Saturday 29 December 2012

Christianity's Conversion To Emperor Constantine

This is very good though I can't help but be suspicious of Portillo since the gossip of his taste in young boys has emerged from the Savile scandal though of course that may be all it is. Just gossip. He comes across as authentic unlike Dirty Dave Aaronovitch and Andrew Neil who both vigorously defended Lord McAlpine.

I'm coming to the conclusion that if the Flavian dynasty's creation of the typological Jesus (a literature genre of the time) is accurate, it's been the biggest double edged sword of history and a philosophical anomaly to deism that is worth discussing with atheists. Fascinating stuff and this episode is a great example of the politics of supplanting religion where an Emperor wants it.

Update: The Portillo movie was removed so I replaced it with the best. Professor Freedman of Yale who is single handedly responsible for teaching me the Early Middle Ages.