Friday 26 April 2013

Everything You Wanted To Know About The CIA But Were Too Afraid To Ask

At the end of WWII a bunch of Yale Skull & Bones type crooks (International Lawyers, Financiers, Politicians, industrialists etc) who had deep connections to funding Hitler decided the best way to take over the United States was to control the most expensive  and largest secret society in the history of the world. To achieve this they set up the CIA as the old arrangements (OSS) were not globalist enough. The new President Harry Truman wasn't clever enough or strong enough to say no and besides the Yale & Skull bones types had put him in power in the first place without him fully appreciating he was just a puppet.

The newly formed CIA would covertly run the operations that raped and looted countries around the world. The American people would always be ignorant of it's back office function, and if anybody did find out, they could be silenced through anything from threats, national security powers, incentives or death as Defence Secretary James Forrestal discovered  when the CIA milieu tossed him out of a window after first getting committed as insane in a hospital, when he discovered what the CIA was going to be all about and tried to raise the alarm.

The easiest way to understand the CIA is as a global crime syndicate that uses its front operations for credibility. The actual number of CIA people who know it is a crime syndicate is extraordinarily low because groupthink always dumbs people who worship badges more than humanity significantly down. Any questioning of the big picture is condemned as treasonous, and in addition operations are compartmentalized. Endlessly synthetic fake enemies are easily produced, and always on hand from Communists to Nazis to Muslims whenever a piece of criminal business needs to be controlled by the inner sanctum who paradoxically need not always be in charge of the CIA but do need to be in control of the covert operations. 

A famous exception to this was when George HW Bush was Director.

I sift through names at the CIA along the lines of a straightforward criminal investigation; who knew what and who, who did what and went where, and who said what. There are acres of useful idiots including people that ran the CIA who work for the firm, but from time to time it becomes clear that an honourable and even effective kind of character is around who didn't rely on torture, rape and other crimes against humanity to get the job done. John McCone caught my eye because it's clear he's the only CIA director to get something important right. He knew Cuba was loading up on Nuclear weapons from the USSR and my question was, how did he know?

He may have been tipped off by the power elite layer or as he claims in this interview above he used his judgement but what is fairly clear to me is he was not involved in the assassination of JFK even though the CIA were the main orchestrators via Allen Dulles. This is interesting to observe because it's then clear that LBJ who facilitated the murder in Texas is very uncomfortable being around McCone and keeps him close as any 'enemy' should  but also cuts him out of the loop and neutralizes the CIA because LBJ didn't want to be become the next victim through a bullet or blackmail.

I could go on a lot more about McCone such as his engineering background and proximity to the whole illegal Israeli nuclear development but it's enough to know he was cut from superior cloth than the average CIA retard who to this day doesn't know how it works despite all the information being available for free on the net. I will conclude however with a highlight from this ine that McCone's first job, despite an engineering degree from Berkeley, was as a riveter because as he explains in this interview 'I had to eat'.

I don't like what the CIA have done to the planet but I'm not blind to quality characters. They are helpful because like say Brent Scowcroft the question in my head over and over again is how much did they know and how could they have not known when I now do?