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The great state of California used to have the 5th largest economy in the world. This is the governor gaVin Newsom. 

Coming to a neighbourhood near you. 

Make your own mind up.

1. the prefix meta- comes from a Greek word meaning “beyond” or “change.” 2. the root morph comes from a Greek word meaning “shape.”1. the prefix meta- comes from a Greek word meaning “beyond” or “change.” 2. the root morph comes from a Greek word meaning “shape.”


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One To Watch - Dom_Lucre


Thursday 28 September 2023

The Palimpsest



Tuesday 26 September 2023

Another One Bites The Dust (Bye Bye Dan)

One of the most vicious crackdown tyrants during the Scamdemic any where in the world was leader for Victoria, Dan Andrews who is responsible for crimes against humanity, including the use of rubber bullets on freedom fighters.

Like Jacinda Ardern (NZ), Mark Rutte (NL) and the last domino to fall (soon) Justin Trudeau (CAN), Andrew embraced his lockdown powers with a particular relish and arrogance that was hard to bear for those who put aside interesting pursuits to get on with the job of calling out the worst transgressions of the so called 'International Community' or 'Rules Based Order'. Obnoxious to the sentient, succour to Simps.

If anyone doubts 'the plan', that's because they're reliant on the media for information. The Plan, is going according to plan. Looking Glass? 

Expand your thinking.

It's a good day for humanity.

Monday 25 September 2023

Sunday 24 September 2023

Is This Why Russell Brand Needs To Be Destroyed?

You have more than you know.

The Times - Tampering Rape Evidence?

If we analyse closely the text message published by The Times who commenced the media smear I published a few months ago, it's clear that from the words 'means' the text is more blurred than the rest of the message. It's possible SIS and/or the usual suspects gave The Times faked evidence so all I can suggest is one more time, heed my warning post back here.

When we zoom in and magnify that part of the image, the tampering line becomes more obvious with the blue border jutting out at that point more than anywhere else. This evidence-tampering I'm sharing isn't to exonerate Brand X, it's to demonstrate how far the pseudo reality fabrication extends. It's revealing of their motives and propensity to overcook the egg.

Brand X is the sex addict junkie, the media nurtured over many years and propelled to fame. They manufactured him, protected him and hypnotised the unwitting public with shagger of the year award, and now he is rapist of the year. I didn't know Brand X, That comedy style is one I've now looked into and to me isn't funny at all, and so I only really became aware of his work as his spiritual awakening grew. I now understand why so many loathed him and struggle to give him a chance now. I'm biased too, when someone disgusts me like the fraternal publican employer, who enjoyed showing old age pensioners being anally fisted with punching actions, it's difficult for me to change my mind.

Russell Brand is a reformed character who has an extraordinary body of pro human work going back over a decade and demonstrating the growth in him. It's inconceivable that violence or rape isn't repugnant in any shape or form, and thus a very crucial point is driven home with respect to the reconciliation the haters and the supporters would ideally discuss. His eyes are now compassionate and so I urge critics to dive into his Youtube channel and just mosey about. I don't agree with all his views but there's no hint of that odious Brand X character that I knew very little about, on account of my distrust of media celebrities.

The media controllers really need to be on trial (for genocide first) and the evidence that Russell Brand isn't Brand X is embedded in the Dispatches documentary, who know they have produced a hit job on Russell Brand, and to ameliorate that, have attached his video response to the end of the original program at Channel4 online. It's just one of many evidence points I've acquired over the last few days and that will be a conversation nobody wants to have, but the first people who deserve that chance and with respect and compassion are the victims of Brand X who can call me on 07466 705882.

This goes way deeper than most people are strong enough to handle, but the victims can emancipate themselves with the information I've acquired. The X steganography is a topic we've been following for a while and now it is abundantly clear, so pay attention to those Xs folks.

Please note, on this subject I'm seemingly allowed to write again. It's probably because it's perceived to be in their favour. Setting myself up as it were.That's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Many others are doing it unwittingly.

You have more than you know.

Saturday 23 September 2023

Stay Away From X Brand - Those Rockets Are Rusted Through


These are all uploaded to a server that can't be taken down (I can, this computer can and this blog can). Let's see how long I last on X where I get one viewer on a tweet if I'm lucky. If I do digital backflips I score and X learns and adapts it's censorship Algo.

I live in Sc-iFi world, (not this, this is beginners class) we are not the same.

