Tuesday 4 December 2012

Academia Openly Lecturing On Apollo Moon Landing/Stanley Kubrick's Use Of Front Screen Projection

The crucial point here is to understand that NASA did go to the moon but they sure as hell didn't show us the real films (which are now conveniently lost) and instead used Kubrick to do "backup film" of the landing from a studio in London. 

It is here that Kubrick developed and perfect the art of front screen projection.

Once you watch the explanatory video which is a film class on front screen projection (all three parts) you'll never look at Apollo footage and miss the tell tale line where a screen is used to project the background. 

You have a choice in life. You can either believe your tell-lie-vision programming or spend a few hours researching it and have your own mind made up by your own mind. 

Some people aren't used to it.