episode is a great example of the politics of supplanting religion where an Emperor wants it.

Update: The Portillo movie was removed so I replaced it with the best. Professor Freedman of Yale who is single handedly responsible for teaching me the Early Middle Ages.

Friday 28 December 2012

Targeted Individuals Of Psychotronic Attacks

People who think tin foil hats are a joke are just badly informed that in fact tinfoil hats are one way to protect victims or targeted individuals as they are properly called from psychotronic attacks by the likes of the CIA and Military Laboratories experimenting with this technology for decades now. 

Don't believe me? 

Please watch the evidence. 

The entire show is on Youtube but I've picked out the important chunk above and the official proceedings below. We should sympathise with these people. They really are living hell.

People Are Saying Jimmy Savile Is Living As A Reptilian In Royal Skin

Intelligent people recognise that I treasure the moral parts of the United States and the United Kingdom. People of limited intelligence assume I'm a hater. Not so. I want a great future for all of us. So does The Artist Taxi Driver.

Spy Vs Spy - Shall We Play A Game #QAnon

When General Petraeus moved from DoD to CIA and Leon Panetta moved from DoD to CIA I sensed a broader strategic aim than the individual job functions. I gave it some thought and came away with a hypothesis that mocked the corporate media's radio silence on the subject.

It occurred to me given the depth of depravity the CIA engages in (e.g. JFK assassination, drug trafficking, Beta Sex Slaves and Mind Control of paedophile victims as well as filming and blackmailing power elite politicians in the US Senate) and the warmongering iniquity of the Pentagon that the way to neutralize both of them is to get them to be at war with each other.

My analysis concluded that QAnon had pulled off a highly creative if not genius move of "castling" the Defence and Spying institution leadership. In this way you'd have CIA and DIA less easy to distinguish. It is my suggestion that this is the best way to create inter department conflict which is a good basis for slimming down both organizations i.e. do what the CIA has done to a hundred countries around the world; divide and rule them with competition from Defence Intelligence. 

My last thought on this matter or rather extending the thinking further is to merge the two entities of CIA & Defence, and then let them slug it out for who gets to keep their jobs. You do this by encouraging civil war within the new entity though to a lesser extent in Defence and Defence Intelligence for historical and hardware reasons. In this manner we get everybody ratting on everybody, but only the best survive with Obama in charge figuring out which factions are necessary to succeed. The result at the end is a slimmer intelligence and warmongering agenda betweĆ’en both DoD and CIA.  Or to put it simply only one army drone bombing their allies Pakistan and Yemen and thus easier to control.

Naturally this process means there will be less involvement in drugs and a general clean up of the pus that is the American (and British if they are smart enough to take my advice) spying business.

One must be familiar with the CIA's influence over the New York Times and the DIA & ONI's preference for controlling the Washington Post to reach the conclusion I have, but I can provide additional links if requested privately.

A lot is going on in front of our very eyes if we just discard what the corporate media are saying. Their inability to see what 9/11 is all about is beyond fiction. 

They Are Worthless.

Update: It appears the turf war is between the NSA and the CIA. The NSA is of course run by the military so my hypothesis has some credence but now takes a new twist.

Update 6 years later in 2018: Maybe somebody was listening and took my advice? 

The Conversation England Can't Have

In all my years on the internet I've never seen anything so tightly suppressed as the banned in UK Documentary "Unlawful Killing". You may not be able to see it or download it but at least you can see the reaction to it from abroad. It will bring down the Windsors if the British people get to see it. Not instantly but certainly with a year or two.

Thursday 27 December 2012

2012 - It Reigned

Why Is Yahweh Such A Bloody Manipulative Psychopath?

The father of Jesus and inspiration for the Abrahamic faiths of Islam, Judaism and Christianity is a murderous, psychopathic and genocidal being who creates universes one day and gets upset about women menstruating in his temple the next. The blood issue is real important because in all the Abrahamic texts of the mind controlled fanatics of religion who put the lithographic printed press word of God before humanity, it is blood that the father, God, Yahweh, Allah figure seems to have an obsession with and so I invite you to do your research and listen to the Italian biblical scholar who has come to conclude that the psycho murdering God of all these wicked and manipulative texts across the Abrahamic faiths is an off planet being with special powers

By all means worship an Extra Terrestrial God with mind control powers, but slaughtering humans in E.T.'s name is the mark of an unevolved mind. 

