Friday 19 April 2013

Why Margaret Thatcher Promoted Paedophiles in Power

Heath, Thatcher and Wilson all shared head of MI6 and known paedophile Sir Maurice Oldfield who used the MI5 run Kincora boys home to molest children in Northern Ireland. I'm just trying to figure out what was the deal with a lot of accusations against all three but what I can say is that I'm fairly confident that from the above 3 hours research that Heath was a paedophile, even if his friends came up with absurd claims of asexual behaviour to explain his lack of interest in men and women.

Where it gets interesting is with Thatcher. She ran against Heath suddenly and we need a rational explanation of why she entertained Jimmy Savile at Checkers for 11 years in a row? The only stories that make sense are she was some sort of practising Satanist into ritual child sex abuse (possible but hard to imagine) and the other is that she promoted more paedophiles into senior positions than anyone because she liked to keep her enemies close to her and there is no greater enemy of the state than a blackmailed paedophile.

It's very hard to figure out what the real deal is but the more I watch and read the more absurdity I can reject. For example Aangirfan blog and Peter Wright of Spycatcher fame both claim Wilson might have been working for the Soviet's but that doesn't make sense here when we listen to his secretly recorded voice in the first documentary bemoan Sir Maurice Oldfield neglect to deliver on his promise to root out the rot in MI6. One doesn't ask one's enemies to solve problems and actually now I think about it I think Oldfield got rid of Wilson and edged in Heath followed by Thatcher. That is why there may have been so many paedophiles around Thatcher. Maybe MI6's Sir Maurice Oldfield was telling her who was good to hire when he had his own agenda instead.