Tuesday 23 April 2013

Video Evidence - Post Blast Chechen Boys Assisting Ladies & Still With Backpacks

Everything the FBI have said is complete lies and the sentient observer realises not one corporate media employee calling themselves journalists has asked a question. Instead they repeat press releases. You watch corporate media at the risk of making your mind toxic.

We don't know the full relationship or exploitation of these patsies but it is clear they did not plant any bombs and are in no hurry to get away from the scene of the crime preferring instead to assist women. These are loving medical student types not terrorists. They are being framed by our corrupt police and corrupt media. I ask you what isn't corrupt these days?

As you can see from the moving gif the so called pressure cooker bomb is likely a flash bomb in this instance as the post box is unscathed. Once again we don't know the full story so there maybe a mix of information including real injuries and fake injuries. Concentrate on the big picture. Lies are being perpetrated and nothing the Federal Security business or the corporate media report can be trusted.