It's the sure sign of a God or Yahweh or Allah that is the product of a mind half a chromosome away from a monkey and I don't care how poetical that is written in blood.

I may in the final analysis have made a mistake in my conclusion after 30 years of research and questioning my own premises, but unlike 'believers', I have frequently changed my mind when it is presented with new information. This is far more challenging than believing in something and never having to think again. 

My pandeism view of creation is one that fits very comfortably with all areas of my investigative journey including quantum physics, cosmogony, archaeology, history, theology, philosophy and bonkers strange stuff you probably don't want to touch but it is not mind controlled and certain it has an answer that is open to development and improvement. 

It is certain that the monotheistic God of the Abrahamic faiths is an arch manipulator that stops people from covering the ground I have.

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Do You Know Your Groton From Your Andover & Exeter? Gore Vidal on Elite Education

John Taylor Gatto says exactly the same thing as Gore Vidal here. The power elite are all trained at a clutch of very exclusive schools to manage the rest of society. What's interesting or rather more illuminating is Vidal admitting that even within the power elite there's the wealthy and the super wealthy. He also raises the point that George Carlin used in his comedy routines, which is that there is often no conspiracy for this super wealthy power-elite group in many many instances. They don't need to conspire because it goes without saying what is good for their exclusive group and if that means bloodshed for us in foreign lands or austerity at home then so be it.

Update: Laurie Penny reminds us that Eton indoctrinate their students to be callous and manipulative

Gore Vidal At The Smithsonian

I've been going through Gore Vidal's talks on Youtube because he's so erudite and has a long historical view of issues rather than the snappy soundbite. I like him immensely and even more because he confirms in this talk the influence of Bohemian Grove for the global power elite and for a few other issues that once were filed under conspiracy theory but which are now increasingly understood as reality that is desperately being covered up by the people who own 80-90% of everything most folk interact with. 

Everything from food to attention spans. Think about that.

Monday 24 December 2012

Israel's King David - Historically Unreliable & Archaeologically Threadbare

This is superb documentary making and turns Israel's claims of a Kingdom of David to dust. This of course means the claims on Jerusalem are far less grounded in reality than the Northern King of Omri, and that Judah and Israel were never united under King David.

Israel's existing claims to the land through archaeology are backfiring against them increasingly harshly, and any evidential based researcher can reach no other conclusion. 

Francesca Stavrakopoulou is an extraordinary scholar and presenter blessed with a freshness and clarity that bursts off the screen. She really brings the topic to life in an engaging and neutral manner.

Maybe Israel needs to rebrand and focus on it's roots in Omri and leave Jerusalem to the other Abrahamic faiths to work out why they are being manipulated into conflict over issues that are non-human?

I might also add that if the BBC stuck to producing world class content like this instead of telling lies and concealing the truth in their daily news theatre which goes against the scholarly findings of academia and scientific archaeology such as the example above I would support their licence fee. 

Unfortunately content like this gets one airing and the news is day in and day out repetition of warmongering, as you can see how Syria is being framed with Iran next while the BBC sucks up to Saudi Arabia, Washington D.C., Tel Aviv and of course Westminster.

Sunday 23 December 2012

Psychopath Gods Are Paternal & Monotheistic

We haven't got the hard evidence we need to prove the influences are off planet, but we do know that more than one God realised that the best way to manipulate humanity is to take the middle East (as opposed to the literate societies of say China at the time), strip away the female deities (God was normally associated with fertility, nature and birth) and then fillet all other Gods out of the Equation. The Jews were the first to do this (or to be manipulated into doing this) by the psychopath we call Yahweh and who has suspiciously off planet powers. 

Either way monotheism is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity. We used to tolerate hundreds if not thousands of Gods. Now it's toe to toe between Islam and Judaism with the real psychopath referee of Christianity playing the good guy. It's a guy of course. Paternalism is essential to cutting off your opponents genitals and then their heads as religion loves to do.

Francesca Stavrakopolou presents this series that I've just discovered and I'm quite sure she is very familiar with Marija Gimbutas who I've blogged about before but I just wonder if she's up to speed on with bible scholar Mario Biglino's interpretation of the sacred texts as off planet manipulation including very specific references to life in space. 

The Gods came down from heaven to Earth. Well that's what off planet beings do right?

