Monday 10 December 2012

Was Barack Obama A Pre-Identified President?

Washington State lawyer and Cambridge Philosophy Master Degree graduate Andrew Basiago claims that modern presidents (I think from Carter onwards as George Green claims in this interview) are informed beforehand of their presidency and are then guided by the usual suspects (banks, military, spooks) through a set of experiences to equip them to do the job of serving the bean counters most effectively.

It's fantastic of course but from time to time a piece of concrete information emerges that fits so neatly into the narrative that it brings up the topic fresh again. Listen to the postman above who met Obama as a young man in Chicago. Ignore the partisan bullshit these video makers feel obliged to indulge in. All sides of the political debate are corrupt and serve Wall Street first and foremost.

My scepticism issue with Andrew Basiago is he doesn't have much philosophical to say and even seems somewhat naive. That doesn't mean everything he says isn't true. I wrote about him a bit back here but what interests me lately is every time a piece of information emerges to support his claim. A mainstream media servant does a hit piece on him like Wired Magazine over here and then the latest was on Stephen Colbert and covered by Salon

Why would the mainstream media make repeated efforts to discredit him?

If you follow the story there are now two witnesses who back up Andrew Basiago's claims. That doesn't mean they're authenticated, as there is evidence of mind control/MKULTRA in the story if you research the topic, but it isn't so easy to dismiss either.