Sunday, 23 December 2012

Rogert Scruton & Terry Eagleton

Ostensibly this talk is about culture but that's such a flabby word I prefer to use counterculture to define where the debate is at.

I can't imagine these two people disagreeing on anything important in life except the labels they use (and are obliged to defend). Against my expectation as I'm huge fan I found Eagleton (not his real name) applying labels more ubiquitously. I've not listened to Scruton before and found him very charming and gracious, but in the end it is the name checking these two scholars are able to apply to history and historical figures that makes it fascinating. You know... bit of Shakespeare  bit of Roman and bit of Greek along with a history of the Western Orchestra? That kind of thing.

It's not actually a great talk. It just mentions stuff worth thinking about or looking up.