Rogert Scruton & Terry Eagleton

Ostensibly this talk is about culture but that's such a flabby word I prefer to use counterculture to define where the debate is at.

I can't imagine these two people disagreeing on anything important in life except the labels they use (and are obliged to defend). Against my expectation as I'm huge fan I found Eagleton (not his real name) applying labels more ubiquitously. I've not listened to Scruton before and found him very charming and gracious, but in the end it is the name checking these two scholars are able to apply to history and historical figures that makes it fascinating. You know... bit of Shakespeare  bit of Roman and bit of Greek along with a history of the Western Orchestra? That kind of thing.

It's not actually a great talk. It just mentions stuff worth thinking about or looking up.

Friday 21 December 2012

Ex Editor Of The Sunday Times Calls Me A Demented Tosser

When the media elite came out to defend the alleged paedophile Lord McAlpine and crushed the rising suspicion of the British people I wrote a post explaining that Lord McAlpine has a long history of not suing people and a taste for prepubescent girl art. Andrew Neil can sue me any day of the week if he is prepared to pay my costs to the UK including a Business Class Air Ticket. It will be my pleasure to stand up for the victims. Here is my mobile phone number +66 8 47334769

Dinner Guest No.1

I know I'm not so wrong when I listen to Emile de Antonio and half way through realise only 400 people have watched this video. That's the future.


Thursday 20 December 2012

Hitchens On C-SPAN

An excellent hour with Hitchens from when he hadn't sold himself out to the Neocons and their fake, hollow, greedy and racist wars.

Wednesday 19 December 2012

The Centaur Queen of England & The Cabinet Meeting

Very amusing. I'm quite sure however that we'll have our day when we get to dig up the grounds of Balmoral Castle where the Royal Family perform their occult rituals including those that use children.

Weird - How Much Of Sandy Hook Is Fiction?

Sandy Hook mentioned in the movie Dream House

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Forget the NHS. Britain Euphoric Over Queen Elizabeth Land

Until the British let go of their ego driven attachment to institutions like the BBC and the Royal Family their standard of living and standards of care for those who are in in need will continue to circle the drain.

The Crocodile Tears of Cameron & Obama

Cameron was first off the starting blocks to sell guns to the petro-monarchies crushing the Arab spring and Obama personally oversees double tap child executions by remote drones. He chooses the victims and watches the kills. He does not watch the double tap kills where the US drone murders the people turning up to assist the victims or attend the victim's funerals. He leaves that to the Camp Lemonier drone operators.

What goes around comes around.

Monday 17 December 2012

My Husband Is Planning An Accident In My Car - The Banned Princess Diana Documentary

"Unlawful Killing" directed by Keith Allen by presstv

This is the hardest film to locate on the internet. I've been searching torrents for a year or so with no luck and there's an injunction on Google or something even listing that it's not available. The same people that covered up the power paedophile network also locked down the real story of the murder of Princess Diana. That is the Royal Family and the British media who don't even have to be told what to do. They are subservient parasites. You should watch this because it wont be there forever. It's dynamite.

Update: Repeated attempts to post this video have failed due to take down notices so I've posted the next best thing. The Press TV show about the film. It is still worth watching.

Update: Try this upload while it lasts.

Watch Unlawfull Killing - Princess Diana Murder in Channels  

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Power To The People

For people everywhere but in particular the peoples of Bahrain and Egypt who are getting shafted by US foreign policy of putting their selfish needs before the needs of ordinary humans. The perpetual war central banking model of empire. 

Why Is The BBC So Spineless About Saudi Arabia?

I'm still hopping mad about Zeinab Badawi's disgraceful interview with Mr Assange where she treated him like he was in a military tribunal. If anyone can find a BBC interview where a single tough question is asked of Saudi you will be performing miracles. Why? Because like the British Isles the BBC is gutless when it is told who to suck up to.

The US and the UK are in bed with the most vile and demented religious fundamentalists on Earth while preaching to others about something they are too enslaved to understand. Freedom starts with criticism of power not criticism political prisoners caged in tiny London embassies. Shame on you BBC, Shame on you. Shame on you. And fuck you like you fucked those kids over while making Jimmy Savile tribute programs.

Update: Pat Condell is a Zionist apologist. He may have got it right on Saudi but oh my, he's covered in meconium when it comes to Israel. What a tool.

