Saturday, 18 August 2012

Is Barack Obama Barry Soetoro or just plain B.S?

Seymoursh Hersh tells me two important pieces of information in this interview. First he repeats a line I've come across elsewhere that Obama is enormously different when functioning in the Whitehouse than any other president. Not there, isolated or isolationist and so forth. I've no skin in the fake GOP DEM political divide but I do take an interest in the leadership in so much that I quite like many aspects of Obama and see an authenticity there in public interaction. However his political decisions and this gossip tells me there are other personalities and that fits into some of the most testing CIA dissociative identity disorder conspiracy theories on the internet that regrettably are the most plausible explanation for these various personalities and multi generational association with the CIA. Business International and the Ford Foundation to name just two.

The second piece of information is about the Mei Lei massacre story that Seymour Hersh broke back in the Vietnam war. Did you know the soldiers were killing for four or five hours and stopped for lunch? Back to your freedom fries, corn syrup soda and Patty Poems people.

Oh, one last nugget. Did you know that Maliki of Iraq worked as a secret policman in Syria for 20 years? Small world for the United States and getting smaller by the day.