Saturday 20 April 2013

Boston Bombing Family Guy. Watch This Before It's Pulled

There are many explanations for predictive programming and not all of them work for me. An oft repeated claim is that in order for free will to be maintained humanity must be informed of removal of free will events beforehand thus honouring the idea of free will at an occult level. It's important to remember that you might not believe in occult techniques but a simple study proves powerful influences often do.

Another idea is that predictive programming softens people up to not ask the right questions after an event. Boston Bombing? Oh that would never be a false flag. That too works for me.

However it all might just be the age old phenomenon of creative people channelling the future and I'm cool with that if it wakes people up to the Boston False Flag Bombing.

So why is Family Guy writer Seth MacFarlane so outraged at the idea? After all it is he that wrote an episode three weeks before the Boston Marathon portraying death and carnage from psychotic car driving and setting bombs off.