Thursday 31 October 2013

Rothschilds & The Two World Wars

The first time I heard this information it was too much for my tiny brain to compute. 

I read a lot of history and none of this was mentioned elsewhere. However a couple of thousand hours down the road of research and double checking, and I can assure you we have all been brainwashed and our real history has been airbrushed by these Banking bloodlines and dynasties.

If this is your first time with Rothschild manipulation of humanity, you should be outraged and upset that you've been lied to your entire life. It's not very pleasant but it's very necessary if you're into reality.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Credible Claims That Pope Benedict Ratzinger & Euro Royalty Took Part in Child Sacrifice

All we ask is that you listen to Toos Nijenhuis' testimony and make your mind up for yourself. It's among the most powerful and convincing I've encountered, that supports the claims that the Vatican was a Satanic paedophile network at the top of the pyramid.

Bob Woodward & Michael Moore Talk About The Secret Government That Runs The U.S.

When a Watergate journalist and major film maker are talking about the Secret Government that runs the United States I think it's fair to say that we should take them seriously and assume that a number of lies are being perpetrated. JFK and 9/11 are the easy ones but there are many more.

Monday 28 October 2013

Demons, Possession, Voices, Archons, Schizophrenia & Psychosis

This is a brilliant interview by Robert Stanley with a highly experienced PhD psychiatrist, who finally began to treat people, with an understanding that the voices they heard in their head were real. You will be stunned by this information and have a more pluralistic view of demons and mental illness. One that is less about drugging people till the voices go away, or become tolerable, but actually about treating the issue as real. 

This subject is something modern psychiatry totally loses the plot about. An irony considering that logically its a mental illness to ignore reality.

The Difference Between Porn Sex & Real Sex?

An excellent instructive video that should be shared with as many young people as possible rather than allow them to take pornography art direction when in sexual congress. No mention of Japanese face sitting though.

I'm confident our Foreign Secretary (Dave) remembers these laws being passed

I certainly do and the time for sharing is well overdue. I mean, here we are again Dave, Israel and Institutionalised Child Sex Abuse?

Lee Harvey Oswald - An American Hero?

I've just been listening to Joan Mellen on Webster G Tarpley slagging off vaguely defined theories as if we're all in agreement that only LBJ is responsible for the murder of JFK. I get frustrated with old researchers who are unresponsive to new information. We don't know the full list of people that decided to kill Kennedy but we do know some of the key parties. 

Rejecting LBJ's involvement is the mark of an amateur, as is rejecting the incentive for Mossad Zionists to take out Kennedy before he stopped them acquiring nuclear weapons. Focusing on David Atlee Philips as Oswald's CIA handler, while ignoring George de Mohrenschildt (and George Bush Sr.) is proof that some older researchers are skipping over information because it involves work and updating their schema for what happened.

Yes, the CIA were architects in the assassination, Dulles is a key player, yes the Joint Chiefs of Staff were involved, Lemnitzer and LeMay both had a hand in the operation, but anyone who focuses on just the CIA or the Military is ignorant of the wider control matrix that runs the US and does so even better today than it did in 1963.

The first half hour of this interview with the great Jim Marrs who Oliver Stone based his movie JFK on is brilliant information on Lee Harvey Oswald's exploitation by the criminal cabal that stopped democracy in its tracks. You would be foolish to ignore this information and I too must be wary of rejecting new information in the future.

This post isn't meant to denigrate the great work of Jim Garrison. It's just that so much more information has come to light that the professionals have built on his work rather than stopping in their tracks and listening to rather obvious government disinformation agents send the amateurs off scent.

Sunday 27 October 2013

Please Watch This Documentary If You Are British

It's very unusual this banned documentary in Britain has been up on Youtube for three weeks so I urge you to watch it now or download it using a video downloader.