BBC Blasts The Butcher Of Bangkok

The only reason the BBC blast the former PM of Thailand Abhisit (Mark) Vejjajiva is because the democrats are anti New World Order and Ultra Royalist so the BBC agenda here is to prevent this tosser getting elected again. 

As the BBC and my interests are the same here I'll share the video but it's important to remember that unlike the BBC I don't use people when it suits me without full disclosure. The BBC needs to be broken up and the decent cultural and art parts retained in some manner but the news is all corporate and militarist agenda. The British people shouldn't have to pay a licence fee for lies lies lies lies lies.

As an aside both the Royalists and the Pro Thaksin camps will criticize me because my allegiance is with humanity and not tribal. I know what Thaksin is going to sell off when he returns (the crown jewels?) and I know the censorship that the military gag Thailand with and exploit the Royal Family over.

Monday 10 December 2012

Was Barack Obama A Pre-Identified President?

Washington State lawyer and Cambridge Philosophy Master Degree graduate Andrew Basiago claims that modern presidents (I think from Carter onwards as George Green claims in this interview) are informed beforehand of their presidency and are then guided by the usual suspects (banks, military, spooks) through a set of experiences to equip them to do the job of serving the bean counters most effectively.

It's fantastic of course but from time to time a piece of concrete information emerges that fits so neatly into the narrative that it brings up the topic fresh again. Listen to the postman above who met Obama as a young man in Chicago. Ignore the partisan bullshit these video makers feel obliged to indulge in. All sides of the political debate are corrupt and serve Wall Street first and foremost.

My scepticism issue with Andrew Basiago is he doesn't have much philosophical to say and even seems somewhat naive. That doesn't mean everything he says isn't true. I wrote about him a bit back here but what interests me lately is every time a piece of information emerges to support his claim. A mainstream media servant does a hit piece on him like Wired Magazine over here and then the latest was on Stephen Colbert and covered by Salon

Why would the mainstream media make repeated efforts to discredit him?

If you follow the story there are now two witnesses who back up Andrew Basiago's claims. That doesn't mean they're authenticated, as there is evidence of mind control/MKULTRA in the story if you research the topic, but it isn't so easy to dismiss either.

Sunday 9 December 2012

Medvedev Redefines The Art Of Plausible Deniability

It's like when Savile repeatedly made jokes about young girls on on air. Nobody believed him. Kudos to Medvedev for realising this and making sure he will only say it once. It's plausible deniability whichever we the story is interpreted.

Pret A Manger & McDonalds In London & New York

It's no coincidence that exploited workers on both sides of the Atlantic are  unable to take any more and are taking action at the same time. Webster Tarpley is doing incredible work on strategy for underpaid fast food workers. There's a whole podcast he did (or check the one before the link) over on his website that people in London should be paying attention to if they are being exploited by greedy corporations that use the word passionate a lot in their advertising.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Jay Weidner - Archons & The Waking World

One of Jay Weidner's best interviews for a while. Either he's getting better at synthesis or somebody is giving him information if his increased manner of conviction is anything to go by - possibly both.

It's worthwhile spending time with the subject of Archons so I've tagged it below in case you want to look around.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Terence McKenna's CIA Collaboration

Jan Irvin has made the mistake of thinking brute logic and rational arguments are more persuasive than being charming, witty, kind and humble. Ever since he picked up on the trivium as a tool for determining higher resolution on reality he has become haughty and pompous. I wouldn't be surprised if his girlfriend had left him in and his mum doesn't love him so much (just kidding).

However that doesn't mean he has not done us a huge service by outing Terence McKenna as on the CIA books. I know that will not compute for many of you. How can a man who evangelized magic mushrooms and DMT be collaborating with the CIA?

Well we don't know the full extent of his relationship but if you are mature enough to sit down with the evidence and determine for yourself, you will see without question that reason says he was promoting memes and narratives that were not always of his own choice though they may have often overlapped with his own views.

