Wednesday 12 December 2012

Why Is The BBC So Spineless About Saudi Arabia?

I'm still hopping mad about Zeinab Badawi's disgraceful interview with Mr Assange where she treated him like he was in a military tribunal. If anyone can find a BBC interview where a single tough question is asked of Saudi you will be performing miracles. Why? Because like the British Isles the BBC is gutless when it is told who to suck up to.

The US and the UK are in bed with the most vile and demented religious fundamentalists on Earth while preaching to others about something they are too enslaved to understand. Freedom starts with criticism of power not criticism political prisoners caged in tiny London embassies. Shame on you BBC, Shame on you. Shame on you. And fuck you like you fucked those kids over while making Jimmy Savile tribute programs.

Update: Pat Condell is a Zionist apologist. He may have got it right on Saudi but oh my, he's covered in meconium when it comes to Israel. What a tool.