Thursday, 27 December 2012

Why Is Yahweh Such A Bloody Manipulative Psychopath?

The father of Jesus and inspiration for the Abrahamic faiths of Islam, Judaism and Christianity is a murderous, psychopathic and genocidal being who creates universes one day and gets upset about women menstruating in his temple the next. The blood issue is real important because in all the Abrahamic texts of the mind controlled fanatics of religion who put the lithographic printed press word of God before humanity, it is blood that the father, God, Yahweh, Allah figure seems to have an obsession with and so I invite you to do your research and listen to the Italian biblical scholar who has come to conclude that the psycho murdering God of all these wicked and manipulative texts across the Abrahamic faiths is an off planet being with special powers

By all means worship an Extra Terrestrial God with mind control powers, but slaughtering humans in E.T.'s name is the mark of an unevolved mind. 

It's the sure sign of a God or Yahweh or Allah that is the product of a mind half a chromosome away from a monkey and I don't care how poetical that is written in blood.

I may in the final analysis have made a mistake in my conclusion after 30 years of research and questioning my own premises, but unlike 'believers', I have frequently changed my mind when it is presented with new information. This is far more challenging than believing in something and never having to think again. 

My pandeism view of creation is one that fits very comfortably with all areas of my investigative journey including quantum physics, cosmogony, archaeology, history, theology, philosophy and bonkers strange stuff you probably don't want to touch but it is not mind controlled and certain it has an answer that is open to development and improvement. 

It is certain that the monotheistic God of the Abrahamic faiths is an arch manipulator that stops people from covering the ground I have.