Sunday, 27 January 2013

Is Nick Clegg Being Blackmailed By MI5/Mossad To Betray The Electorate?

Nobody is confused that David Cameron and the Conservative party are venal and greedy people who are lining their own pockets on the backs of the very people who they will then betray later on this year.

But why did Nick Clegg break every vow and turn on the only chance the Liberal party ever had to represent the peoples of the United Kingdom. Why is there no greater friend of Israel than Nick Clegg? Is he compromised?

Update: As if by magic The Slog confirms that Nick Clegg and Leon Brittan are as tight and close as is possible from two people of competing political parties.

Update number two: More evidence that Leon Brittan is a paedophile that reared Nick Clegg

Update number three. My own challenge to arrest Leon Brittan is here.