Friday 25 October 2013

Adolf Hitler's Life In Argentina (1945-1965) - Harry Cooper

I've posted before about this. A British journalist heard the 'conspiracy theory' but on investigation was convinced Hitler escaped to Argentina. It takes a couple of hours to go through the details but its robustly corroborated. The only question remaining is how could he have lived with himself considering Martin Bormann is alleged to have drugged him and Eva Braun to make the journey.

Such a strange case.

Thursday 24 October 2013

I'd Dump The Israelis Tomorrow - Ex CIA Michael Scheuer

It's my view that the Israelis, the Zionists and the Christian Zionists are being set up for a trap by the real brokers of power who use fake land claims, discredited religions, fiat currencies, fractional reserve banking and divide and rule to keep power and wealth concentrated. They are above national borders and employ people like Netanyahu to do their bidding. It's beyond sadness that in such a short time the Israelis have forgotten their own horrors in history and now behave like they were once treated.

Jews who don't speak up about this are complicit in this unfolding tragedy.

Russell Brand @RusyRockets Interviewed By @BBCNewsnight

Good for Russell. The system is broken and it's time to stop pretending it works.

Update: Russell Brand's guest editorial and Op-Ed in the New Statesman

Wednesday 23 October 2013

If Hitler & His Generals Were Jewish - Why The Holocaust?


We know that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were of Jewish extraction.

I don't have a good explanation why many of Hitler's Generals were of Jewish extraction. I do wonder why General Paulus was married to an Italian card carrying communist and may have let his troops be captured be captured by the Red Army. I also know General Reinhard Gehlen (Head of West German Intelligence after the war) was fluent in Hebrew, a dead language at the point in history prior to the imposition of Israel only spoken by Rabbis. He was also a part of Operation Paperclip and a protected Nazi who worked with Allen Dulles in shipping important Nazis to the United States where they still operate in many U.S. institutions like the CIA.

We also learn from this interview that Admiral Canaris (Head of German Military Intelligence) was working for the Allies. General Erich von Manstein (real name Von Lewinski) was part Jewish and even Hitler had Jewish ancestry. Many more of Hitler's military were Jewish too.

It does seem the game is much more rigged than the official history leads us to believe. It's not black and white. That's for sure.

Update: The Independent reports that Gestapo chief Heinrich Muller was buried in a Jewish cemetery.

Monday 21 October 2013

The Zapruder Movie Hoax

Who Was Abraham Zapruder?

Abraham Zapruder was conveniently positioned to film the murder of JFK and was a CIA linked Zionist. The film he made wasn't shared with the public until 12 years later. Abraham Zapruder was connected to George De Mohrenschildt. He was also a 32nd Degree Mason too.

Where Was The Movie Stored?

The Zapruder movie was kept by Time LIFE magazine, a well known CIA propaganda front run by Henry Luce. Henry Luce was a CIA insider and Yale Skull & Bones member like George Bush, who was also in Dallas that day, although he cannot remember what he was doing. 

JFK also fired CIA Director Alan Dulles who was placed on the rigged Warren Commission that was set up to only examine evidence pointing towards the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald killing JFK.

How Was The Movie Tampered With?

Four sequences were removed. The film removes the scenes of JFK's car turning into Elm Street, The Limo turning wide, The car stopping for two seconds and Two shots while the limo is stationary. The film was also tampered with using a technique called aerial imaging photography.

Why Does It Matter?

The same people who made a public display of executing Kennedy to warn future presidents who is really in charge, are the same people (and their offspring, successors and bloodlines) in charge today. They also silenced the media over the Israeli bombing of the USS Liberty, sold the Korean and Vietnam wars, dragged us into the Iraq war, and now want to go to war with Iran and Syria.

What Were The Top Two Threats By Kennedy To The Power Elite?

  1. Kennedy wanted to stop Israel developing nuclear weapons through stealing secrets and plutonium from the United States. The Middle East has been in conflict ever since.
  2. Kennedy wanted to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces, after he realised it was really a shadow government crime-syndicate that had lied to him over Cuba and the Bay of Pigs.
Anybody Else Upset With Kennedy?


