Wednesday, 12 December 2012

BBC Blasts The Butcher Of Bangkok

The only reason the BBC blast the former PM of Thailand Abhisit (Mark) Vejjajiva is because the democrats are anti New World Order and Ultra Royalist so the BBC agenda here is to prevent this tosser getting elected again. 

As the BBC and my interests are the same here I'll share the video but it's important to remember that unlike the BBC I don't use people when it suits me without full disclosure. The BBC needs to be broken up and the decent cultural and art parts retained in some manner but the news is all corporate and militarist agenda. The British people shouldn't have to pay a licence fee for lies lies lies lies lies.

As an aside both the Royalists and the Pro Thaksin camps will criticize me because my allegiance is with humanity and not tribal. I know what Thaksin is going to sell off when he returns (the crown jewels?) and I know the censorship that the military gag Thailand with and exploit the Royal Family over.