Monday 24 December 2012

Israel's King David - Historically Unreliable & Archaeologically Threadbare

This is superb documentary making and turns Israel's claims of a Kingdom of David to dust. This of course means the claims on Jerusalem are far less grounded in reality than the Northern King of Omri, and that Judah and Israel were never united under King David.

Israel's existing claims to the land through archaeology are backfiring against them increasingly harshly, and any evidential based researcher can reach no other conclusion. 

Francesca Stavrakopoulou is an extraordinary scholar and presenter blessed with a freshness and clarity that bursts off the screen. She really brings the topic to life in an engaging and neutral manner.

Maybe Israel needs to rebrand and focus on it's roots in Omri and leave Jerusalem to the other Abrahamic faiths to work out why they are being manipulated into conflict over issues that are non-human?

I might also add that if the BBC stuck to producing world class content like this instead of telling lies and concealing the truth in their daily news theatre which goes against the scholarly findings of academia and scientific archaeology such as the example above I would support their licence fee. 

Unfortunately content like this gets one airing and the news is day in and day out repetition of warmongering, as you can see how Syria is being framed with Iran next while the BBC sucks up to Saudi Arabia, Washington D.C., Tel Aviv and of course Westminster.