Sunday, 23 December 2012

Psychopath Gods Are Paternal & Monotheistic

We haven't got the hard evidence we need to prove the influences are off planet, but we do know that more than one God realised that the best way to manipulate humanity is to take the middle East (as opposed to the literate societies of say China at the time), strip away the female deities (God was normally associated with fertility, nature and birth) and then fillet all other Gods out of the Equation. The Jews were the first to do this (or to be manipulated into doing this) by the psychopath we call Yahweh and who has suspiciously off planet powers. 

Either way monotheism is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity. We used to tolerate hundreds if not thousands of Gods. Now it's toe to toe between Islam and Judaism with the real psychopath referee of Christianity playing the good guy. It's a guy of course. Paternalism is essential to cutting off your opponents genitals and then their heads as religion loves to do.

Francesca Stavrakopolou presents this series that I've just discovered and I'm quite sure she is very familiar with Marija Gimbutas who I've blogged about before but I just wonder if she's up to speed on with bible scholar Mario Biglino's interpretation of the sacred texts as off planet manipulation including very specific references to life in space. 

The Gods came down from heaven to Earth. Well that's what off planet beings do right?