Friday, 19 April 2013

Gregg Hallett - Game of Thrones

I've been getting into Gregg Hallett's work though this is the first video interview I've seen of him. It wouldn't' surprise me in the least if his information about the imposter Royals is spook created disinformation. 

I do however believe what I see in front of my eyes and nobody looks like Prince Charles in his family, especially Prince Harry.

That said just because the current Royals might be imposters doesn't mean I accept any new Royal family, authentic or not. They can all go to hell, and fuck themselves, as they are parasites on the people.

Jim Fetzer the interviewer has his microphone volume turned up too high, and is either asleep or not paying attention to large chunks of the information, except in that cursory shallow way some people are able to do. He's also a little too keen to laugh when he's interviewing Gordon Duff who needs tough questions not sycophancy.

This Royal stuff is interesting but for me it's not as good as Gregg Hallett's information on Lord Mountbatten (or Battenberg as his real family name is) and there's an excellent post on the paedophile Royal Family and Lord Mountbatten over at Chris Spivey