Friday 22 September 2023


Meet The New Boss - Same As The Old Boss

Tweeted, is a hard word to say on X. 

In the future the only word people will need is X, it will mean everything and nothing at all. The old guard vs new guard dialectic is fascinating to observe, except they're going to throw Jews under a bus and the Zionists will do what they've always done. They will jump ship like the Neocons did when the Left started waking up about Israelism

I'm so old the Neocons have jumped back to the NeoLiberals again. The partisans never reject a free ride.

You have more than you know.

Thursday 21 September 2023



Cathy O'Brien is the red pill I took that shattered my sleep. You can read all the posts going back years about her.

In the beginning a few knew her story, and now she's doing interviews with large content producers on X. I don't think Dr Kek is niche any more, but you decide for yourself.

The only radio 1 DJ to play music that created growing awareness about NAZI MKULTRA was the legendary Andy Weatherall who died in my mind prematurely.

MKULTRA will be mainstream. It might be today, it might take 15 years but for the kind of people I meet, it's fairly common knowledge.

It's also a rabbit hole in the middle of mine field. Everyone makes their own mind up in the end or not, as it were.


When the Channel Four - Dispatches Scandal broke, I jerked upright, like a BOLT of electricity had gone through me, and sort of glazed over robotically like a Manchurian Candidate about to dive off the high board into the second most divisive 'conspiracy theory ' scrap on the internet since Julian Assange was framed for rape in Sweden.

At first the mediated version of events (tear jerking sax solos, female silhouettes texting hurriedly in the UBER enroute to console the sex addict and Z-list junkie Rusty McDusty AKA Russell 'Rocket' Brand.

People I've followed for anywhere between 15 days to 15 years, from Twitter to X had gone insane. These people are good people; the very best. They don't trust the mob, the media or AKA the Uniparty wings of the same craven bird.

We have always inexplicably concurred on some of the thorniest issues of our time without waiting to share our views. Emancipated from partisan political hymn sheets, we've long flown from that bickering nest to climbing the air through storm clouds alone, before soaring down, scientifically descending closer, before landing together, on the same tree of life.

I was last to the felicitous fracas. By then it had been a raging Sqwawkbox for half a day (maybe half a night) or so before I chirped in. People who have never cussed online were now dropping obscenities and severing friendships that may or may not reconcile.

It's for the better though. It's good we don't agree on this, not because anyone is right or wrong, but because this has obliged me to look deeper and ask more questions about a space I'm ignorant of as a lifestyle decision.

I know very little about celebrities, TV faves and the adjacent hyperbole such as "ant&dec saved british TV a couple of decades ago". Again, I didn't care if they saved it, or tanked the TV industry programming model. Fame is only a friend when coupled with pure motives.

Good job it didn't. Because eventually, after the biggest online punch-up at a wedding subsided, I had the freedom to start sniffing around on how that seldom seen thing, or uncommon event if you will, hadn't happened since Julian Assange was falsely accused of rape. That was the last time the global village beef kicked off, good and proper.

That uncommon thing that I don't have a name for had a common factor.

Julian & Russell were/are both accused of rape but they are not the same rapists.

I rape

You rape

We rape

We don't rape

We get raped

You get raped

I got raped

Those are the six variables I think we can describe as a set (theory) of rapes. Theoretically one of 7 permutations (8 if we include 'We weren't raped', but that opens up a ball-ache of past present future events. Can we stick to 7?

I now have the evidence and you're not going to like it but I provided my phone number and all the rape victims have that if they need to talk. I have unlimited time for victims of sexual crimes. It's not funny being sexually assaulted and its worse when it's a woman with a penis locked up with incarcerated females to rape.

Now you know

You have more than you know.

Monday 18 September 2023

Ukraine's War Declared in 2014 - Kinetic in 2022 - Termination Date TBC

Zelensky Hero

They always blame the victim

Is This Why Russell Brand Is Being Railroaded?

Sunday 17 September 2023

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Ezra Pound - T.S. Elliot - James Joyce - Yates - DH Laurence

I can't claim to be so erudite that I understand how to read poetry as sophisticated as the greats. I think I'm close to getting Hardy's poems from the library one day, but for the moment, I only really enjoy Bukowski as I see a bit of myself in him and a bit of Charles in me. Maybe when I'm an old git, I'll turn to the grown up stuff. I shouldn't be writing this much.

Do you know how all the names are connected including Eustace Mullins?