Saturday 13 April 2013

Conspiracy Classics - Eustace Mullins - Idaho 1991

As you can tell I'm still excited that I discovered Eustace Mullins research confirms George HW Bush's covert work for the CIA long before he claimed he'd never worked there even while being sworn in as Director of CIA under President Ford. 

Why would George Bush Senior lie about this detail? 

Perhaps he was involved in the assassination of JFK as we know he was in Dallas on the day of the murder.

Eustace does have some weaknesses. He's homophobic, doesn't understand that Wall Street owns both parties, and he's pro Joe McCarthy. So apart from being a bit foolish on some things, his lifelong research into the Federal Reserve and who did what and why with whose money is absolute gold. 

I will only post the presentations that I think hit the spot.