Tuesday 25 December 2012

Do You Know Your Groton From Your Andover & Exeter? Gore Vidal on Elite Education

John Taylor Gatto says exactly the same thing as Gore Vidal here. The power elite are all trained at a clutch of very exclusive schools to manage the rest of society. What's interesting or rather more illuminating is Vidal admitting that even within the power elite there's the wealthy and the super wealthy. He also raises the point that George Carlin used in his comedy routines, which is that there is often no conspiracy for this super wealthy power-elite group in many many instances. They don't need to conspire because it goes without saying what is good for their exclusive group and if that means bloodshed for us in foreign lands or austerity at home then so be it.

Update: Laurie Penny reminds us that Eton indoctrinate their students to be callous and manipulative