Friday 28 December 2012

Spy Vs Spy - Shall We Play A Game #QAnon

When General Petraeus moved from DoD to CIA and Leon Panetta moved from DoD to CIA I sensed a broader strategic aim than the individual job functions. I gave it some thought and came away with a hypothesis that mocked the corporate media's radio silence on the subject.

It occurred to me given the depth of depravity the CIA engages in (e.g. JFK assassination, drug trafficking, Beta Sex Slaves and Mind Control of paedophile victims as well as filming and blackmailing power elite politicians in the US Senate) and the warmongering iniquity of the Pentagon that the way to neutralize both of them is to get them to be at war with each other.

My analysis concluded that QAnon had pulled off a highly creative if not genius move of "castling" the Defence and Spying institution leadership. In this way you'd have CIA and DIA less easy to distinguish. It is my suggestion that this is the best way to create inter department conflict which is a good basis for slimming down both organizations i.e. do what the CIA has done to a hundred countries around the world; divide and rule them with competition from Defence Intelligence. 

My last thought on this matter or rather extending the thinking further is to merge the two entities of CIA & Defence, and then let them slug it out for who gets to keep their jobs. You do this by encouraging civil war within the new entity though to a lesser extent in Defence and Defence Intelligence for historical and hardware reasons. In this manner we get everybody ratting on everybody, but only the best survive with Obama in charge figuring out which factions are necessary to succeed. The result at the end is a slimmer intelligence and warmongering agenda betweĆ’en both DoD and CIA.  Or to put it simply only one army drone bombing their allies Pakistan and Yemen and thus easier to control.

Naturally this process means there will be less involvement in drugs and a general clean up of the pus that is the American (and British if they are smart enough to take my advice) spying business.

One must be familiar with the CIA's influence over the New York Times and the DIA & ONI's preference for controlling the Washington Post to reach the conclusion I have, but I can provide additional links if requested privately.

A lot is going on in front of our very eyes if we just discard what the corporate media are saying. Their inability to see what 9/11 is all about is beyond fiction. 

They Are Worthless.

Update: It appears the turf war is between the NSA and the CIA. The NSA is of course run by the military so my hypothesis has some credence but now takes a new twist.

Update 6 years later in 2018: Maybe somebody was listening and took my advice?