My challenge in coming to terms with this information began with the Aquarian Conspiracy that I blogged back here. I simply couldn't digest that the 60's counter culture revolution was started by the CIA. All those hippies, drugs and free sex was another way for the powers that be to manage a chunk of the population so that they thought other people's ideas were their own when in fact institutions like the Esalen Institute peddle these memes or cultural movements and are even responsible for propagating the 2012 date as a point of cyclical change. It can lead to large groups of people becoming ineffective dreamers. The New Age movement has been susceptible to this and has handed over much over their sovereignty and dignity to channelled messages (though they are interesting to analyse for meta narratives and obvious manipulation)

It's hard to grasp why something so convincing could contain falsehoods but I can rattle off a number of issues that corroborate McKenna as CIA collaborator and cultural narrative driver. I will always enjoy most of his work but from now on I can tune out when he waffles on about transhumanism and eschatology or transformational objects at the end of time. I still think something is happening but I'm more responsible for it's outcome than Terence McKenna and actually that's self evident to those who follow me on Twitter where I put in a lot of work pulling back the veil of corporate and institutional lying in the media and so forth.

I will continue to enjoy Terence McKenna on many many subjects for his stimulating and extensive knowledge but maybe like you I put too much trust in him (and my own judgement) and so for the opportunity to stand up on my own two feet we have Jan Irvin to thank.

This doesn't mean entheogens are bad. They're bigger than any CIA cultural back burner pimping narrative pilot-light in case a wider cultural meme is needed in the future. It also doesn't mean 2012 isn't the start of great transformational change. It is all around us. I suspect Terence would be smiling a bit at this but it's fair to say his smuggling of marijuana into the United States as traveller around Asia was probably used as blackmail to keep his ass out jail.

I suspect the mushroom told him the error of his ways one day too. Hat's off to Jan Irvin. Great courage and persistence is required to ground our idols instead of leaving them carelessly and eternally in the heavens. None of us are that good.

Here is the CIA Freedom of information act release that confirms the CIA had a relationship with Terence that they do not wish to share with the public.

TerenceMcKenna CIA FOIAresponse02

A video explaining my latest short article on "How Darwin, Huxley, and the Esalen Institute launched the 2012 and psychedelic revolutions -- and began one of the largest mind control operations in history." Located at: 

This video is the first to reveal the background origins of the Esalen institute through Aldous and Julian Huxley, both grandson's of Charles Darwin's "Bulldog" Sir. Thomas Henry Huxley. The Huxleys helped found the Esalen institute to promote Julian Huxley's eugenics, humanism, transhumanism and feminism to manipulate middle class Americans into following their agenda through psychedelics and the new age movement. 

This is not to say that psychedelics or entheogens don't have value, it just means that devious people have usurped them and created a false movement to fool people into thinking that they've completed their task of freeing their minds. 

As McKenna says in one quote found shortly after we film this video: 

"This was in '67 when I was a sophomore in college. The interest in altered states of consciousness came simply from, I don't know whether I was a precocious kid or what, but I was very early into the New York literary scene, and even though I lived in a small town in Colorado, I subscribed to the Village Voice, and there I encountered propaganda about LSD, mescaline, and all these experiments that the late beatniks were involved in. Then I read The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell, and it just rolled from there. That was what really put me over. ***I respected Huxley as a novelist, and I was slowly reading everything he'd ever written, and when I got to The Doors of Perception I said to myself, "There's something going on here for sure.***"

~ Terence McKenna - From Mushrooms, Elves, and Magic.

See this thread on the Gnostic Media website:

Academia Openly Lecturing On Apollo Moon Landing/Stanley Kubrick's Use Of Front Screen Projection

The crucial point here is to understand that NASA did go to the moon but they sure as hell didn't show us the real films (which are now conveniently lost) and instead used Kubrick to do "backup film" of the landing from a studio in London. 

It is here that Kubrick developed and perfect the art of front screen projection.

Once you watch the explanatory video which is a film class on front screen projection (all three parts) you'll never look at Apollo footage and miss the tell tale line where a screen is used to project the background. 

You have a choice in life. You can either believe your tell-lie-vision programming or spend a few hours researching it and have your own mind made up by your own mind. 

Some people aren't used to it.

Clif High & Shifting Sands

Unless you've been following the whole Webbots and Remote Viewing coincindence hypothesis this probably isn't going to be much used to you but I got real kick out of visualizing the Himalayas scrunching up over weeks not years and the Cheops pyramid being at the centre of the worlds largest land mass acting as a rotation point for the entire continent.

This thinking certainly explains those mountains where the newest fossils are on the top and the oldest are on the bottom right? I gotta say I find Clif's ideas are the most provocative and stimulating thinking around and what's more they may even be on the bullseye.

He links Patrick Geryl and Maurice Cotterell for using the same cosmic maths. That's interesting too. Interesting cement.