JFK wanted the oil depletion allowance (tax breaks) for Dallas oil men to be removed and used to invest in the American people not rich thieves. Bobby Kennedy as Attorney General was cracking down on the Mafia and the Mob, The Vice President LBJ came from Texas, hated Kennedy and wanted to be President. His own mistress admitted he knew beforehand, The Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon were furious with Kennedy for not starting a nuclear war with the USSR, which was of no danger to the US. General Curtis LeMay chewed a cigar and enjoyed Kennedy's entire autopsy from the viewing room.

All of these parties assisted in the public execution of JFK. The media aren't allowed to discuss it. 

Fortunately the internet is getting smarter by the day.

Update: I did hear some testimony that Abraham Zapruder is just a cut out and that the real film was taken by some other CIA assets.

Saturday 19 October 2013

My Last Gift To My Children Will Be To Kill Myself

A classic example of heartless capitalism and the endless charge for profits over people in the UK today. You may notice the caller refers to UK Column and thus you can be sure she knows exactly what is going on in the UK with its calls for war, protection of banksters, corporations, Royalty and security state.

MI5 & IRA VIP paedo abuse/blackmail at Elm Guest House

Leon Brittan (Home Secretary), Don Naismith (Director of Education for Wandsworth), Harvey Proctor (Tory MP), Colin Jordan (Leader of the National Front), Gary Walker* (Senior member of Sinn Fein during The Troubles), Cyril Smith (Liberal MP) and Cliff Richard were all signed visitors at the boy brothel Elm Guest House.

I have taken some criticism from Southern Irish people on Twitter, when revealing the relationship between Special Branch, MI5, IRA and Sinn Fein raping children or blackmailing VIP paedophiles at places like Kincora boys home in Northern Ireland and/or Birr Castle in Southern Island, where Kincora boys were taken to satisfy IRA members.

The point I'm trying to make is that the intelligence services; groom politicians, run the terrorists, control the paedophiles and anything else that's necessary to keep the control matrix in place.

To add another dimension to the darkness, the international intelligence services Mossad, CIA, MI6 and DGSE try to blackmail each other if they can.

That's how power works.

It's an extraordinarily complex dynamic to untangle from the outside, but the evidence is impossible to ignore and fits a neat framework that humans are good but that we are led and deceived by the worst of the worst criminals at a political, legal and security level and even at a celebrity level, which is well populated by depraved talentless people.

This is the link to Elm Guest House/Boy Brothel information. Even if they are never arrested I feel comfortable that my research into why humanity is blind to the criminals who lead them is vindicated. More and more information is emerging that at the top of the food chain, they're all in it together.

Update: Bill Maloney and Chris Fay are featured in The Sunday Express on the story that in the video. We salute the Sunday Express for taking a stand

Update: MI5 and IRA paedophile blackmail links documented here.

Friday 18 October 2013

Washington Foreskins & Jewish Redskins - Racism Isn't Sporting


This is the second time I've been impressed with Lawrence O'Donnell

I'm attempting here to clip from his MNSBC show just a small segment, so if MSNBC's clipping utility doesn't work it's right at the end of a 10 minute rant on the racism of the word Redskin (a slur against Indians) by the Jewish owner of the Washington Redskins.

Racism is one on the most important fights to stay on board with. I may criticize different groups but I don't hate them..

I wont tolerate racism around me even against those who kill indiscriminately like for example the Israelis, the Taliban, MI6 and the CIA. Not to mention those disgusting Takfiri Muslims beheading Syrians on behalf of the previously mentioned groups.

By all means criticize actions but a persons ethnic origin is not a fair collective adjective for group action. Ideology is though and in some cases ideology is religion so that's where the thoughtful person needs to tread carefully.

