Monday, 17 December 2012

My Husband Is Planning An Accident In My Car - The Banned Princess Diana Documentary

"Unlawful Killing" directed by Keith Allen by presstv

This is the hardest film to locate on the internet. I've been searching torrents for a year or so with no luck and there's an injunction on Google or something even listing that it's not available. The same people that covered up the power paedophile network also locked down the real story of the murder of Princess Diana. That is the Royal Family and the British media who don't even have to be told what to do. They are subservient parasites. You should watch this because it wont be there forever. It's dynamite.

Update: Repeated attempts to post this video have failed due to take down notices so I've posted the next best thing. The Press TV show about the film. It is still worth watching.

Update: Try this upload while it lasts.

Watch Unlawfull Killing - Princess Diana Murder in Channels