Thursday, 16 August 2012

JFK, Information Density & Poppy Bush

One of the challenges of the Bush family (or any CIA intrigue) is their propensity to use similar names, So we have two Prescott Bush's one George HW Bush and one George Bush connected to people like Neil Mallon and then naming a son Neil Mallon Bush. It's hard to keep up so even though I've watched the above clip twice I'd need to watch it a few more times to repeat lucidly. However it's the finest and most plausible case arguing George HW Bush's involvement in the Kennedy killing. Just as I concluded its value it threw in a nugget in the long version embedded below that it's possible Lee Harvey Oswald was an FBI informant on the CIA and that's why they fitted him up. Nobody but George HW Bush knows the full story and he might not be sure of all the details himself now due to old age and a life of deception but this is as good as it gets. The full version is worth spending some time with too.

I should add that I've never really spent that much time on the Kennedy conspiracy before because it's so long ago, but since I've noticed the nexus of criminality around George HW Bush I've had to roll up my sleeves and find the good shit. The above clip and full length documentary below are where it's at.