Thursday 17 October 2013

@WebsterGTarpley Does A Gnome Chomsky on 9/11 Israeli Denial

Webster Tarpley talks about the 'secret government' and the 'coup faction' responsible for 9/11 in this talk. He even breaks this down further as the 'interface between Wall St and the State Dept, Pentagon and Intelligence Agencies".

What Webster doesn't have the courage to look into is the Zionist dominance of these entities, the Mossad involvement in 9/11, the stated satisfaction of Israeli leaders over 9/11, their boasts of running America and finally the AIPAC control of congress.

We're not saying that Israel runs everything, it's a continuum from Yale Skull & Bones to Wall St, The City of London and Tel Aviv, but until Webster G Tarpley saddles-up and points a finger at Mossad involvement in 9/11, including their collaborative/contributory role in orchestrating the 20 military exercises on that day, he becomes less and less relevant as a historian and has no way of providing a solution to the problem we all face. 

Criminals in charge.

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Christopher Hitchens On Thomas Jefferson

Christopher Hitchens talking about his book on Jefferson in Annapolis. It's heavily pregnant with juicy scholarly information such as the US wars on Barbary States of North Africa, Sally Hemmings mixed race proposal to Thomas Jefferson and the Jefferson Bible which works on the sensible suggestion that all the Biblical rubbish is cut out leaving the good bits in. Naturally it's a slim volume.

The full presentation is over at C-SPAN but I can't embed it so I've just posted the audience questions above. The opening words are however extraordinarily memorable on the dehumanising effect that slavery has on the slave owner, not just the slave. 

A theme I may have to return to given I watched both Lincoln and Django Unchained in the last month.

Once again, the only error Hitchen's makes is his catastrophic misunderstanding of  9/11 which was synthetic terror by Mossad and Zionist Neocon criminals and he failed to understand that all terrorism is created by rogue elements of the intelligence agencies.

Jim Fetzer & Jay Weidner - 9/11 & Apollo

You know that the 9/11 hologram hypothesis needs to be taken seriously when Jay starts to talk about it. 

It's an interesting talk but surely the more important issue about 9/11 is not so much what happened (we still don't know) but who. 

JFK Blocked Nuclear Israel Before His Murder

Grant F. Smith: JFK Tried to Stop Israel from Developing Nukes! from William Hughes on Vimeo.

Either it was very lucky that JFK was murdered after attempting to block nuclear Israel, or the Mossad joined the CIA et all in his assassination. 

I'm open minded about their full involvement as we have enough names of the assassins and American pro- Nazi, Anti Castro, Mobster, Zionist, Banking-Elite who took care of the event. 

Syd Walker has a couple of posts on the subject if you wish to explore it further. Comments and feedback always welcome.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Gang, Countergang or Pseudo Gang? - The CIA's Creation & Manipulation Of Al Qaeda

The Western Intelligence agencies CIA, DGSE , Mossad, MI6 et al are largely there to create synthetic terror through the use of gangs and countergangs and/or low intensity operations.

British Colonial psycho General Frank Kitson is largely credited with refining the art during the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya. It's even name checked in British drama as an insidious subterfuge for population control and the creation of a strategy of tension. That's how the world runs, and yet no newscaster mentions it, and no talking head is by and large aware of it.

Hitler The Banker's Puppet - Rothschild Zionist Sponsorship of Nazism

Not a great interview by Jeff Rense who unusually interrupts his guest John Hankey needlessly in the first half. However we're definitely back into the evidence of Zionist banker sponsorship of the holocaust.

Burnt offerings if you will. 

I'm not fully convinced of John Hankey's entire hypothesis yet, as I need to go back and relisten and take some notes. Whatever was going on within the Nazi leadership prior to the war looks too weird to describe the more I dig into it. It may take some time to come up with a workable explanation but it's clear to me that the standard narrative has too many holes to take seriously.

Illuminati Symbolism In Photoshoots


I'm sure most of these are just weak photographers copying a meme but there's no doubt that highly orchestrated celebrities are fully aware of the one eyed agenda.